NVIDIA Cards Are Having Issues With Total War Warhammer

AMD and Creative Assembly made a big deal of their partnership earlier this year, especially when the British studio talked about all the benefits DirectX 12 would offer. But while things are looking nice and rosy for Team Red, those with NVIDIA cards are having to play a little bit of catch-up.

Both GPU manufacturers have released new drivers very recently, in light of all the major releases coming out this week. But while things are looking good for AMD and their day-one Total War: Warhammer patch, there are a few bugs over at NVIDIA.

The game currently runs fine on NVIDIA cards — I've been playing it for around a week on a GTX 780 SLI setup without issues, even though my second GPU is functioning more like an expensive paperweight. But NVIDIA doesn't have a Game Ready driver for the latest Warhammer strategy game, according to the release notes for their latest 368.22 drivers.

"NVIDIA is working closely with Creative Assembly to resolve issues discovered in Total War: Warhammer during testing. To ensure the best possible experience, update to new drivers as they're released and download the latest game updates," the notes say.

The 368.22 drivers, which are also NVIDIA's Game Ready drivers for Overwatch, don't add any additional SLI profiles — but they supposedly do correct issues for SLI users on Windows 10 who were experiencing stuttering in The Division.

It'll be interesting to see what the issues with NVIDIA cards are, whether they're related to performance, a lack of SLI support, flickering, stuttering or other quirks. Total Warhammer will get full DirectX 12 support in the coming weeks as well, and how the GPU manufacturers stack up once that's included will be a fun battle to watch.


    This might be what finally pushes me to upgrade to Windows 10... If DX 11 performance is indeed only 'ok-ish' compared to running it on DX 12 as we're being told.

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      What's your setup?

        I'm on a fairly average system right now... Old i5 2500k running at stock, a GTX 770, 16gb ram. I say average, but for what it is I've got to admit the performance I've seen from it at times has been impressive.

        Right now I'm actually waiting on a cooler to arrive to overclock the 2500k to a decent degree, and I'm upgrading the 770 as soon as non-reference 1070's & 1080's start hitting... So I wont actually be in the position with this system much longer.

        Since Steam unlocked it earlier than expected I've actually had the game running for an hour or so on this current setup, and it's quite surprising how well it's functioning... Not as pretty as I might like, but it would seem I won't be needing Windows 10 just yet. Especially if I intend to get a new card in the next month or so.

        It's actually more than playable for me right now, which isn't at all what I was expecting. I bought it knowing full well I might not be able to play it at an acceptable level until I get a new card.

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          I'm quietly impressed. I wasn't expecting 100+fps on mid tier systems, but I also wasn't expecting a largely smooth, crash free experience at launch.

          Seems like the delay was well worth it.

    Certainly wasn't expecting it however this makes perfect sense given the partnership stuff.

    I sit here doing my best to resist hitting the wife's purchase button and this caused me to pause.

    Still rockin' a 770 2GB and don't want to settle for below par performance.

    Got some digging to do...

      If you're happy playing at Low or Medium settings I think you'll be fine. And if you're on Windows 10 you might get a nice bump - not much, but something - when DX12 support arrives.

    Hey Guys

    I think I may have a work around.. If you can start the game with steam in offline mode. This might work for you.

    Start a campaign with steam in offline and save when you're free to do so. Then exit the game
    Then when you next start the game, in the launcher a continue campaign button appears. This loads the same splash screen but it seems to get past the hanging and starts loading your campaign map. This worked for me. Hopefully it works for all

    Been having issues running this myself, with the latest drivers.

    Sometimes it simply just wont load into or past the initial splash screen. Have been able to mange to get into game though, and once i do, it runs very smoothly.

    Mate of mine has SLI and he cant even get the the initial splash screen.

    Guess it wouldnt be a total war game without a few bugs :P

    Been having issues running this myself, with the latest drivers.

    Sometimes it simply just wont load into or past the initial splash screen. Have been able to mange to get into game though, and once i do, it runs very smoothly.

    Mate of mine has SLI and he cant even get the the initial splash screen.

    Guess it wouldnt be a total war game without a few bugs :P

    I'm on a 970 gpu and other than one blank Screen when first loading it has worked flawlessly for me on ultra settings at 1440p, surprisingly really thought I would need more juice...

      I have a 970 too but I seem to get flickering on the pop up menus. It is crazy bad when I put Vsync on too. It runs flawless everywhere else though on ultra.

      Do you happen to get any issues with Vsync?

    I installed and played the game for around 3hrs on the below system specs.

    ASUS Gtx 680 direct cu2 TOP
    Intel Core i5 3570K
    8gb of Ram

    with very light overclocking, i was able to play quite well on medium settings. Apart from the black screen on startup with took about 2 minutes to get through which seems like everyone is having that problem, its working better than expected.

    Don't get me started on how shitty the launch of Rome 2 was. This worked almost flawlessly, especially on a system that i purchased back in 2012.
    Will look to push it to High settings tonight to see what i can get out of the game. Maybe overclock the GPU and CPU a little higher.

    Win10 with a 970, I haven't run into any issues on high settings, btw.

    I DID have to update my drivers to get it to bloody run, though.

    Nvidia gives me the shits lately. AMD are smashing them in regards to drivers. Even SLI with Nvidia, you don't see the SLI profile out for AGES, like fallout 4 etc took over a month or was it two? It should be out on release.

    Then lately with the poor drivers even crashing in windows let alone games and AMD is really looking good right now.

    I think Nvidia has been just concentrating on the fastest video card and quality control has gone down the crapper.

    Hey pal I have a similar setup to you, 2500k and used to have the GTX 580 but upgraded to the 1080 last week. I had some worries about the CPU bottlenecking the GPU but it doesn't seem to. I am having some problems Total War though... Some flickering and for some reason some very slight lag with huge armies on very foresty maps but it quickly behaves itself.

    my problem is the game keeps running my integrated intel graphics hd 4000 even though i have a gtx960 . I've tried a lot of things but can't get it doing. running windows 10 with latest drivers..

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