Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 And GTX 1070: Australian Release Date And Price

Nvidia just announced a crazy cheap new flagship graphics card: the GeForce GTX 1080, more powerful than two of last generation's GTX 980 cards in SLI. It also has a younger brother, too, the slightly less gutsy GTX 1070. What's more surprising than these cards' relative performance, though, is just how not expensive they are.

The new GeForce GTX 1080 has a $US599 recommended retail price, much cheaper than most fans were expecting. In Australia, we can reasonably expect that to translate into an Australian retail price of around $900, although there will likely be an early adopter's tax on top of that too.

That's still an expensive card, sure, but given the circa-$1200 retail prices of the GTX 980 Ti, Titan family and AMD's top Radeon Fury X cards, it's a big drop.

The release date, too, is sooner than expected — May 27th will see cards released "around the world" according to Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang. There's a specially-binned Founder's Edition card coming too, with a $US100 more expensive RRP and "crazy overclockable" design according to the chipmaker.

If that price is too much for your wallet to bear, there's also a slightly lesser Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 with around two thirds' the GTX 1080's performance, and a $US379 recommended retail price and a $US449 Founder's Edition. That card will be out around the world by June 10th.


    as someone who, less than a week ago bought a new machine and only put a 980 in it expecting to wait til november or so for the new 1080, I will now be waiting for a 1080ti whenever it drops.

      I don't see any reason to upgrade any time soon unless you are getting into 4K gaming or VR.

        Mmm personally i'm going to wait before pulling the trigger. I have a 980 as well and i get 60fps in just about every game. You won't really see much benefit garbing a 1080 unless you have a 120hz monitor or are planning on using VR. It's largely due to how poor the consoles are in relation to the grunt the 980 has.

        I'll prolly upgrade next year and grab the 1180, i'll also upgrade my monitors to gsync ones at the same time (seriously if you haven't seen gsync in action it is, IMO, the biggest upgrade you can get for gaming quality on a PC - difficult to explain without witnessing).

        EDIT FUCK THIS REPLY SHITE ... @nexi not @bangers

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        I have been doing 4k gaming for at least a year now. 1080p to me hurts my eyes, I can't identify ANYTHING on the screen at a reasonable distance now when I use 1080p resolution. I'm force to play fallout4 at 1440p with my 390x, maybe a 1080 will let me run it at 4k?

        Having the option to game in Linux or OpenGL is a bonus, something the AMD cards are notoriously BAD at doing (esp at high res).

        Might haft to buy via Amazon to avoid the early buyers TAX that us Aussies seem to get. Provided I can get the total under 1000AUD inc shipping (gonna be hard).

      You might be waiting a while. The May release date for the 1080 and June date for the 1070 has only been confirmed for the "Founders edition" versions, volume of the regular cards may not follow for some time after that (Nvidia keen to get to market well before AMD's new cards, I wouldn't expect there to be much volume available right now), and then it will be quite a while before a TI refresh is needed.

    To quote the easily excitable individual near the front row of the unveiling: "I can afford that!"

    I can't see the 1080 being under $949 here with GST, and likely $999, and probably $599 for the 1070.

    I don't think they will be able to keep up with demand.

    Watch all the people who own 980ti's start to flood ebay and gumtree before the actual release date, hoping to catch the uninformed and unaware for best resale price possible.

      Followed by shipping delays until after they have their new 1080.

    Right, i have a Titan X... should i upgrade to a 1080gtx

      I have a Titan X, it looks like for non gaming, the 1080 is only going to be about 20% faster, for gaming you will likely only see the 'double' the speed in certain areas with new games that use the new APIs and features of Pascal.
      I use mine for compute, so won't be upgrading, but it does make new purchases interesting as the 1080 pricing is good if you don't need 12GB

        yeah i only got the titan because it had 12 gig and the 980ti hadnt even been announced yet (4gb was just too little)

    I don't need one yet so can wait a bit longer, see what MSI, Gigabyte, Asus etc bring out

    I'm currently rocking 980ti sli. Really impressed that even the mid range new 1070 offers similar performance to my set up. I can't wait to see what the new titan/1080ti will be capable of next year! Also just as significant is the introduction of display port 1.4. Over the next year we should start to see monitors capable of [email protected] Imagine 1 of those with a 1080ti sli system...yum yum :)

    Hey @campbellsimpson I appreciate the coverage on this subject since I've been waiting for ages, but having a headline saying "Australian Release Date and Price" when you don't seem to have confirmations on either of those facts is pretty poor form.

      Maybe I didn't make it clear within the article, but the global release date does include cards on Aussie shelves. And while we have prices set by retailers in Australia -- you know what PCCG is like with new cards, for example -- my estimate is based on about four new generations of Nvidia cards launching so I'm relatively confident.

      I'm going for a hands on with the cards today here in Austin so will have any more concrete details as soon as they're available.

    hopefully this means the 980 can drop in price.

    how not expensive they are.
    It is amazing that $1000 for a graphics card is thought of as not expensive.

    Well it looks like I found an upgrade from my 780Tis. But yes, not really much of a "confirmation" here.

    The GTX1070 fits my budget quite nicely - no doubt Aussies will get the short end of the stick as per usual. Hopefully it out performs the GTX980Ti though.

    I usually keep right up to date on GPUs over the years, especially after having a GTX295 and later on the GTX480. The GTX480 cooked itself and I had to go for a GTX670 in the end, so, I think it's time for an upgrade.

      Well the 1080 out performs the Titan X according to Nvidia at yesterdays event, which depending on what benchmarks you look at the Titan X either beats or just comes under a GTX 980Ti in performance.

        Well, according to an article over at Neowin, the Titan X can push 7TFLOPS whilst the GTX1080 pushes 9TFLOPS. The GTX1070 pushes around 6.5TFLOPS.

        Providing the 1070 isn't too expensive, that seems like a winner on price:performance. Of course, we'll have to wait until real world benchmarks though.

          Agreed. Nvidia even said that the 1070 will be more powerful than the Titan X well that's what Paul from Paul's Hardware said in his 1080 & 1070 vlog.

    I'm not sure I understand this article claiming that the price of the 1080 is a big drop from the previous flagship titan/980ti. Yes it's cheaper than those cards but it's NOT the replacement for them...it replaces the 980. The fact that it outperforms the titan is great but a new titan will be here next year with even more performance and a commensurate high price of $1500+ (probably $1100+ for a 1080ti which is what I want:))

    so more then 100 and pobby kill my power bill, no thanks you can keep it.

      Sounds like maybe you're not the target market... for any kind of gaming pc or console? :)

      180W TDP for the 1080 is amazing, considering the 980Ti's TDP is 250W..

    What is the Founder’s Edition?

      Founder's Edition is, as far as we're all aware so far, a set of higher-binned GPUs that promise the best possible overclocking potential. Founder's Edition cards are also the only ones with Nvidia's new, geometrically-funky blower-style cooler. They're only being sold on Nvidia.com, and I'm checking the specifics of international shipping as we speak :)

    Woohoo - tempting as Kogan's 20% off 6 weeks ago was for an MSi 980Ti, I'm glad I resisted.

    1080 as main card, keep the GTX680 for PhysX. Whoop. :)

    Clickbait at it's finest. I already knew the US pricing and assumed given the headline you had confirmed Australian details but instead it's just guessing which I could have done myself.

    OK. On the Specially-binned, crazy over clockable claim. I call BS. Why?


      Ok so basically its like EARLY ACCESS edition, people will be able to buy off their site and get it earlier? Except for us Australians since NVIDIA doesn't really offer that as a option. So best to wait for Store and Amazon deal... done.

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