NVIDIA GTX 1080 Pre-Orders Sold Out In Minutes

NVIDIA GTX 1080 Pre-Orders Sold Out In Minutes

Given NVIDIA’s initial claims and then the real-world benchmarks that have started to appear, it’s no surprise that PC gamers are slightly hyped for the launch of the GPU giant’s latest and greatest silicon.

But the GeForce GTX 1080 — since the much-more affordable GTX 1070 isn’t on sale yet — still costs a lot. Not that it’s stopped anyone.

If you haven’t come across the Now In Stock tracker yet, it’s a pretty handy tool for monitoring online retailers. It’s not hugely useful for Australian vendors, given that it’s largely only handy for following major international brands.

But it does help give an indication of interest. And in this case, interest in the GTX 1080 is … well, rabid.

If you need a little help parsing all those numbers and product models, here’s the skinny. Pre-orders for EVGA’s first GTX 1080 model went live on Amazon at 12:39 PM EST on May 20. They were sold out six minutes later.

ZOTAC doesn’t have the same level of brand reputation as EVGA, so understandably their stock lasted a little longer. Literally a little longer — pre-orders for their GTX board lasted 12 minutes.

Australian pre-orders for the GTX 1080 will go on sale at the end of this week, following what vendors and retailers told me. Given Australians’ penchant to spend big on top-of-the-line PC parts, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Out Of Stock notices within hours come Friday.


  • It is interesting though that many pundits are lauding the 1080 as ‘cheap’, it is 13-30% faster than the 980Ti, but costs the same or more. I was hoping for better than an average of 20% faster with such a big architectural change.

    When the 980Ti came out, most sites were saying how expensive it was, and that it only looked like value as the Titan was so overpriced.

    After the presentation taking about the 1080 being twice as fast as the Titan X, I was excited, but the real world figures of around 20% faster are nice, but not worth upgrading yet. Going from 35fps in 4K to 42fps isn’t a big enough boost for the $$

    • Usually when new architecture comes out, it doesn’t fulfill potential speeds. This can be due to drivers not being fully optimized yet. Or perhaps because games do not utilize the new architecture yet.

      Add to the fact it’s cheaper than when Titan first arrived, I could see why people are keen!

    • Yeah, because everyone is running 4K set ups so cares about that 7fps difference and not the significantly larger differences that occur at lower resolutions…

    • You’re forgetting that this isn’t the successor to the 980 Ti, this is the successor to the 980, with previous generation bumps its usually only shifted by enough to say a 950 is the same as a 750 Ti, a 980 about the same as a 780 Ti, etc. If the 1080, without driver optimizations that come later in life is already performing a third better (or higher as I’ve seen in many other benchmarks) than a 980 Ti, for roughly the same price on launch day, that’s bound to get people excited. And of course, this still isn’t taking into account the colossal overclocking headroom shown in demos. Remember that this is the card people will be buying instead of a 980, and if it’s better than a 980, 980 Ti, a Titan X and even (in some cases) SLI 980s, we’re talking about NVidia’s entire enthusiast grade market being replaced by a single card that isn’t much more expensive than an entry level enthusiast GPU.

  • If you haven’t come the Now In Stock tracker yet

    Someone forgot to the article

  • I’m just happy we seem to be finally getting single cards that can run games on max at 1440p.
    I’m a little disappointed at how many games I have turn down settings to get 60fps from my 980ti at 3440×1440.

    • Yep, this is what I’ve been waiting for – 60fps solid, at very high/ultra settings at 2560x1440p resolution, while not requiring a small power plant next to the PC.

      Sadly it’s looking like the initial stock will be A) sold out and B) waaaay overpriced, so I’ll have to wait a few more months to jump onboard, but I’m looking forward to being able to play at my monitors native resolution with all the nice effects on.

  • So where can we go to pre-order the Australian one? And what time exactly will it go live? It seems time will be of the essence.

  • Australian pre-orders for the GTX 1080 will go on sale at the end of this week

    @alexwalker does that mean the card won’t actually be released in Australia next Friday? Or is it all still a bit nebulous.

    It just keeps feeling like every detail of a certain article is getting further off the mark, I’m wondering if it’s Nvidia reps having given misleading information at the time or was that correct and we’re now in some weird morass of poor communication?

    I’d also though the embargo on Aus marketing would end last week and thought you had a confirmed time but I still haven’t found anything about it.

    And a big thanks for your continued coverage and updates!

    • The Founders Edition of the GTX 1080 (via various brands — EVGA, MSI, GIGABYTE and ZOTAC are four I’ve seen bandied around) will be available for pre-order at the end of this week. What I’ve been told suggests the major retailers will get their hands on cards in a few days, by Friday at the latest — potentially in the next two or three depending on how large a vendor they are — but consumers won’t get them for a while. Who knows how long that actually is, however.

      As for the marketing, all the embargo covered was regarding marketing materials only (store listings and the like). The NDA on retail sales is May 27, 11:00 PM AEDT. That information was directly from NVIDIA, although it’s possible — and maybe sensible — that some stores might just unveil everything once the embargo on orders lifts.

      Hope that clears things up. Also, cheers! Part of the plan was to cover the PC side of gaming more thoroughly, and it’s nice to know that I’m doing OK by you.

      • Thanks, trying to find information specific to Aus has been hard and I can’t physically make it to a store while I’m at work.

  • They’re not actually available for preorder yet. Amazon’s ‘not in stock’ because no one has even listed the cards for sale yet!

    • Checked newegg, no listings. Best Buy lists the PNY and EVGA ones but won’t take orders on them until the 27th. No one is meant to start taking money for them until then.

    • Actually, some of them were available for pre-order on that day. The MSI version appeared very briefly and I managed to drop one in my cart. Amazon confirmed my purchase and gave me my delivery date. (1 day prime shipping) I was on that site listed above when they showed up each time.

  • It’s not really a “big architectural change” with the 1070/1080. It’s really just Maxwell with a node shrink and brute force clocking.

    The GTX 1080 Ti and the AMD Polaris/Vega are the big architecture change GPU’s.

    • Wouldn’t the change in architecture be the first chips using the FinFet manufacturing process, at least technically?

      Polaris is going to be real interesting to watch, though. AMD’s pre-Computex event should kick off at the end of this week as well.

  • I Can’t believe how many people have more money than common sense. 700 dollars for a 1080? The price should be what it’s predecessor was, the 980, not a 980Ti. How much will the 1080ti cost? 1000 dollars? Then what’s the next level of greed, the new Titan at 1500 dollars? If you pay top dollar for these overpriced gpus then you have more money than brains. The only card Nvidia released that is close to its value is the 1070. Still overpriced though.

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