Old Sega Training Video Was The 1990s

Old Sega Training Video Was The 1990s

Video: Ninety-hour work weeks, free coffee, rad haircuts… working for Sega’s testing team in the mid-’90s sure looked like shitty work.

Not that it’s any better now — indeed, in many ways it’s probably worse — but not even the thrills of this internal “trainumentary” video (via Attract Mode) and its glorious ’90s-ness (Soundgarden backing music, Nine Inch Nails shirts, Seinfeld posters) can help shake the sensation that of all the jobs in the video game business during the height of the First Console Wars, this is one of the worst.

Then again, maybe I’m coming at this the wrong way. Maybe it’s not supposed to be glorifying the job. Maybe it’s just being honest.

This 28-minute video was directed by John Jansen, and filmed between June 1995 – February 1996 on location at Sega’s offices in Redwood City.


  • From about 8min in I had a good laugh at the ‘smoke break’ section. so much nostalgia at office place dynamics compared to todays.

    • The woman in the gif. Her makeup, hair, fashion… it took me straight back to the TV series Sliders. Thank you for reminding me of the existence of that show!

      • Wait, how’d this become a reply to you, Vape? It was meant to be a new post. Stupid phone!

        • It’s ok, as I too am a big fan of Sliders. She reminds me a little bit of Wade from Sliders, and a little bit of Sharon from Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place.

  • I’m currently reading this while drinking the free coffee that my boss just bought me for coming in to do unpaid work on my day off. Though I only do 70 hours a week and I also got a cookie with icing on it.

    Kids these days. Don’t know how lucky we are.

  • “Pixel_Ghost, please work extra hours for no pay (except imaginary respect and higher job positions).”

    *puts hand in pocket*

    It’s a middle finger

  • back in the days when patching a game after a release simply wasn’t an option. if the game shipped broke, it was broke forever.

  • The blonde girl is like a valley version of Cameron from Halt and Catch Fire

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