Overwatch Has A Window That Leads To Another Dimension

Or, the more likely explanation: someone made a booboo.

Blizzard, please, I'm begging you: do not patch this. It is too cool.

It is, essentially, a WINDOW TO ANOTHER DIMENSION.

It's funny, I relate to this so far. It's like that typo in a super long article that you never spot because you've re-read it a million times.


    I don't know why but the Cyrillic just makes that.

    Isn't it just the reflection of the other side of the street?

      or it could be that there are windows on the outside of the building showing an empty room, but when you walk into said room, there are no windows on the inside of the wall from which the player could have looked through.

      Nope... Its clearly the inside of a room.

      It has doorways inside and there are no doorways in the middle of the street as far as i'm aware.

        You would know more then me I havent played the game yet.

    I'll take your brain to another dimension

      I'll take your brain to another dimension!

        I'll take your brain to another dimension...

          ...pay close attention.

    Fake parallax textures are fun.

    I think Assassins Creed 3 had similar problems as it was the first in its franchise to introduce that tech.

    The x-files music just made it for me

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