Overwatch's New Animated Short Explores Hanzo And Genji's Tragic Rivalry

Overwatch's New Animated Short Explores Hanzo And Genji's Tragic Rivalry

Video: Overwatch's series of excellent animated shorts just got another entry. The stars this time? Samurai arrow-slinger Hanzo and cyborg ninja everything-blocker Genji. Here's the short:

Here's Blizzard's description of it:

'Dragons' explores the history of conflict between the scions of the Shimada clan: Hanzo and Genji. In this episode, we follow Hanzo as he returns to the siblings' family home in Hanamura once again to seek redemption . . . only this time, he finds himself confronted by the ghosts of the past.

Or, in short, Hanzo and Genji have some wholesome family fun in the form of a life-or-death brawl. They might wield a blade and a bow, but the deadliest weapon of all is emotions.

Source Filmmaker animator Krunkidile predicted the whole thing to a tee before Blizzard ever posted it. If you want to laugh, watch his version:


    The prediction is about 50% accurate. Mainly because Genji seems to say opposite things twice.

    Didn't play the beta, the style of game isnt my jam but good god! Gimme a overwatch movie, I'd watch the shit out of that! These short films have been nothing short of amazing. Move aside Pixar

    Fun fact: The arrows and shurikens are still stuck in the walls in the game.

    The voice acting in all of these shorts is really irritating me, Tf2 could get away with it because the awful accents and cliche ridden character tropes were all part of the character of the game, but I feel like Overwatch is trying to take itself seriously and without humour the accents, delivery and tone all feel a bit wrong.

    As usual the animation is top notch (although I can't help but think the earlier two trailers were a good deal better in that department), but something about the voices for every character feels off.

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