People Are Mass-Disliking The Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Trailer

People Are Mass-Disliking The Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Trailer

It may surprise you to hear that YouTube, a place well-known for civility and intelligent discussions, is full of people saying mean things about the new Call of Duty trailer. As of writing, the video has 221,657 dislikes, and that number is going up by a few hundred every minute.

This mass-dislike campaign has been triggered by a number of factors. For one, everyone loves hating Call of Duty, especially the people who love Call of Duty. Remember all those Modern Warfare 2 boycotters?

There’s more, though. For whatever reason, the community has not reacted well to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Maybe it’s a weak trailer; maybe everyone’s getting sick of sci-fi; maybe this is just the decade of Getting Mad About Things — whatever the reason, people seem to be far more negative about Infinite Warfare than they have been about previous Call of Duty reveals. Yesterday, Redditor ImLuddx even made a comparison chart — and the dislikes have doubled since then.

You can see people getting angrier and angrier every year!

You can see people getting angrier and angrier every year!

On the other hand, judging by reactions on various forums and social media, the Call of Duty community is crazy-excited over the Modern Warfare remake, which will come with the high-end $US80 ($107), $US100 ($134) and $US120 ($160) collector’s versions of Infinite Warfare. (Activision says they won’t be selling this Modern Warfare remake separately. Chances are they will change their minds about that one.)

Maybe it’s a fear of change. Or maybe, against all odds, people are actually starting to miss the trend of WW2 and modern shooters that were oh-so-popular just a few years ago. Have we entered sci-fi overload? Discuss.


    • Agreed. Just… why? Anyhow, im probably not the right person to say whether this trailer or game is decent or not as i havent bought a CoD game since MW2. Although the recent ones and this have tempted me as i personally need a bit of scifi or fantasy flavour in my games. But then i see the gameplay and its still the same ol song and the online community are still people i dont want to hear. Still, Cods in space and a MW on current gen IS tempting.

    • I heard there is an underground campaign by Star Citizen and SQ42 backers to denigrate and downplay the Infinite Warfare game because it is going to be too similar to SQ42.

      I say don’t worry guys, Infinite Warfare is coming out in Nov 2016. SQ42 will come out in like Nov 2017 at the EARLIEST, so there’ll be another COD by then (but holy crap if it’s Infinite Warfare 2, now with Gary Oldman!)

  • Pretty standard honestly. Everybody seems to hate everything these days. Take Batman Vs Superman…it seems that movie got a lot of negative social media attention…but when I saw it I really like it.

    Although in this particular case, hating the game will lead to one of two things; The game will get scrapped entirely (scrapping MW as well) or they will accept the tiny amount of sales they’ll get on Infinite Warfare and sell Modern Warfare separately to the masses. I’m hoping the latter.

    • “They will accept the tiny amount of sales they’ll get on Infinite Warfare”

      The last CoD was still the best selling game of 2015, as it has been many times over the past decade and a bit. It’ll still sell a sh*tload of copies and make a ton of cash no matter how many dislikes it gets.

      The key takeaways from this should probably be:
      A portion of hardcore CoD fans seem to becoming bitter, entitled, jaded types.
      There’s a lot of CoD fans.

      The fact that there’s a crossover between the CoD comminty and the kind of people who leave dumb messages on Youtube shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. I’d imagine they’re the same people who leave comments at the bottom of IGN articles.

      • Yeah…yeah…I often forget that CoD just makes sales from the insanely big fanbase…mind you I’ve bought the last two, not sure why…

    • They will absolutely not scrap the game. Just look at this page right here? An article written about the dislikes. That is media attention right there!

      It will go on to sell extremely well regardless of youtube dislikes.

      • Looks like my predictions were made when running on low caffeine this morning. Literally just re-read my own comment thinking ‘dafuq? Neither of those two things will happen.’

  • Infinite warfare is a deeply funny title for a cod parody.

    Also, with recent news of trademark defence slapping down one man developers, how is marvel/Disney not defending infinity war against this?!

    Also also, it’s still creepy that every year we now get to see what real actors would look like if we weekend at bernies’d them.

    I really wanted to see Kevin spacey smash into a banana in a mocap suit (both of them!).

  • The graphics look very average but i think the space setting could work well. I haven’t bought cod since MW3 but i guess i will buy it if the MW remaster looks good.

  • hating cod is sooo cool right now. Let’s all dislike the video together to change the world! ***Cod infinite warfare then went on to sell millions as per usual.

    • I thought hating COD was about 3-4 years ago?

      I cant believe this trend is continuting

      • it sure was. I know a lot of people who buy a ps4/xbox for the first time and get the latest cod because their mates played the crap out of the last one so maybe these people are the new generation of cod haters? This could explain the never ending sales and haters. that bowie cover probably does deserve a few dislikes though

  • Don’t know about the voice acting though. I think the stereotypical GI Joe American soldier accent is over done in this genre. For a game this big and with a budget larger than most big feature films you think they would get better actors.

  • Not that I even play cod at all, but if it were my thing I’d wait for the actual game before calling any judgement.

  • personal opinion is that im just over CoD as a franchise, out of the last 3, I purchased all of them as my friends really wanted me to play with them, and in total I doubt I even have 10 hours combined gameplay on them.

    Im considerately more interested in the World War Battlefield rumors.

  • Meh. I don’t get this hate for a game. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Seems pretty simple to me. But this just seems like the same phenomena as the reddit sheeple mentality. Downvote en masse because …. everyone else is.

  • What?! This is fucking BS! People are only disliking this video because they’re misogynists! Oh.. sorry, wrong page… Yeah CoD is a bit shit.

  • despite my dislike of COD, i enjoyed this trailer. im wondering if vehicles are going to become a more important part of cod, maybe multi level battles with aircraft.

    or maybe we get advanced-ed warfare.

    im looking forward to friday though.

  • I can only hate a game after I’ve played it. Hating a game based on a trailer with no gameplay is just like loving a game based on a trailer with no gameplay… It’s just dumb and misinformed – The old entitled mentality comes to mind again…

  • Modern Warfare remake

    What remake? There’s never been a Call of Duty remake. Are you talking about the remaster version? Because there’s a difference between a remake and a remaster.

    Anyways, as for me, it still just looks like the yearly CoD by the numbers style of gameplay. Taking it to the future doesn’t change that.

  • Regardless of that, it’ll still sell insanely well and mean they’ll make another one next year haha

  • Look at the views it has received. This is a huge marketing success. Most the dislikes are because it’s the “cool” thing to do.

    I remember when World at War came out and people hating on it because it was just another WW2 game and now people want it remade as well.

    People hate on CoD every year and every year it sells more copies than most companies could only dream about. I think Black Ops 3 is the best CoD by far.

  • When I want a shooter with jetpacks, I play Soldat.
    My disinterest in CoD is paramount.

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