People Are Still Making Terrible Games For Kinect

People Are Still Making Terrible Games For Kinect

You thought it was over.

It’s not over. It may never be over.

Above: a trailer for Kung-Fu For Kinect, a real video game that exists in the year of our lord 2016.

The tagline is “punching air has never felt this good”. I am not making this up.

Kung-Fu For Kinect is made by Virtual Air Guitar Company who have valiantly been making games for Kinect long after everyone has unplugged the thing. They made this game, Beatsplosion For Kinect.

It, um… looks like a good time.

It’s crazy what’s happened to Kinect in hindsight. First it was gonna change gaming forever, then it didn’t. Then somehow Microsoft convinced everyone that the new Kinect had fixed all the problems with the original. That wasn’t really the case. Now it’s just been forgotten about.

Which is weird, because the technology is useful. It really is. I just don’t know if it will ever be useful for video games.


    • For the same reason that no one managed to make any good games with it; it’s too low fidelity.

    • In addition to the above, I believe it also has extremely high latency too which is no good for VR. Well, at least in terms of head tracking. It’s a bit more tolerable for hand tracking and such, Doc Ok did a bunch of experimentation with it:

      • Cheers guys as someone who never used one i had no idea about that. All i remember is Microsoft harping on about it changing everyone’s life and crap.

  • Actually @markserrels this is a port of a 5-year old game.

    That being said, the original one was hands-down the best Kinect game I ever played. I own it, I played it quite a lot, it was easily the best party game that I have ever played. It’s super-easy for non-gamers to get into, since you’re basically just whirling around in the living room so there’s no fine motor skills or learning controls required – also, using the camera to superimpose the actual player into the game was a stroke of genius in terms of party games.

  • Kinect was a shameless and bald-faced attempt to do what the Wii did.

    Or, to be more exact, steal away the audience the Wii had identified.

    Apple went and did that though.

    I got my 360 in the middle of 2010, and part of the reason for that was Xbox (rightly) assumed its catalogue of games could stand to be left in a holding pattern for a while as it courted that market. I have always hated the ‘hardcore’ and ‘casual’ terms and always will, but I saw that I could safely ignore Kinect and instead enjoy the literal buffet of great games the 360 had amassed by that point.

    I still have more faith in Kinect than I do VR however. The E3 demos alone made Kinect at least a little bit worthwhile.

      • Except that AppleTV is halfway through an episode before the Xbone has even turned on and signed in to Live…

        • Yeah the boot times are really long, but once it’s on it goes quick enough. Definitely less hassle than dealing with Apple products or having to plug my PC in.

    • And launching my digital games, and switching apps like “xbox, go to youtube”.

      I got just dance 2014 at launch on the x1 and the missus and I have played it twice, once on launch day and once since. But that is as far as it goes with gaming on kinect 1 and 2.

    • Ah. I fixed that by turning my kinect 2.0 round and pushing it up against the bottom of the tv. Still gets voice commands, but sees nothing.

  • I play the hell out of dance central spotlight and xbox fitness.

    I actually love my kinect and I wish there were more games for it

  • set up a garage with a projector around kinect games. It really begs for a video game arcade to do the same. there was a game police 24/7 (2001) which did this. remember getting sore thighs from a boss whose front end loader you had to duck when he tried to run you over. a lot. way ahead of its time. Kinect is still ahead of its time imho.

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