Playable TimeSplitters Levels Are Hidden In Homefront: The Revolution

Playable TimeSplitters Levels Are Hidden In Homefront: The Revolution

It doesn’t seem like a Timesplitters sequel is coming any time soon, but as a consolation prize, Homefront: The Revolution has the next best thing.

The reviews haven’t been kind to Homefront: The Revolution so far — stay tuned for our own take on the game! — but hey, at least the game seems to have some cool Easter eggs? One of those involves playable TimeSplitters 2!

Eurogamer has a video detailing how to find them, which is easy enough:

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Reach the game’s restricted zone area.
  2. Find the area called “The Bourse”.
  3. Go upstairs, find a seemingly broken arcade cabinet.
  4. Voila!

There are two playable levels hidden in the game, though presumably more could be found, as more people dig into it. Perhaps this breathes new life into the possibility of a new Timesplitters, or an HD remaster?

Video Credit: Eurogamer

I’d love one, for what it’s worth. Played the heck out of those games!


  • TimeSplitters 2 was great, and 3 as well.
    I could never beat that robot factory on the hardest setting though.

    • I can’t even begin to guess how many times I tried to beat the Neo Tokyo level so I could get that third damn retro game. Not sure I ever managed to do it in the end.

      • From memory the third one was on hard in the robot factory which I think was the second last level. I got up to that on hard. Neo Tokyo was a pain to beat on hard.

  • what and awesome throw back to an awesome game making a throwback to another awesome game.
    easter egg inside an easter egg. eggception?

    loved timesplitters: Future Perfect – wish they kept up with the series.

  • TS2 was great, but if it weren’t for the lack of switched aiming controls, TS3 would have been (future) perfect.

    Where is TS4 🙁

  • Give us more Timesplitters, dammit. I need that multiplayer back in my life.


    Good times. Good times.

    • I loved the fact that each player’s profile kept track of how many times they played as the monkey.
      Great douchebag-level indicator. 😛

  • Timesplitters was/is hands down my favorite arcade FPS ever – the HUNDREDS of playable characters (Calamari, Duck, zombies, hell even a rotting deer carrion)

    It even has all the game modes:
    DM – TDM – Capture the flag – VIRUS! – conquest – and:

    Monkey Assistant- A modified Deathmatch. The player in last place has monkeys help him by attacking the player in first place.

    And more! If you’ve never co-op’d with a buddy against a horse of infected monkeys with only double barred shotguns you’ve never lived

    Coupled with the Past, Present AND future guns! From memory the maps weren’t half bad either

      • My question is can you play Anaconda within these easter egg levels within Homefront?? It’s the right level for it.

  • OK, I obviously missed something, but when the heck was Timesplitters a thing, and why does anyone care about it? There were three of them and I’ve never heard of it beyond someone occasionally saying it was good?

    • It was a light fun fps that took all the best parts of Golden Eye and improved them, then add in some really satisfying couch banter multi player and you have one of the best console shooter experiences ever.

      Oh and the fact that there were legit so many guns helped… so many fun guns 😀

      • Ah. Console shooter. And pre-Halo, I assume, if we’re referencing GoldenEye… PS2, huh? Interesting. I got one of those late in its cycle for the Final Fantasy/Resident Evil games. Hm. And Wikipedia says pre-Halo… but not by much. So weird that I missed that entire thing.

        • The thing I find weird is that I’d never heard of the first game at all, and don’t think I’ve even seen it anywhere ever. It’s like the series started at 2.

          • A mate had the first one, the real reasons people didn’t hear about it could be chalked up to zero marketing, a lack of content & polish.

            The game made leaps and bounds when it came to content and had a snap on map maker that Doom is clearly envious of 😛

          • I think the first one was playstation only?
            I played 2 and 3 on the cube. I still have one but the other has gone missing. Must have lent it to someone and they were a dick and never gave it back.

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