Pokemon Is Giving Everyone Another Chance To Get Mew

If you missed out on an opportunity to get a code for the mythical psychic Pokemon Mew earlier this year: good news. There's another chance.

The Pokemon Company has announced on their website that a new batch of Mew codes for Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Pokemon Omega Ruby will be given out in the next Pokemon Trainer Club newsletter. You'll have to sign up before June 1 to be eligible, and the code will only be valid until August 31.

Codes for the legendary Pokemon were originally handed out around February to coincide with the franchise's 20th anniversary. They were available locally through EB Games, mirroring the deal Pokemon did with GameStop in the United States.

The Australian deal, however, meant that fans were at the mercy of the stock available at each EB Games store. Which might not have been much. And that's if they were able to go at all.

So if you found yourself in such a predicament and missed out, here's your chance to get on the Mew train. You'll find the link to the Pokemon trainer newsletter here, so sign up and psyche out some Pokemon.


    Goddamnit, I was in Japan FOR the 20th anniversary and still didn't get anything special at either the Hiroshima or Tokyo Pokemon Megacentre. Am disappoint. I did buy a life size Pikachu plushie and an Eevee who snuck into a lot of touristy photos for a day :P

    Ehhhh I just inject the old event pokemon into my Black2 cartridge and bring them over on pokebank. Or use the AR device to get the Gen6 event pokemon direct in mystery gift

    Ah unlucky, I got a shiny Charizard from the Hiroshima one in January and a Sableye with its mega stone

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