Poll: The 10 Anime That Disappointed Japan This Autumn

Poll: The 10 Anime That Disappointed Japan This Autumn
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What. A. Letdown. Japanese site Anime Portal polled fans in Japan, asking them which autumn 2016 shows disappointed them the most. Nearly a thousand votes were cast (954, to be exact), and here are the 10 that garnered the most, well, disappointment.

[Images via Anime Portal]

I guess these are shows people in Japan were looking forward to, but when they saw them, they didn’t feel as though they were satisfying for whatever reason.

Anyway, have a look:

10. Asterisk War Second Season: 30 votes

9. Endride: 33 votes

8. Terra Formars Revenge: 34 votes

6. Cerberus: 37 votes

6. Tanaka-kun is Always Listless: 37 votes

5. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: 42 votes

4. Ace Attorney: 61 votes

3. Bungo Stray Dogs: 98 votes

2. The Lost Village: 128 votes

1. My Hero Academia: 150 votes

How do these compare to your own list?


  • Been watching ace attorney. Love it its basically a retelling of the game. Not sure hoe it lets people down.

    • Maybe people are saddened that the art isn’t at the standard of the game cutscenes? Other than that I have no idea, as I have been enjoying it also.

      • I have to admit that the animation quality isn’t that great compared with other recent anime. It’s not bad by any means but there’s no real wow factor or draw card in how it looks.

        • No, it’s pretty bad for todays standards. It looks like it came out of the mid-2000s. Also, don’t get me started on the CG people in the gallery. It’s absolutely horrible.

    • Personally I felt I’d be better off just replaying the game.

      The animation quality is horrendous and it just wasn’t really doing anything with the format.

      I did only watch 2 episodes though.

  • Lost village has been all right so far. Just the right amount of things is happening to keep me interested week from week. That being said, it’s true. It’s not exactly edge of your seat stuff. I’ve complained about this to several friends but there’s just too many unecessary characters that are there only for the sake of having a nonsense anime trope personality. Still keen to see what’s happening with the plot.

    Cerberus on the other hand started off well below mediocre and nosedived rather quickly.

    • Yeah, Lost Village just needed some time to breathe. It’s gotten pretty interesting. I think people might have had too high expectations for it.

    • I guess dissapointing and being bad is different. While Kabaneri isn’t actually bad, to me it has a weird ‘poor man’s Attack on Titan’ feel to it. It’s like it’s trying to be all gritty and serious and apocalyptic like AoT but just can’t manage that teeth grinding tension.

  • I’ve actually been enjoying my hero academia a lot, I wonder what the Japanese find so disappointing about it?

    • I read the manga a long time ago, it’s interesting to begin with but get’s boring quite quickly. I haven’t even bothered to read the new chapters or watch the anime because of it.
      I wonder if the fans are disappointed because of the manga? (either following or not following?)

    • Bigger series with bigger expectations attract more haters. I’ve also been enjoying MHA a lot this season.

  • This has been the first season where I have picked up nothing. Kabaneri could be alright but nothings grabbed me. Usually its just 2 or 3 shows which is more than enough but right now Im watching older shows like GTO and Outlaw Star to fill the hole.

    Hopefully next season will be more appealing

  • A sample size of 1000 is almost meaningless, isn’t it? I mean, one could infer that just under 1000 people were disappointed enough to respond to the poll, with everybody else who browses the website not disappointed in any of these shows.

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