Pornhub Is Turning Sex Into A Game

Pornhub Is Turning Sex Into A Game

You wouldn’t think singles and couples needed more encouragement to have sex, but apparently they do. Naturally, PornHub has a solution.

People are getting fatter. Really fat. And to help stave that off, we’re advised to exercise. But like most modern humans, we’re lazy. And we lead lazy lives, at least when it comes to body movement — most of us sit down when we commute, work, or play. There’s not a lot of fitness involved.

So Pornhub has an idea: BangFit. It’s meant to, shall we say, encourage activity. “Now you can get into shape while having the time of your life,” the video proclaims. It’s safe for work, so enjoy below.

I thought at first that the video might be a joke, but fortunately BangFit supports people interested in solo sexercise. Users can only identify as male or female currently, and there’s only support for up to three players. Pornhub has pledged to make their platform more inclusive for all preferences mind you — might as well have parity with the diversity of your content.

Once you’ve selected your gender, you’ll be given a sync code to enter into your mobile. It’s a bit like the Jackbox games — you navigate to the BangFit mobile site, enter in a code and then you’ll receive prompts through your phone.

Instead of getting a question to answer, however, a small animation will come through to your mobile. Which is the sex position you or your partner(s) should engage in. And on the main screen, as my IT department is grossly upset over, you’ll get porn.

I didn’t keep the window up long enough to know if it’s ad-free porn, although it certainly looked free of ads and pop-ups. Mind you, the majority of what I saw was a lot of Big Data. But that’s Pornhub for you.

Pornhub’s tongue-in-cheek poke at gamification worked the first time around for me, but a couple of attempts afterwards were hit and miss. It’s in beta, and the advertised BangFit Band isn’t available in stores yet (and you can just hold onto the phone normally, anyway).

“Remember: it’s all in the hips.” That’s the gist, anyway. I didn’t delve any deeper into the mechanics to find out, but regardless of how well it works — it’s a cracking marketing stunt.

But if they could add a few leaderboards and time trial challenges…


  • “But if they could add a few leaderboards and time trial challenges…”

    “Dammit, honey! We need to finish in under a minute! Jim from work is beating us!”

    “I feel sorry for his poor wife.”

    • Unfortunately due to my ‘connection’ I wont be able to access the ‘multiplayer’ side to this game, hopefully their is a strong ‘single player’ campaign that is not too depressing

  • I thought that said BongFit and was like “fuck yeah, a fitness regime I can get behind”

    disappointed. :[

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