Okay, so no-one guessed my rubbish (and vague) ScribbleTaku yesterday. But that's okay, because we're moving on to something a little more interesting.

(Yesterday's ScribbleTaku was the P.T. by the way, It was the clock.)

Today's effort is from Ashigaru! Good luck everyone.


    Looks like dig dug mask the enemies wear. But im sure thats not what its supposed to be :P

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    I don't mean to brag (yes I do) but I guessed PT earlier. But you know, whatever. It's no big deal.

    I'm gonna guess F-ZERO?

    Gran Turismo 2, just has a racing game feel to it. And my other guesses were taken!

    It's definitely a racing game circuit, and I've definitely played it.

    Going to guess TOCA Touring Car championship, or Gran Turismo...3?

    Diddy Kong Racing - Ancient Lake!

      Yeah you got it!!!
      I was stuck with gran turismo but it is more on the side of diddy kong thats for sure!

    looks like 90% of the circuit maps in Daytona on the old Mac ii.

    Pole Position - Fuji Speedway Circuit

    I'm thinking High Speed ring from Gran Turismo - but its a little bit out of shape for that

    F1 race, on gameboy.

      I'm going to cry :'( I had 4 drawings done for this :P

        I actually got one?! I'm going to play this tonight in celebration.

          You did. Now I'm off to cry into my cup of tea as I write sql queries at work ;__;

            It's not too late to take it back and say it's actually the back of a SNES controller =)

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