Poor Ashigaru. He had four drawings done for this ScribbleTaku and someone guessed it on day one.

That is true pain.

Today's scribble comes from me.


    WHYYYYYYYY :'( I knew I should have put some of the other ones on day one up :P

    Also I have no idea what your creepy child drawing is, but it's disturbing :P

    Smough's helmet from Dark Souls?

    Is it one of the masks from Lady Boyle's party in Dishonored?

      Looks good to me.

    Did anybody ever make a Child's Play game? Looks a bit like Chucky.

    Looks a bit like those maksed guys from Manhunt, or the creepy dolls from Conker's Bad Fur Day: Reloaded

    looks like Mayuri Kurotsuchi's Bankai from Bleach.

      First time I saw that in the anime I was watching it with my ex, and she immediately shouted out "choo choo motherfucker!"


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