So it looks like no-one managed to correctly guess Friday's ScribbleTaku. Probably because it was the worst drawn scribble I've ever done and that's saying something.

Don't worry, you'll get it now. In like a minute flat.

Here's Friday's drawing for reference...

Good luck everyone!


    That Michael Jackson game. Moonwalker?

    Last edited 10/05/16 12:18 pm

    That looks like the glove from the Far Cry 3 jump suit. I guess the first scribble was one of the skill tattoos.

    That's an Ash Ketchum glove if I ever saw one, so Pokemon Yellow? But the first one looks like the intro sequence of Pokemon Crystal

    one of the far cry games ?

    Or on second guess half life 1 or 2 ?

    Last edited 10/05/16 12:48 pm

    Street fighter

    That glove looks like Far Cry 2 after a heal but I have no idea what the first image is

    Wait... is that a really terrible drawing of a Kingdom Hearts health bar?

    Some tie-in game for The Wizard? It's so bad.

    This is one of the Tomb Raider games, surely. I'll guess the original Tomb Raider.

    Last edited 10/05/16 3:54 pm

      Actually, she has a windowed glove in the first game so scratch that, I'll go with Legend or Anniversary.

    Not sure why but it makes me think dragon age.

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