OK, so someone guessed yesterday's ScribbleTaku really quickly. That's fine.

I have come back for revenge.

Congrats to Casual Prolix who guessed correctly. It was Comix Zone on the SEGA Mega Drive.

Good luck with today everyone!


    Drill Penguin the unused boss from Megaman X3. Seriously it Looks like something out of Nights into Dreams.

    club penguin.

      lol pretty sure this guy nailed it

    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance or A2?

    I just got lucky because it was one of the few games I know that has speech bubbles. No idea what today's is yet but it's a really well drawn scribble.

    I want it to be Penguin Land on Sega Master System SO much, but I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who remembers that game

    Pong 3d.

    Edit: full name is Pong 3d the next level.

    Not that it matters i don't think i am correct.

    Last edited 19/05/16 12:52 pm



    But it isn't...
    It's Baltoy with feet.

    It's a Hitmontop!

    Dungeons of Dreadmore.

      I thought that initially, but don't diggles have the spirally bit as the beak/nose?

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