Congrats to Decoy. Yesterday was his moment. The artist was Adam Rorke and the game was Biker Mice From Mars.

Well done team. Good hustle.

Today's drawing comes from Techneon! Good luck everyone.


    IRL: The game
    From the Beach levels

    Would have been funny if Biker Mice from Mars had two entries in a row, just to throw @decoy off the trail :)

    Tough one. Could be the Seagulls from Zelda, or GTA V, or Operation Flashpoint, or Seagull poop simulator.

      Seagulls from RDR or pigeons from GTA IV aka flying ya cover all bases :-)

      Last edited 26/05/16 1:02 pm

    Looks like the Cover of Kolibri for the 32X. That or Donkey Kong Country

    Bit of a red herring in the overall game but worth a guess - Secret of Monkey Island?


    Zelda: A Link to the Past - the bird from the weather vane?

    Final Fantasy 6. The seagull that takes lockes bandanna to celes on the beach

    That looks like a Spearow to me. One of the 151 original Pokemon!

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