Nazxul360, you broke Techneon's heart. He was all ready to go with a third ScribbleTaku, but then you dropped in with a guess out of nowhere!

The game was Taz-Mania on the SEGA Master System.

Good luck with today's effort!


    Oooh, is it Road Blasters?

      Ooo good spot.

      God I loved that game. The arcade version, anyway. I got the C64 version when it came out and it was atrocious :(

    386/486 Microprose flight simulator like Apache or F16 fighter... switch to your reserve tanks or forfet to put them on add more missles and hope you running on fumes before you get back to landing strip

      My second guess... its the Raid Bars from my World of Warcraft for my priest healer :P
      (I dont heal offtank... or hunters)

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