Shaquille O’Neal Is Doing Weird Things In The Name Of Esports

Shaquille O’Neal Is Doing Weird Things In The Name Of Esports

He’s one of the biggest stars the basketball world has ever seen, so having Shaquille O’Neal contribute to televised coverage for esports is no small feat.

But … but what on earth is he doing?

The four-time NBA champion and star centre is currently helping out in the production for ELEAGUE, Turner Broadcasting’s televised Counter-Strike: Global Offensive venture.

The initial stages for the league’s inaugural season doesn’t kick off for a fortnight, with the first group featuring the five Australians that make up the CS:GO roster for Team Renegades.

In the meantime though, Turner needs a bit of content. It could be a promotional spot — it could be for some videos in-between matches. We’re not entirely sure, but we know it definitely involves Shaq dressing up in front of a green screen with a little hat and some army camo.

A little behind the #ELEAGUE scenes with Shaq #shaqoflage #csgo #bts

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Shaq’s not taking esports for a joke, mind you. He announced himself as one of the investors in NRG Esports a couple of months ago, and it looks like he’s working on his gaming banter too.

The first ELEAGUE games kick off on May 24 US time, with the first season running until July 30.


  • It’s obvious he’s playing peekaboo. Just flip from the second image to the first repeatedly.
    Where’s Shaq?
    Here’s Shaq!

  • Isnt there a video from last year of him bagging out esports, saying its not really a sport? Kinda funny how he flipped on that opinion

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