Short Film Shows What It’s Like To Grow Up Being Player Two In Video Games

Short Film Shows What It’s Like To Grow Up Being Player Two In Video Games
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If you grew up with an older brother or sister and an old school video game console, Zachary Antell’s short animation Player Two should hit you right in the nostalgic feeling bank. Some people call that a heart, and maybe make you want to pick up the phone to call him or her (or let’s be honest, shoot a text to them).

The four-minute short depicts the relationship between an older brother and a younger brother perfectly through the scope of video games. Player one is always showing player two everything he’s already explored in video games but also helping them through life too. Player one might not notice, but player two is always watching them lead.


  • My brother is 4 years older than me. Sure he showed me stuff to begin with but then he’d go away, I’d keep playing, get better and then kick his ass or show him secrets he had no idea existed. By the time I was 8 he kinda stopped showing me things because I was showing him instead….Being older doesn’t mean you’re the leader.

    These days though – I’m a dad. My oldest son is already “Player 2”. I get the joy of teaching him gaming.

  • My Brother was always my bully, even to the degree that he now no longer speaks to the rest of our family. Thanks to this, though, I totally know who my player 1 was, and he was a pretty awesome substitute…

    R.I.P. Richard

  • Ow my feels.

    My younger sister was my P2. But my older cousin was also my P1.

    I miss those days.

    • My younger sister was my P2, as well. But it was my best friend who was my P1.
      And they both still are today. My sister lives in Canada now, but thanks to video games and the internet, we can still hang out, almost like we used to.
      Who ever said video-games were anti-social?

      • Both mine kinda drifted from games a little during the GameCube era (and even more after). Although my sister’s kinda become P1 to her boyfriend in recent years, even went and introduced him to LucasArts adventure games and the like. So proud 😛

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