16 Year Old Aussie Is A Special Effects Make-Up Wizard

This is Lara. She's 16, self-taught and very talented. Lara has really started to hit her stride and her work continues to get better and better.

Images: Lara Wirth / Armageddonpainted

She's even just been featured on Japanese site IT Media, so she's certainly on her way up.

Helloooooo ? I have so many makeup ideas and no time! Life is so hard ? what's up with you guys? That's fabulous.

A photo posted by Lara wirth (@armageddonpainted) on

Side view of ma creature for the #suuzholidaychallenge

A photo posted by Lara wirth (@armageddonpainted) on


    16 years old?

    I had trouble combing my own hair when I was 16 (I still have issues tbh)

    Brilliant work, you go girl!

    Wouldn't this fall under practical effects?

      It's awesome. STFU.

    That's amazing work. That #bloodandblank entry makes Dr Who's The Silence look lazy.

      Absolutely agreed! She's got some serious talent! I used to do a bit of stuff like that when I was her age, and wanted to do it for a job, but never quite had the resources. My stuff was mostly gore based though. Partly what got me in to 3d art though. Was able to do the stuff I wanted but never could due to lack of resources!

        I hear ya. So much stuff is like to do creatively in my spare time if it wasn't for lack of money/resources. I've seen there is an Ink Master style show for costume artists, I reckon she would wipe the floor with what I'm seeing here.

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