Soldier: 76 Plays Hero In The Final Animated Overwatch Short Of The Season

Soldier: 76 Plays Hero In The Final Animated Overwatch Short Of The Season

With the game's launch just a day away, Blizzard has released the fourth and final animated Overwatch short of the season, giving the vigilante known as Soldier: 76 a chance to atone for past transgressions.

The oldest Overwatch character by far, Soldier: 76's driving skills might be a little rusty, but his shooting is totally on point. In the "Hero" animated short our mysterious masked man demonstrates that his heroic instincts are firmly in place as well.

And that's four of four. Now all we can do is wait until servers go live tomorrow at 7PM Eastern time.


    I very much feel like all this amazing backstory/content came from the time when Overwatch was going to be an MMO. I mean, doesn't it make sense? The world needs heros - you create your own and immerse yourself in the deep backstory of this world. There just seems to be too much world building for what the game ended up being.

    I'm happy we got Overwatch, but lament what could have been.

      I hope it doesn't end up like Battleborn where they developed all of these interesting characters in a cool setting and then nothing really happens in the story. I'd absolutely hate for Overwatch to end up where the story gets almost completely forgotten about as the months and years go by.

        What do you mean? its already forgotten about, there isn't any story mode or anything. The best you get is the characters occasionally saying a couple lines to each other referencing things that have happened in the backstory (the backstory you can only find if you go searching for it.).
        Dont get me wrong the game is fun and ill probably end up buying it sometime but i am just really disappointed that they are wasting interesting characters and stories on a multiplayer only game.

    We're all soldiers now.

    This one has to be my favourite so far, sure the character tropes and dialogue are as predictable as ever (calling a gang the dead is pretty silly even by the standards of these shorts and dressing that up with some updated sugar skull imagery wasn't exactly inspired even if it did look pretty cool), but the location was great, the side/ non-character was a lot more believable than many of the main characters have been in the past and the voice acting wasn't too bad on this one. I still think the shorts take themselves way too seriously and this clashes with the distinctly average voice acting and dialogue, but somehow the tired old soldier trope worked a lot better with the voice acting than the previous, equally tired, tropes did.

    The animation, as usual, is almost pixar quality and insanely good for what it is, but despite the quality of the shorts' animation I still like the personality of the TF2 shorts more, it felt like they had a clear understanding of the tone they wanted to go for and experimented with structures and techniques for each one, while all of the Overwatch shorts have felt a little tonally off the mark and follow very familiar structures and tropes that clash with the voices the characters are given.

    Worse 76 of the match... didnt drop his heals when he clearly needed it.

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