Now I Really Want A Remake Of The Dig

The Dig was great. It wasn't Monkey Island 2 or Fate of the Atlantis great, so don't expect it'll be receive the old 'HD-remake' any time soon.

But if it did, it might look a little something like this.

'This' is a 1080p/60 frames-per-second reinvention of The Dig's opening cinematic, one of the more memorable cinematics in the Lucasarts back catalogue.

It's made me think about the absolute goldmine Disney is currently sitting on. All those classic adventures, games we're all nostalgic about. Nostalgia = $$$. Why not re-release these games in an easily accessible form. I'd probably buy them.

Do a nice little remake like this video? I'd definitely shell-out.


    This is a bit weird to me. The Dig was pretty much universally acknowledged to be a bit on the crap side when it was released, but 20+ years later and all I see is fond nostalgia.

    I guess most people haven't played it in a long while, 'cause it's not fun to play but the atmosphere and world were good.

      I never understoos thw hate? I could only think because it was a slow story driven plot with less humour it was disliked.

      Personally, i absolutely loved everything about it (except the ending!).

      The people who said it was crap back then were looking for some kind of quirky comedy game along the lines of Sam & Max or Day of the Tentacle, but The Dig is pretty serious.

      I loved it back in the day, personally. It's peak Lucasarts.


        I adored the slapstick of Sam and Max, but The Dig was a revelation. A sci-fi story that's NOT silly or shooty? Some great environments and puzzles? And an actual HARD CHOICE. Loved it.

          Perfect soundtrack too. Most memorable of all of Lucasarts' game soundtracks IMO.

    Right, well. I know what I'm playing tonight.

    I seem to recall this was only a game because Spielberg deemed it too expensive to make as a film at the time. I'd say it would be in the realm of possibility these days.

    I'd live with the game getting a fresh coat of paint instead however.

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    I think the excellent ambient soundtrack should go back into my background music rotation again, now that I'm reminded of how good it is.

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    No it wasn't perfect, but it's got the best memories for me. Playing it new out of the box with two good friends, pretty much in a marathon weekend.

    Love to see this given the Special Edition treatment.

    Mmm... this is a decent job but, no way does it look better than the original

      Sounds like you might be remembering it wrong then lol.

        More clarity in an image doesnt mean better design. The original might be a lot lower res but the art there is still miles better than these rushed 3d models

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