Windows 10 Update Prevents Game Dev From Checking Out Of Hotel

Windows 10 Update Prevents Game Dev From Checking Out Of Hotel

Microsoft really wants people to upgrade their machines to Windows 10, to the point that computers will now install the new operating system without your knowledge. This lead to a frustrating (but darkly humorous) situation today for Vlambeer co-founder Rami Ismail, while checking out of a hotel. “I woke up all chill and relaxed and then I accidentally booked a flight departing in an hour and a half so now I’m packing in a hurry,” said Ismail on Twitter.

We’ve all been there before, but what happened next? Not so much.

“My hotel can’t check me out because their computer decided to just go for it & is currently in the middle of updating itself to Windows 10,” he said.

This isn’t the first time Windows 10 upgrades have sprouted up at inopportune times. My own computer, for example, randomly upgraded to Windows 10 a few months back. Windows 10 even locked me out of my own files, due to a glitch.

Not long ago, a news station computer decided it wanted to upgrade in the middle of a broadcast. “Don’t you love when that pops up?” mused the reporter.

Windows 10 Update Prevents Game Dev From Checking Out Of Hotel

Thankfully, Ismail’s hotel didn’t keep him waiting around.

“They wrote down my name and room number on a piece of paper after giving it a few more minutes,” he told me.


  • The Win10 upgrade stuff popping up is hilarious how many businesses tried cutting on their IT budgets and running Professional rather than Enterprise.

    • Ours has luckily no one has had to upgrade without our say so, but i get a feeling it will happen some time.

    • Even with Professional the upgrade can be blocked before the user sees anything.

      • Of course, there was a GPO update released a little while ago. But still I find it funny.

  • Wouldn’t you want your hotel to have a better network operation than this?

    Yeah I know it’s ultimately a Microsoft complaint but yikes, as someone who’s been through the pain of hotel billing errors myself (I swear) you absolutely want the hotel’s systems to be managed properly.

    • You’d think they’d have set up their group policies properly, at the very least.

      • Maybe someone with knowledge of how hotels handle their books can chime in, but yes it would seem having a lone computer handle checkins and checkouts is a wee bit silly.

        • Small hotel, or one that isn’t part of a chain, may not require multiple computers to handle customers.

  • What’s even worse is that “clicking the X” to close the update now actually *starts* the update instead of just closing the popup. Microsoft has officially moved from “almost malware” to “Actual malware”.

  • The hotel could have checked him out by using, you know – pen on paper??? Well that is if they didn’t rely on computers to think for them. Hotel ledgers, remember them?

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