Star Wars Battlefront Sells More Than 14 Million, Will Return Next Year

It might have suffered from a dearth of content and the audience on PC, particularly in Australia, didn't hang around too long. But that didn't stop EA and DICE from making a motza courtesy of Star Wars Battlefront, according to the group's latest quarterly earnings.

EA announced that Battlefront sold more than 14 million units for in the 2016 fiscal year, which is from the beginning of April to March 31. The DICE-developed game also grew EA's customer base, with "more than 15% of Star Wars: Battlefront players were new to the EA ecosystem".

In an investor call, the company added that a Battlefront title would make an appearance next year. They didn't specify whether it would be a sequel, expansion, prequel or something else, although it would draw content from the latest Star Wars films.

Reuters also reported that EA surprised the market by announcing a loss and lower than expected revenue for the first quarter of FY 2016-17.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst is set to be the company's only release that year, although the company could make up for that significantly at the end of the fiscal cycle, with Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2 and Mass Effect: Andromeda expected to be huge sellers.


    Hopefully it's an expansion.

    If not, then they need to cut it the fuck out.
    Sick of companies releasing so many multiplayer titles and fracturing the player-base.
    Just bought Hardline and there is literally no one else playing on Aussie servers, it's fucked.

      Yep, I agree. I purchased premium, and after the first DLC release, nobody was playing it. What a waste of money.... One major shooter every 2-3 years from these companies would be great, not 5-6 every year....

      On the bright side, they'll never make it to Battlefront 3 if history is any indication.

    Anyone know if this is still being played on Xbone?

    The basic edition took a pretty big nose dive in price for digital ($59 iirc) but I don't want to buy (now at an acceptable price) to find nobody around.

      I bought the base game for Xbone around 5-6 weeks ago. Every so often it's a little difficult to find a 40 player game but majority of the time it's quick and easy. The only playlists (Base Game) that seem to have players are Supremacy (40p), Walker Assualt (40p), Blast (20p) and Heroes vs Villains (12p).

      I don't play BF on Xbone every day (Dark Souls has overtaken my gaming life) but every time I put in the dis in in a match in under two mins from start up so the population is there

      I wonder if its there for the DLC though?

    I don't mind if Battlefront gets annualised, but I hope this isn't what Respawn are going to be contributing to. I know that multiplayer is kinda their gig with Titanfall under their belt and Titanfall 2 on the way, but I'd rather see them working on something more story-heavy with a few more fresh ideas. I know Battlefront had it's fans but it just wasn't for me.

    Haven't managed to get through my 10 hours from EA Access yet. I thought it looked great (even on console) played okish and the sound design was good to very good... I just couldn't bring myself to buy the game... let alone open it again and finish off my free hours. I really wanted Galactic Conquest against bots with co-op friends. Would have been a day 1 buy if it had that, regardless of free hours from EA Access or not.

      There are two player split screen modes (either co-op or vs) with bots

        True, I played them. They arent Galactic Conquest though, more like survival mode with a loose story. I want Galactic Conquest *slams fist on table like a baby* and thats all it would have taken for a day 1 max $ purchase from me.

        Last edited 11/05/16 6:47 pm

    I'm a PC player, and haven't played on an Aus server in months. I still play daily though, and if my Region is set to 'US East' or 'US West' I still get games almost immediately. Yes, the ping's 200+ but it's well optimized so I can still play easily, and be up near the top of the scoreboard (not saying I'm that good ha, but I mean it's only a slight adjustment in leading the target to adjust to the latency, and dogfighting's fine too). It's barely noticeable to me, nothing like the Battlefield games where higher ping servers can result in it being unplayable.

    I bought the Season Pass, knowing full well it might've been wasted, but I was able to play Outer Rim maps for weeks after it came out (and presumably the same will hold true for later expansions). Not so much now, but then my fave modes are the 40+ player ones, and Outer Rim was only CQC (a fact they didn't publicise much in the leadup to its release).

    Last edited 11/05/16 5:28 pm

    Single player campaign please. Even if it's just "get the blue key".

    single player campaign or it will be uninstalled

    Out of 14 million, only 50 thousand a day still playing:

    I doubt they'll get another 14 million sales if it's a sequel next year.

    One thing I'm not clear on.. Is this expansion for BF or an entirely new game?

    If it's a totally new game then how the fuck can the $60 season pass be justified? That's actually slightly more than I paid for the game itself, and you get a handful of new maps? Wasn't the Witcher 3 season pass like $25 or something at release?

    I had fun playing this game for about 3 weeks, it's just a shame it was so bare bones and poorly balanced. I really hope the air combat is something that's expanded on at some stage though. An H.A.W.X style X-wing game would be an easy sell to me.

    They should keep the core game and engine and just release annual or six-monthly expansion packs rather than Battlefront 2, 3, 4 etc.

    just give me single player! That's all I ever wanted.

    The average age of a Star Wars fan doesn't have the time to invest the hours needed to be good at a MMFPS compared to the millions of 14 year olds. The mechanism of progression means good players get better, while slow players are left as cannon fodder, with not enough players to fill a big map everyone is left playing unbalanced.

    Unless someone knows of a Aussie adult battlefront group? (PSN Kerber)
    Or give me single player galactic conquest.

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