StarCraft Nova Cosplay Shoots The Lights Out


    Holy moly, the bar is constantly being raised on cosplay. This must be, at times, a bloody expensive hobby. I'd love to have a go myself (find me a short, overweight thirty-something male character worth cosplaying), but the high standards make it a daunting proposition.

      The penguin - you've seen Batman Returns right? Haha.

        Oh snap. That'd do wonders for my ego! Honestly, women seem to have a plethora of characters to choose from in the cosplay pool, which is great. Just a little bit jealous :D

          I put it down to male characters generally being built physically well and kind of need that to make the cosplay come to life. On the other hand female characters even when they should have a highly athletic body still have a norma/slim body type. There's also a possibility that female characters get more stylisation as females tend to focus more on clothing aesthetics.

      Barf from Spaceballs, works for me everytime

    This makes me terrified of trying cosplay for the first time this year... dear god...

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