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    Today has already started so badly. I think it's going to be the worst day for me in months.
    edit - oh man, what a great start to TAY!

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    Slow TAY day.

    I'm at work on a public holiday, and it's about a million percent humidity. Even the air in my office feels wet. I can't paint my arcade stick until it dries out...

    Civil War was pretty awesome though. There's a little bit of movie logic going on, but everyone kicked loads of ass.

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    Jumping in on the boat that @f4ction is on. Absolute shit start to today. After having fixed my motorbike from my previous crash that happened roughly 2 weeks ago, I have now sustained another on the way to work with even more damage.

    I only just got the bike back on the road yesterday. Quite a bit of rain accompanied with stupid high-ridged road marking does not make for a happy Rogue. Repairs are gonna be around $2,200 and insurance excess is $1,250 atm. Fun times.

      Ouch. Those markings can be a hazard.
      You ok though?

        Yeah I'm all good minus the ego/confidence hit :) . Bit tender in the neck and a big graze on the lower back. Thanks to the doc, I've got some good ol' painkillers to help me out. Thanks mate!

    Monday morning post-hockey pain - that'll teach me for showing up early to watch our higher grade's game. "Yeah, just sit on the bench Spadge" turned into playing 2/3 of the higher grade's game, plus playing the entirety of my normal team's game without substitution. Damn dirty team in my normal grade as well, which certainly isn't helping general soreness.

    Exercise is silly.

    Forgot Opal card, had to go back home for it, missed my usual train. The next train was filled halfway to the city by a year 7 class on a school excursion. TBH they were actually pretty well behaved. Just really loud. And their teacher kept telling them to move out of seats for adults who were too embarrassed to accept them.

    Oh well.

    The next Games with gold games went free yesterday: Defence Grid 2, and Grid 2.

    Grid 2 sucks. One of those shitty racers with floaty controls and cars that spin out so they threw in a gimmicky rewind function. It might work better with a steering wheel but trying to play it with a controller was a short-lived exercise in frustration.

    Defence Grid 2 is alright. A fun tower defense game with pretty nice graphics and an interesting story I mostly ignored. Got some ok ideas going for it. I will play more of this.

    Also played a little more Valiant Hearts. Just a really tremendous little game. Does a wonderful job telling a story and blending it with history with characters that are relatable despite having no dialogue and limited narration.

      The original defense grid is the best pure tower defense game I have ever played. Still haven't gotten around to DG2.
      I love the angry little French or German guys jumping up and down in Valiant hearts

        If you're an Xbox One owner with a gold sub, DG2 is free this month. Or it's $15 on steam or something. I don't know. Anyway, I assume DG2 is an improvement on the original. It seems to have a steep learning curve but usually halfway through a mission I figure out what I did wrong and can go back and smash it on my second try.

          I'm pretty sure I actually backed their original launch on kickstarter. So it was relegated to the I don't play early access games bucket and haven't looked since it was officially released

      I am always in two minds about people insisting that children stand on public transport. The handholds are all designed for adults, the kids are much safer sitting in the seats if there's a sudden stop, especially if they're younger than, say, about 14.

        Yeah, that's always awkward to see if I ever get on a bus too close to peak-hour. Some of them really struggle and look a bit nervous about what they should be doing. (Although that's probably just part and parcel of being a school kid.)

        I've lost count of the number of times I've served as a (hopefully) soft landing pad for flying commuters who didn't have a good grip.

        yeah it is difficult but if you cram the whole class of them into the back train then they hold each other in place.
        Not sure about up there but in melbourne it is actually a 'rule' that student concession holders must vacate a seat for a full paying passenger. I say 'rule' as I don't think it has ever been enforced.

          Pretty sure it's the rule up here, too. There's signs and stuff.

    I am experiencing internet issues. Windows keeps saying that it's missing one or more network protocols.
    Resetting my router seems to fix it, but I'm having to reset every hour. I think I need to check things.

    My day has been pretty good so far, and it's still Sunday here.
    Just thought I would mention that and be a jerk.

    HI TAY.

    despite freaking out about it for a week, I managed to go to the dentist on friday. WHEEE!!! she fixed my cracked tooth! but now i've gotta go back a few more times so she can fix other shit. HAHAHAhahahaOHGODHELPME.

    anyway, spent a bit of time at my parent's place this weekend. gave the puppy & kitty some cuddles. that was cool. also, my dog understands how lights work. like, she's old. her eyesight is going. She cant see in the dark well enough any more to go down the steps to the back yard at night. so she just waits near the back door, and barks. just once. someone will go over & flick the lights on the steps on & then she's happy & goes straight outside.
    I dunno, why but i find that super impressive. My dog has a concept of turning lights on and off. either that, or she thinks her humans have the ability to turn the sun.

    was thinkng aobut finishing Dark Souls 3 yesterday. only got 3 bosses left to go. but I think you've gotta be in the right headspace to play DS, which i wasnt, so I finally spent some time with Starcraft 2.

    so far, i'm really liking it. maining Zerg coz fuck micro-management.
    basically played the tutorial, and the game wanted me to play 3x 1vAI games. I did that. it told me i sucked & put the default difficulty to normal. so thats something.

    wanted to try out 2vAI, thinking it'd be me + an AI vs 2 AI, so I clicked it. unexpectedly, that was not right. HOLY SHIT IS THAT A REAL PERSON?! OH GOD. I SUCK TOO MUCH TO INTERACT WITH HUMANS.

    Anyway. fun game. been on a bit of an RTS binge recently. Grey Goo is exceedingly fun. Made by the remnants of Westwood Studios, so it's got a bit of a C&C vibe to it (totally not a bad thing). I'll be playing that a lot more until I can convince a few friends to get SC2.

    That might have to wait though. Uni stuff has a tendency to intrude on fun stuff.

    anyway, hows things with you lot?

      I'm a masters player back in wol/hots saying zerg is less micro management that other races couldn't be more than wrong.

        everything i've been told so far about zerg is that economy & expansion are the most important part of their strategy. then its all about swamping opposition with greater numbers.

        but i'm a total noob & i know there'd be a bit more to it than that. but that's an issue for another time.

          Well your still have to scout, harass if at all possible, and pick advantageous or at the very minimum~ workable army trades, you can out macro players to death but at the higher levels it won't work when their just as good at it.

          Or lose to some cheeser doing the same perfected strategy over and over..

      You should rig up a switch for your dog to turn the lights on, see if she's clever enough to figure it out. Especially impressive if turning them off again once she's done :P

    Got my hands on an Xbox 360 on Friday, and I bought Diablo 3, as well as Disney Infinity on the Wii U.
    I'm enjoying Diablo a fair bit more than I expected, honestly, mostly because the controls have transitioned well to a controller.

    ...What happened to Friday? Why can't I remember Friday?

    Went out ​​to the city on Sat- OH RIGHT. Beard trim on Friday, and the forever wait. And narrowly avoiding heading into all that trouble at Bankstown :P

    Felt like a betrayal going to a hairdresser other than my friend who I used to see. But her number "is currently not accepting incoming calls", so it's not my fault :P I swear I had an e-mail address on a card somewhere​​, but the only card I could find only had numbers on it. Hmm.

    So yeah, ended up out on Saturday night, farewell drinks for my sister's boyfriend's sister and her boyfriend before they head off to Africa this week. Climbing's gonna be so quiet without them around for the next eight months. And who will I have to advise me against falling for Aerialist's "friend collector" traps? :P Speaking of which, they asked me about how things were going with that. Like, all they got out was "so how's the friend collector?", and not particularly loud or anything. And instantly from over at the other table my sister pipes up saying "ooh, what's this?" Htf did she even catch that. Ugh. Mostly got away with minimal info dispensed, I think. Sort of. Still more than I'd have liked. Also, Opera Bar has far too little to choose from to drink.

    Spent Sunday with the house to myself, so tried to tidy things up a bit. Cleared out the huge pile of dust on the extra seat at my computer desk, moved out the old ThinkPad since that hasn't been used in years and hooked up the new PC to the new monitor. But decided to set that up fresh again since I kinda screwed up the last one a bit, and that took forever, so didn't get to actually take it for a test run at all. Maybe later. Still got nfi when/if my damn ​​Rift is ever going to show up, things look set for this week for regular AU preorders but there's no word on KS units other than people saying "they're in another allocation". Whatever that means. Wish I'd just bought one, ugh.

    So the weekend was a weekend
    Friday had work drinks and not much else. Didn't have to work this Saturday so made the most of the weather. Went for a couple of walks, played at the park and went to the cafe.
    Sunday was wet and cold but went to the supermarket. Ended up cancelling the playdate for Tiglet due to the weather and the fact she hadn't slept.
    Gaming wise we finally finished Alice: Madness begins. Damn that games goes from spooky to creepifying in that last level. Really good game, enjoyed it a lot. Alice spoilers Interesting to see a game handle such emotive and powerful topics. I think it did it quite well. Can't think of many other games that look at murder, prostitution and the control that the upper class hold over the lower.
    I also bought some games for Tiglet and we started playing one of those. She really, really liked it, it has a camera in it. The game is Teddy floppy-ear - Mountain adventure which is a sweet little point and click. She has a giggle every time teddy takes a photo, so sweet.
    Also played a little bit more fallout 4

      Never played Madness Begins but after reading this i'm curious. Have you played Alice: Madness Returns?

        Dammit, that was the one I finished I just typed in the wrong word.
        I guess madness begins would be American Mcgee's alice which I played but didn't finish.
        Have you played Madness returns, if not that is the one you are now curious about.

          Oh right. Yup I've played through madness returns and thought it was great. Such a good looking game and I dug the creepy twist on everything. My only criticism was that I felt that the levels sometimes dragged on. I would play for an hour and wouldn't feel any sense of progression.

          I recently started replaying it on PC, recording the game play. I wanted to make my own trailer that really shows off how beautiful yet dark it can be. Just a little fun project to keep myself busy. But since moving back overseas its been put on the back burner big time..

          I'm pretty sure I read last year that American Mcgee was launching a kickstarter for it to be adapted to a graphic novel.

    My weekend? Lemme tell you about my weekend. I bet you're curious about my weekend, and rightly so! It was quite the weekend. I know that some of you might be thinking that before, I wouldn't particularly laud my weekends- no, my entire week- with gusto. And I want to address that today. Because no longer will I dance around the question about my weekend! You and I will work together to make weekends great again!

      Oh and somebody from my apartment building's gym right below my suite was blasting queen at full volume while working out, so naturally I waited until bohemian rhapsody. And then the "Thunderbolt and Lightning, very very frightening me" part. And then proceeded to sing at the top of my lungs (and by that I mean screaming at the top of my lungs) "GALILEO!"

      That was nice.

        You are right, you did make the weekend great again

    I managed to finish the Nioh demo and it's a clear indication of what bugs me the most about the response to Dark Souls. The playerbase and the advertisement always referred to the franchise as balls bustingly hard. That you will die, over and over again, losing thousands and thousands of souls each time. That each victory is nothing but luck and you'll most likely never reach the half way point before quitting. Posting gifs and gifs of someone eating it hard with the tagline, 'Welcome to Dark Souls!'. Apparently all conversations of the franchise is talks about how badly you died, instead of talks about the environment or lore.

    Nioh seems to be basing its entire system on this attitude because it's designed to kill you. A single enemy can get lucky and kill you in one-hit. Fighting more than one enemy, regardless of how strong you are, usually results in death. It's designed to be unfair because, 'It's what people love about Dark Souls!'.

    I reject that notion. Dark Souls was never about difficulty, it was about the unknown. You didn't die to a boss because he had a one hit kill attack, you died because you weren't aware of how to defeat him. You had to manage your resources, study enemies, switch out weapons.

    Nioh is just about killing you. There's no real rhyme or reason, I still don't know how I defeated the bosses. The second boss I accidentally killed because I used my Devil Trigger mode, which stunned him, and then when my DT ended I found out it was full again. So I just spammed it. But previously it never filled up, so what the hell?

      Yeah, Dark Souls is not hard due to a huge difference in power between you and the enemies, it's hard because there is not such a difference. It relatively levels the playing field and refuses to hand-hold compared to typical action games and expects you to deal with it.
      You don't get killed by a random hollow because it's super strong or attacked you by the dozen*. It kills you because it has a sword and you are made of meat and you didn't respect that.
      You either pay attention and learn the world and mechanics or you die. And won't let you just powerlevel and button mash instead. (mostly)

      *Unless this is DS2, which we don't talk about.

      Yeah, even the Dark Souls devs didn't understand that Dark Souls isn't just about being frustratingly difficult. Look at Dark Souls II.

    A little late but figured new tay is a better place to say Happy belated birthday @coldcamv

      Thanks Tigs! hows everything going with Tiglet?

        Really well. One day a week of daycare is working out well. We have sorted out the walking thing and she is off and running. Do a bit of therapy to help kick start her speech but otherwise all super good.
        We made her a cute ABC book of photos of her to help with that which she loves.

    Trying to decide between Overwatch and Battleborn...

    What are your opinion(s) on both of them???


      Well in one you shoot dudes in the face, whereas in the other you will shoot dudes in the face.

      That's the extent of my knowledge on the topic.


        Technically in one of them you shoot dudes in the face and in the other you shoot dudes in the face. See the difference?

          Oh, so youre saying in Overwatch you shoot dudes in the face, and in Battleborn you shoot dudes in the face?

          Got it.

      Ive only seen video footage of both from youtubers so take this with a grain of salt the size of your head..overwatch looks more akin to TF2 while Battleborn looks more like Borderlands..I think that overwatch will have more longevity than battleborn but it all comes down to personal preference

        Yep, this.

        I've played both and they literally feel like extensions of TF2 and Borderlands. Both were pretty solid but at the moment I'm fair more interested in the play style Overwatch provides.

      I haven't seen any Battleborn footage, I'm personally not a massive fan of Borderlands so Overwatch has me interested!

      I had no desire to buy it, until I saw some Gameplay about a fortnight ago with the 'Killing Room' that was on Kotaku a little while ago:

      Not the actual trolling that made me excited, but you can see the different playstyles which has piqued my interest!

      Overwatch is getting the most hype so likely to stick around longer.
      Battleborn seems to be more MOBA like, so depends on if you want something like that or a standard arena based shooter

    Morning TAY! (Jesus, I started writing this at 7.30am but work has absolutely slammed me today) so... Good evening TAY!

    Pretty cool weekend, I started marking some University papers which was quite enjoyable (in a ironing your shirts kind of way).

    I also watched 6 or 7 Stellaris Paradox Extra videos which has helped me reach peak hype for the game :D I'm not sure what I'm more hype for, Stellaris or No Man's Sky? :S

    What is the new game release ya'll are most looking forward too?

      STAR FO-

      Oh, right. Um.

      Oh yeah, The Climb!

      It's ok, I give you permission to by hyped for both games. Continue.

        Has he got a permit for that. This must be monitored closely, we don't want hype levels to exceed the safety threshold.

    I broke out the screwdriver on Sunday and had a poke around inside my T.16000Ms, to see how viable it'd be to add extra buttons to the stick. I've seen someone else do it, not entirely sure how easy it'd be. But while I was there I decided to remove all the annoyingly bright LEDs from their mounts so the damn base will stop blinding me whenever I nudge the stick. Much better.

      Does this mean you'll be back in SPAAAAAAACE?

        Hopefully maybe. Although I believe beta is about to drop soon? Haven't been following so closely, but that's always fun to tool around in.

          Yeah, Engineers is dropping in the next week or two. The new stuff looks like a lot of fun. I don't think there are any new ships, but the new surface bases look rad.


            I am so jamming one of those into my Sidewinder, it'll be great if it can make it viable for Anaconda hunting again.

              I read that torpedoes have been buffed - a single rear end hit on a shields down 'conda did enough damage to the drives to make them malfunction and destroyed 3 of the point defences...

    I have these weird lumps on my neck, and I have no idea what they are or how they got there...

      Don't rule out vampire bites. Be careful around sunlight for the next few days.

      ...Alternately, see a GP/go to one of those bulk-billing mole-check clinics.

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    It's Spaghett's last song played game time!

    Rings by Aesop Rock

    Man ate a damn dictionary and regurgitates it in rhymes.

    How are we all?

      Le Castle Vania - Shots Fired (from the John Wick soundtrack).

      Doin' alright. Started getting into listening to the Hilltop Hoods discography over the weekend. Liked more of it than not, which was a surprise.

      Normally when I hear a track that I really like from an artist I haven't heard much of, I'll go look up the album it's from and discover - to my dismay - that the song I liked was a massive departure from their normal style and is one of the only tracks I actually like on the entire album.

      Phantom of the Opera - Nightwish. Nothing like a classic dark opera given a slightly heavier tone with a vocalist who can do it justice. When I first heard Tarja sing I was a little put off - only really liked their post-Tarja stuff - but with the right material... *melts*

      High pitched hum of a dying PC drive - The one next to me

      It's kinda an artistic performance piece, you probably don't understand

    Last night's episode was a bit slow so hopefully I can jazz up this week's recap with my stellar vocabulary and ability to do words good.

    Game of Thrones season 6 episode 2: "Night of the Living Recap"

    Melisandre, Lord Commander Sam Tarly, and Jon Snow play a game of Cards Against Westeros. Melisandre quits when Jon repeatedly plays the "a sad handjob" card every hand, in flagrant ignorance of the established rules and an honestly quite offensive assumption that she has nothing better to do with her time.

    With a lifetime of weapons training Jamie and Bronn have little trouble with the Imperial Army's training regime but are caught off guard when it turns into a choreographed musical number. Thankfully most of their mistakes are removed in the editing process. Everyone feels reinvigorated by the process and not even the news that the White Walkers have razed several villages can dampen their mood.

    Sansa leaves her humourless tree husband, who pleadingly calls out to her not to go as he can't chase her. The subtitles suggest he's being sarcastic but honestly there's no way to tell. Sansa takes his desperation at face value and pats herself on the back for being a strong independent woman who don't need no tree. While she's busy doing that, someone punches her in the face from off screen and she blacks out.

    Following having his manhood being threatened with a blade, Podrick has developed anxiety and completely ceased all masturbation. Brienne falls into a deep depression as pretending not to listen to him going at it in the darkness each night was the closest thing she had to entertainment.

    Balon Greyjoy, Lord of the Iron Isles, delivers three seasons worth of exposition about how poorly the family business has been doing while no one cared, and wonders where his son Theon is for the first time in ever. Tired of living on a rock surrounded by water where it literally always rains, he decides to take a trip someplace warm. Most of the scene is consumed by a conversation with a travel agent who insists on speaking in cryptic prose.

    Tyrion and Varys start to worry that their marriage is growing stale and worry they've missed opportunities to experience life as they've never really seriously dated other people. Without the help of their drunken marriage counsellor they start flirting with dangerous new friends in a bid to find new thrills. After a disastrous bondage session, Tyrion and Varys gingerly ice their genitals and reminisce about the time an argument about a shipwreck led to intense lovemaking, sighing "those were the days".

    Last edited 03/05/16 9:31 am

    Let's talk Shapes for a second.
    So I only like Nacho Cheese shapes, see. Every time I try a different flavour I just find them gross and disgusting and go back to my precious Nacho Cheese shapes.
    Last night I went to buy Nacho Cheese Shapes. "That's odd," I thought. "The box looks a little bit different..." And then to my horror I noticed 'it'. In the top corner, that little triangle that blared at me with such glee, "NEW AND IMPROVED!"
    "Oh no," I thought to myself, dread creeping into my system. I grabbed hold of myself before it took over. "Okay, let's be rational about this," I said anxiously trying to convince myself the world wasn't ending. "It does say 'improved', so maybe it could actually be better? It does say it has more flavour now." So I bought the box and anxiously rushed home to see what had become of my precious Nacho Cheese Shapes.
    It was as I feared, they were completely different! "Noooooooooooooooooo!" I wailed silently in my head. How could they do this to my precious Nacho Cheese Shapes? They've changed everything! What am I going to eat? What am I going to snack on? Will I have to starve to death every afternoon between lunch and dinner? WHAT DO I DO???

    On the plus side, they don't actually taste too bad and are now my second favourite flavour of Shapes.

      Apparently they're now really bad.

      I find it strange that in all of these talks of Shapes, nobody seems to have mentioned Chicken Crimpy at all. They were easily as popular in my school playground as Pizza and Barbecue.

      Also the cheese ones are all gross and you're weird.

        Chicken Crimpy haven't changed, apparently. Just new packaging to match the others.

        The new pizza is rubbish. The new barbeque aren't too bad. A bit sweet, but not awful.

          Nah they have less flavour from my experience. Bleh.

          Saying that the 'Hot Dog' ones that are exclusive to Coles aren't bad lol.

        (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻
        I agree that Chicken Crimpy ones are good though. They're my 3rd favourite.

    My long weekend was good (yay Queensland). I saw Civil War on Saturday and I'm totally sold on a solo Spiderman movie. The rest of the movie was pretty good but I'm resigned to most superhero movies being pretty silly and illogical when it comes to plot. The action sequences were pretty great though.

    Sunday was RPG day and my character did the following things: took experimental drugs and became extremely paranoid as a result, ruined an ambush by trying to hide in a mill, got chased and stabbed by goblins, and commandeered the cart to escape from the ensuing madness and accidentally drove it into the river, killing one of the horses and losing a tonne of our stuff. To say my character has terrible ideas is a bit of an understatement.

      Terrible ideas or THE terrible ideas.
      So no to drugs m'kay

      Yeah... your character was the one who took drugs and got chased by goblins...

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