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    Goooood Morning!

    How is everyone today!? I have to do some uni work and assignment this morning but get to play some sweet Borderlands 2 later on :)

    This was supposed to be me posting links to my comics for sale on gumtree, but for some reason gumtree froze my account.


    How was everyone else's weekends?

      Yo, speaking of comix, I finally finished the Alan Moore run of Miracle Man.

      It's pretty good.

      Smashed the first Gaiman trade as well which was way more interesting.

        I got as far as the very graphic birth scene. Maybe towards the end of Moore's run. I was trying to read it when it was out of print & in lawyer heaven.

        I really should go back & read it all properly, wonder if the library has it..?

        I didn't read any of Gaiman' s stuff. Wanted to. Does that start with him in his own, self made city or country or something?

        It was too long ago..

          Gaiman's stuff is six inter-connected stories after the Miracle Age happens.

          So Miracle Man etc are just side characters.

          They're all different styles and one of them is about 17 robotic Andy Warhol's hanging out in a version of Hades.

          It's real cool.

            Trust Gaiman to write something barely related to the main character.

            Sandman was just his excuse to write about whatever tickled his fancy at the time & loosely thread it together with Morpheus & family.

            Gotta give home credit though, it works Damn well.

            My favourite comics of his are the two Death miniseries, Time of your Life & The High Cost of Living and The Eternals. Eternals is essentially him reintroducing an old Jack Kirby IP to the marvel u.

            Coincidentally, I'm selling the single issues of all three of these tales when FUCKING GUMTREE REINSTATES MY ACCESS.

    Good morning TAY

    Last song played game time

    Burn the Witch by Radiohead.

    BTW, DOOM is amazing, absolutely love it, even playing the levels again to hunt down the secrets isn't boring, it keeps the momentum

      Bellusira - The Fire Song.

      Secret-hunting has made me take a lot longer with Doom's levels than I probably should. Other than that, I'm starting to really love the combat.
      I mentioned below, those first few minutes gave me a loregasm, and the characterization of the Doom Marine as soon as you get your first 'briefing'... perfect. Just perfect. Apart from a couple crashes (thanks Nvidia!) and some frustrating checkpointing, this is shaping up to be a winner.

        I'm on Xbox one, I have had no problems at all, and I have not noticed any FPS drops or anything.

        Secret hunting is great, but going back into the levels when I've finished and haven't discovered everything is really fun, you get all your guns and unlocks and everything and it doesn't ruin your current save/progress.

        And yes, the characterization, damn Doom Guy is bad ass

          'Welcome to the fight, soldier. The situation i--" FUCK OFF. *crunch*

      History is telling me that it's Win (Multiple Winners) from Mario Party 2.

      Alexander The Great - Iron Maiden.

      I've always thought Bruce Dickinson & Steve Harris for that matter could teach an ancient history & modern history class given how many songs Maiden has written over the years cover some important events in history.

      Hmmmm... would have been in the car... I know it was Steely Dan....... *checks*

      Steely Dan - Only a Fool Would Say That

      Something from my wife's playlist on the drive home, no idea what though

      Sound of Silence by Dami Im

      Because Eurovision was pretty damn great.

    ...Or I could talk about Doom in reply to Spaghett.
    Mornin' all.

    Stellaris on Friday night was fun. It was good being able to drop in late and fill the boots of a weird alien race who I never would've generated myself. 1am, though...
    Looking forward to future weeks and following the saga of Trumps in Space. (@highperformance)

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      I can't dig it. The "locked in a room until you defeat all demons" gets old sooooooo fast.

        But killing them all is so fun, so visceral and so so satisfying.

        But to each their own I guess

        Really? I found those the least problematic, given that by those points I'd been crawling around picking off random stragglers here and there without a real, proper 'firefight'. Those locked rooms make you bounce around like a demonic heavily-armed rabbit in a meth-addled rage, and should really only ever last about one, maybe two minutes. Just like the original!

          I'll keep going and see if I can get into the groove. My expectations were pretty low going in, but asides from pretty graphics I wasn't overly impressed. Maybe I need to dig a bit deeper before it feels better.

      Really enjoying Doom, myself - a lot more than I thought I would. That intro set the tone really well - ending the intro music with the shotgun was what sealed it for me. Loving the pace of the combat, and the sense of escalation - "Here's a miniboss! Okay, you barely managed to kill them... Here's three more... and a few Hell Knights." Some of those rooms can be surprisingly strategic, too.

      Coming from a Halo background, I've always scoffed at the idea of "you can't play FPS with a controller"... but thus far, I'm actually wondering if it plays slower on a console. I'm having a bit of trouble keeping up in some areas with KB/M :P

        Actually picked up the game this morning running errands. Besides the quick odd play I've never really played the first Doom.

        But given that the PC version doesn't have the whole game and I have to download 44 GB over ADSL, is it worth my time playing the original before playing the new?

          I've never played the originals either - closest I came was seeing a friend play it and thinking "that's dumb" before moving us to Monkey Island or Worms 2. :P Didn't get into FPS until Halo on Xbox, and didn't come back to PC until 2011/12, and only really got pulled into 'classic-style' PC FPS via Wolfenstein TNO in 2014.

          However, I did try Wolfenstein 3D while waiting for TNO to download ... which reminded me that old games are hard. :P Didn't finish it, but it was a great way to pass time while waiting for the large download.

      The Trump Collective will rise and will make Space Great again.

        I particularly liked, "We're gonna build a space wall, and we're gonna get the Glaxxnor Hegemony to pay for it."

    Morning. How was your weekend? I didn't get any gaming in but Uncharted 4 and Doom this week. Nice.

    Morning. Last night My brother went out without his car and didn't bother to tell Mum or me. This meant we stayed up, trying to wait for him to get home, so I could park in front of him in the driveway. This is because he goes to work at 6 am so his car has to be the last one in the driveway.
    I waited up until 11 pm, but I was falling asleep and couldn't stay awake. I ended up going to bed and telling Mum to wake me up when he gets home. She got to about 12 am before also going to bed.
    Needless to say, we were incredibly pissed off. Our car stayed parked out the front, which means if it gets scratched, it won't be covered by insurance. He's a bastard.

      He doesn't have a spare set of keys?

        I have them, but if I touch his car, he may blow up.

          That sounds like a solution not a problem :P

            I mean, blow up in anger and attack me.

              Shh I am picturing him as a smouldering crater and it is a pleasing image.

      "Our car stayed parked out the front, which means if it gets scratched, it won't be covered by insurance."

      My curiosity is getting the better of me. Why does the location of the vehicle matter in this instance?

        Because we told the insurance company it sits in our driveway at night. It's why our insurance is a little cheaper

          I can't imagine you wouldn't be covered if something happened to it while it happened to be parked on the street, as long as it "usually" sits in the driveway.

            Insurance companies love loopholes

          This is general advice only and does not take in to account your personal circumstances - consider the PDS provided by your insurer for further details.

          Depending on how the policy is worded they wouldn't be able to refuse a claim just because your circumstances changed for one night. "Normally" you park your car in the driveway, but extenuating circumstances mean that changed for a night. It would be the same thing if you took the car for a holiday to the coast and parked in a hotel parking lot for the night. That's not your "Normal" circumstance, it's just what happened to occur for a night. The other 364 days of the year your normal circumstances apply.

          e.g. from Youi's PDS (emphasis added)
          We decide how much premium to charge you based on commercial
          considerations and other reasons that we consider important, including but
          not limited to: • the address and security of where you normally park the car;

          In my personal opinion only, having no knowledge of your insurer, you'd be well within your rights to both make a claim should you need to, and dispute it with the Financial Ombudsman if they reviewed your premium as a result of said claim.

          Blah blah blah insurance.

            My brother still needs to stop being a dick

              Yes, that point notwithstanding. I feel that point is a constant. :p

    DARK SOULS (at least one of us is still playing)

    Looks like I'm going to have to respec into luck instead of strength and do hours and hours of grindtastic farming for rare drops to finish two covenants for the last rings and miracles. It's a pity that the multi code seems to be utterly busted - I can stand in the area where blues are meant to do their thing and invade to my heart's content, but auto summon just doesn't function.

    Also, NG+ seems easier than I expected. Guess I'm a little more used to knowing the levels and just running through, but still, I'm burning through the area progression *fast* when I'm not trying to farm covenant stuff.

      When I was having connection issues I'd just reset my router. Not sure why on Earth that would make any difference to Dark Souls III but it did. Also way back when it launched I had to be downloading another game or else it would time out on the retrieving the calibrations.
      The only one I've had a big problem farming so far is the Vertebra Shackle. The rest dropped reasonably quickly with the Mimic head equipped.

      What platform are you on? If you're on XBOX One I can put aside some time to try and help you grind them out.

        PS4, but it's not a connection issue since invasion and faithful work fine, it's just a problem some people are having with blades/sentinels and wolves.

        I've done my run of invasions for the 30 shackles and had a lot of fun with it. I can recommend giving it a go and just being a bit silly - you are a mad spirit after all.

    Guy offers HBO $10 per Game of Thrones episode he pirates, references @markserrels recent article:

    The battery in my car failed this morning. I died a little inside. :(

    I think we need an Uncharted4 photo thread to cheer me up. I'll go first...

      Sorry, I don't have uncharted 4.

        You could always pretend and draw one on a post-it. ;)

          You overestimate my drawing abilities

      The battery in my car failed this morning. I died a little inside. :(

      So apparently did your car. :P

    Hi everybody, just thought I'd rise from the dead to let you know that both Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Editions are 85% off on steam $3USD each. Or you can get the bundle which includes both games plus Dead Island: Retro Revenge for $9.78USD until the 1st of June. Pretty great deal if you ask me, although it seems there is one catch, you have to own the originals to get that price.

    Also, how good is Better Call Saul.

    Bye everybody.

    Last edited 16/05/16 1:22 pm

      The dead island games make me sick. Litterally. They set off my motion sickness. I managed to play the first, but the two others made me so sick.

      I tellya, if I hadn't been spoiled by Dying Light, I might've gone back to Riptide... but I think that ship has sailed. I've had a taste of the better things and I don't think I can go back.

    Never been more smashed off of Cocktails in my life. Started mixing and drinking them around 3pm. Carried on until 1am, my SO's 23rd. Had the party at a mates place in the country which was wiiiiiiiiicked. Great Saturday day all in all.

      Fruit tingles are the reason I can't remember the end of the 90's.

        Fruit tingles are one of my strongest memories of the 90s.

        Always fighting to take the white one with the speckly multicolours. Until eventually the speckly multicolour came in other colours as well, and suddenly weren't as special any more.

      Hah, I wrote myself off on cocktails last year at a birthday. Not one of my finest efforts

    What a weekend. Been stuck with some kind of flu/cold thing since Wednesday or whatever last week. Think i'm finally about done with it, since I don't have a runny nose, not sneezing, throat is basically not sore, my sense of taste & smell have almost returned to normal likewise my hearing, Made work hell I must admit with next to no energy. Would've taken it off sick if I wasn't a god damn casual.

    So how's everyone else?

      *No longer infected five*
      Pretty sure I'm back to normal and just tired from a weekend of being sick.

        Hoorah! I felt like I was gonna pass out friday/saturday night at work, thank god I didn't have a massive amount of shit to do.

    Hi Gooky,
    Your order has been processed and your Rift is almost on its way! Look for a shipping confirmation email with tracking information soon.
    Please keep this email handy for reference. If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please contact Oculus Support.
    The Oculus Team

    Last edited 16/05/16 10:25 am

      Fantastic, you have gone from waiting for email to waiting for email

        From waiting for an e-mail about waiting for an e-mail, to waiting for an e-mail about waiting for a box!

        Stepping up in the world.

    Happy babby making simulator week!

      You guys are going to be playing it before me!

      And I've had my copy since February. But they managed to torpedo my interest in the game so badly I haven't bothered. Still in the shrink wrap.

      My babby making simulator special edition was delayed by a week /o\

    Man, was my week eventful. Such as the time when I

    Friend just linked this to me. So damn pretty.

    I think one of the guys on here put it quite well:

    These feel like the fond memories of a past I didn't actually live. Like, I've never seen these images before, but I have a particular kind of nostalgia for them, like I remember seeing them in a kind of awe at a time when they would have been technical marvels to me.Only just noticed the username afterwards. No relation :P

    So many customers demanding to know why charges have still been ticking over or whatever. IT'S BECAUSE YOU LACK BASIC READING COMPREHENSION AND THE FREE BIT DOESN'T START TIL TOMORROW.

    At what point can I switch from being passive-aggressive to just regular aggressive?

    Heh you can tell that Stellaris has gotten to the later game stages when you think to yourself "I'm going to have to transfer this save to my desktop because my laptop just can't handle the strain anymore".

    I'm in a war with a fallen empire and thought it'd be wise to bring my entire fleet, what I forgot is that the rest of the federation tends to follow the biggest concentration of your ships so there's a LOT of stuff going on

      It certainly creates a bit of an orbital traffic jam

      That's less of a fleet and more of a space hulk, it's probably full of orks & genestealers

    Boo. Slipknot Pre-sale for Outside The Nine doesn't start until 1PM. Not that it bothers me, I can't afford tickets until the Telstra pre-sale tomorrow night haha.

    Oh. I introduced myself to Crusader Kings 2 last week. My god. What have I been doing with myself for the last 4 years.

      May I also introduce you to;
      Europa Universalis IV (Not quite as narrative driven, there's a lot of historical accuracy in a game like this and if you've ever wanted to colonize America as Austria this is the game to do it with. 300+ hours played, what a game).
      Stellaris (The space version of the above, really loving it so far).

        I always try to help Russia take over the world by the 1900s.
        I can't decide who's worse, between the papal states and... well, the entire middle-east.

        I got recommended to start with CK2 before I get into Stellaris. Think I'l give CK2 about 100 more hours before I push anywhere else. I'm loving the ASOIAF mod. That and being able to play as Scandinavian Jarls and such... Dreamgasms everywhere. I'll keep Eurpoa Universalis in mind, cheers lad!

          Really should get back into EUIV at some point. I'd just colonised Australia as Japan.

            Hahaha holy shit that's amazing. I colonized Perth and Victoria as Byzantine lol.

              I had Perth and Adelaide, I think someone else got to Queensland first but you can bet I'm scrabbling for Melbourne.

              I actually owned most of Indonesia at that point, and had just westernised, so the Portuguese instantly hated me.

    UUUURGH! Why does DOOM have to go and look so damned good?
    Now i have to break my "No Games for 2016" to go acquire it! :\
    I'll have to wait for payday though because i need moar monies.

      The positive reactions floating around the place are making me more and more curious.

      Though I can't help but look at the install size of games like that and just let out an exasperated sigh.

        Haha yeah it's rather huge!
        But i've been watching random twitch streams and let's plays to talk me out of it, but it really isn't helping... if anything it's selling me on how much i "need" this.

    Boredom weekend, spent most of it doing nothing. Though when I wasn't doing that, I was playing Elite, hanging out at Farseer Inc in the beta and re-rolling to check out weapon effects. Then testing them out with other players there, tried a few duels where I lost spectacularly. Sunday I had another go at rigging up a dual-stick setup, and think I've mostly got it mapped out fairly well. The main thing I don't like about it is power management, tapping on the hat repeatedly with my thumb feels awkward and nowhere near as fast as using my fingers on the base buttons.

    Also spent a lot of time returning to the piano, finally started re-learning another of my long-forgotten pieces. Made it about halfway so far, pretty good progress. I forgot just how wild it was though, gotta be the hardest thing I ever learnt and I'm wondering how on earth I ever managed it in the first place. It's just so difficult to maintain control and not let it get away from me, no matter how slow I start out it almost always ends up racing. Need uber concentration, or jedi-like reflexes to get my fingers to actually do what they're supposed to do.

    Also also, still got my scheduled Sunday night message from Aerialist, this time excitedly proclaiming that tomorrow would be Monday. On questioning this deviation from the regular person's dreading of Mondays, she explained "those people don't climb at St Leonards together". I don't understand this girl.

      What sticks are you using for dual setup? T16000m?

        Yeah. Though tried using that TARGET thingo to set them up, since that lets you use axis curves and I felt like I could use a little lower sensitivity for fine aiming, and it decided to be weird and not detect the stick with the handedness switch set to Left as the actual left stick. So it thinks I have two right-hand sticks plugged in. But then decided to start detecting their inputs separately so it kind of works now? Just in the opposite way it's supposed to.

        I use the trigger, left, right and hat-up buttons on the left stick as shift keys to do stuff with the right stick's buttons, pretty much. Then leave the bottom button for boost. It's really hard to shake the habits of my single-stick setup though, the instincts are strong.

          As much as i love my HOTAS setup, a second stick, just during combat or something, would be of huge benefit for maneuvering... I currently use the 2 dials on the top and bottom of the X-55's throttle for vertical and lateral thrust, but doesn't really give me that much fine control.

            Dials? Sounds weird :P

            Honestly the single stick by itself is probably more than sufficient, especially in a game like this where there is so much momentum to your ship that you don't really need much control beyond a hat switch for lateral movement (and I say this as a user of the smaller more nimble ships :P). But it is kinda fun to use two instead of one, even if it does take a bit more mental wrangling to get things working properly.

            That standalone throttle they showed off the other day has me rather interested though.

            Last edited 16/05/16 12:56 pm

            For directional thrusters you really can't do any better than the Logitech G940, full stick and rudder pedals for the standard movement and the analogue hat for fine thrusters, it means you can be pulling a constant skid style movement whenever you're in a dogfight and spend vastly more time with your guns on target.

    Hi everyone, weekend was cool; playing Stellaris with a bunch of TAYbies was pretty great, used TeamSpeak for the first time which was cool to hear some TAYbies for the for the first time.

    Apologies to @freya who I could hear but in retrospect, I think I had set my headset to be headphones rather than headset so my mic wouldn't work lol.

    I also saw that @cakesmith had paid for the channel, that's pretty awesome of you man!

    I finished Doom 4.

    Wow, it's been a very long time since I've had so much fun with a videogame.

    This game is one giant middle finger to every suits, bullshit decision in the gaming industry for the last decade. There's no aiming down sights, no regenerative health, no static gameplay as the player duck behinds the same piece of concrete for every encounter.

    You're in the meat of the fray, with a huge arsenal of weapons, using your wits and reflexes to make it through. Dodging enemy attacks and projectiles, switching between weapons on the fly for the appropriate situation. Carefully balancing your health and shields, going for glory kills when you need them. This game respects the player.

    There's no hand holding bullshit, you figure your way through the areas, you find the secrets and discover how to defeat your enemies. Exploration is highly encouraged and there's no pointless Ubisoft magic orb of nothing to collect. Every secret results in upgrades or challenges. You want to find them to get more options in combat, so you have more variety in dealing with demons.

    I had a huge smile throughout my whole run, jumping with joy at my own maneuvers and playstyle. I was clapping with delight when I fought my first boss and the final scene in the game left me with the biggest grin I've had in videogaming for a long time.

    The problems I had with the game were minimal. Ledge grabbing can get finicky at times, sometimes it doesn't work but normally it was fine. The loading times could sometimes take a while. The map and weapon challenge difficulty were inconsistent. Sometimes they were so easy you'd accidentally complete them and other challenges I didn't complete because they were such a grind. eg. Get a double kill, 30 times with the super shotgun.
    Another issue was that there sometimes weren't any indication of a point of no return in a level. Sometimes a door you just walked through will remain closed, so you have to explore some areas fully before moving on.

    If you like to consider yourself a gamer than you owe it to yourself to buy this game. It's gaming in its purest form.

    I touched the multiplayer for a bit and the first thing I noticed was that my ping bar was full. Does that mean it's designed to connect only to local players? I'll look more into it.

      If you like to consider yourself a gamer than you owe it to yourself to buy this game. It's gaming in its purest form.

      Eh, too much face shooting. Where do I hand back my "Gamer" nametag?

    This is for the PC die hards in here.

    On the weekend, I finally got around to building myself a new PC. Worked OK on Saturday but not long into Sunday morning, the ethernet port on the mother board died. The lights are not coming so it's safe to say the circuitry there is dead but I have still gone over the usual steps of checking the drivers and putting a newer BIOS on the board.

    Still doesn't work anymore though.

    Is there anything else I can try before having to take the whole machine apart to take the board back? It's proving an interesting exercise for me as it's also my first time building a SLi rig with liquid cooling.

    The fact the fans tend to really get into high gear at anything even a simple file movement from one SSD to another has me concerned that there is something wrong with other components in the board.

      The only thing I can really say is that on every single game's support forum I've ever been to, there's usually a few articles about how the game fucks up on SLI configurations. You're a braver geek than I.

      I had my ethernet onboard port get fried on my previous computer when a lightning bolt struck my house (Both the green and amber lights were stuck on, even if no cable was connected), and I ended up resorting to using a PCI Ethernet card instead, which did the trick for years, as that was the only thing that got damaged.

      I'm currently getting my motherboard replaced after a major ordeal that happened over the Anzac day long weekend. Started with the onboard sound crackling then dropping to around 10% volume levels, which happened on both the back sound port (My headset) and front panel sound port (Speakers). That ended up fixing itself after I reseated all the wiring. Then strangely my graphics card (Which is also next to new) was failing as if it was overheating, so I switched to onboard graphics which fixed it for less than 24 hours. The final nail in the coffin was on the Sunday night, where everything froze, both monitors went black, recovered after 5 seconds or so, but the OS was completely frozen, mouse and keyboard wasn't working, no sound was playing (I was on a youtube video during this), nothing was working. So I thought "Okay better reset and check the logs to see what that was about", then I noticed my reset button was no longer working, so I tried the power button, nothing, this wasn't turning off. So I had to resort to switching off via the power supply, and now it won't turn back on.

      So yeah, I had to go in and get it RMA'd, still waiting on the vendor to get me my replacement for the next few weeks at least. Hopefully yours doesn't go as bad as mine did :)

      Last edited 16/05/16 3:27 pm

      @transientmind and @tech_knight: Thanks for the prompt comments so far champs. Sorry I forgot to mention this earlier but the board in question is a ASUS Z170-AR.

      Has anyone had issues or have heard second hand issues on this board. I've been using Gigabyte boards for years and have never had an issue but wanted to give ASUS a try.

      Also, like I said, this is my first setup with SLi and with liquid cooling so I don't know if the inconsistent fan revups are normal or if there is something wrong.

      I've gotten away with basic setups but (despite how it looks) I built this system big so I can play with CUDA, etc, down the track when work stablises and so I can get a good number of years out of the machine even if gaming quickly out runs it.

        My board with the fried Ethernet port was an Asus P5K-E w/ Wi-fi onboard. The board did serve me well for at least 8 years, it had a really really good run. I don't know of that board specifically, my current one is a Z170 Gaming K6+, made by ASRock, and I got that in January, now it's being replaced. So in terms of motherboard survivability, Asus is winning by a landslide.

        Hmm... that one with the fans regarding file transfers doesn't sound good, are your drives installed close together or are they fairly spaced apart?

          The case I use is a Fractal Design Define R5.

          If you look at the case from the front, the SSD is on a mount on one's right of the case, effectively putting it behind/underneath the motherboard.

          The HDD (I have the SSD for apps, the HDD for installers) in the case's bottom front cage next to a 120mm fan.

          Last edited 16/05/16 3:58 pm

            Hard to say about the file transfers. Could be any number of things. May also be a complete non issue.
            As for the ethernet, only thing I can suggest is check device manager. If it reports that it's installed and working correctly, check the cable, and have a look at the pins inside the port itself. Sometimes they can get bent and not make contact properly. If all looks ok, and different cables don't work, then either get a pci-e card, or RMA the board.
            Sounds a bit weird having the ssd mounted on the backside of the motherboard mount, but it shouldn't technically cause any problems unless it's generating heat.
            Check your BIOS fan controller settings, and also make sure you have the fan connectors plugged in to the right ports on the board (CPU - CPU, Case fans - AUX or however they're marked on your board - check the manual)
            Also, if you're running any Asus software in the OS that allows for tweaking of fan speeds etc, get rid of it. Waste of time.
            My fans are set to be auto controlled in the BIOS, and they do spin up when I do file transfers or such, but nothing major (doesn't sound like a jet taking off or anything, but you notice the difference.) Even when I'm in Flash, and drawing vectors, everytime I start drawing one, I hear the fans spin up, and then when I stop drawing the line, they slow down. Very difficult to determine why yours might be doing it without knowing a lot more about your system.

              Cheers, mate. I actually do keep spare NICs on hand for this occasion (it's how it's working now via wireless).

              Will check the port again on the weekend (it's under the desk and if I find something I might get distracted from work trying to fix it).

              Also, in terms of ASUS software, I'm one of those cheats that only uses the driver CD for the board to install the NIC drivers and then lets Windows Update to the rest. Will check again (later) but as far as I know I don't have any of the usual bloatware.

              But thanks for the tip with the BIOS. Just need to find said settings. The BIOS UI for boards is getting ridiculous these days!

              Again, thanks for the advice.

                Yeah especially the new ones with the UEFI ones. There's usually a way to set them to some kind of legacy mode which generally makes it easier to find stuff.
                As for the ethernet, if you do find that some or one of the pins is slightly out of alignment, if you bend a paperclip in just the right way, you can get it behind the pins, and pull them back in to alignment.
                Also, while I normally advise letting windows update drivers, Asus do tend to use some weird stuff in their drivers at times. It might be worthwhile going to their website, and downloading the latest drivers from their site to install. Especially if you have an Intel PNY ethernet. They are connected directly to the CPU via a PCI-e bus, so it might have something in the Asus drivers that isn't present in the windows update ones. (You can almost bet that the drivers on the CD are out of date when you open the box)

                  Looks like the board is Borked. I'm now getting cases where I select shut down in Windows, all the devices poweroff but the machine itself won't turn off unless I hold the power button down.

                  It costs me more but I buy my stuff from a brick and mortar store so it gives me some extra leverage when upholding my consumer rights.

                  But once again, thanks for the tips. Just need to research a new board now.

                  I know this was a while ago but I just tried something that seems to have settled things.

                  I know it sound down right silly but it is working at time of writing.

                  Talking to an old friend, he suggested I check the power management setting. And what do I find in there?

                  Intel Thunderbolt setttings.

                  Turn that off and now the machine powers off when I tell it to. Oddly enough this echos what I read a while ago when Gigabyte we selling expansion cards to add Thunderbolt support to non-Apple PCs.

                  The review were mostly around the same complaint: "I CAN'T TURN MY PC OFF!"

                  It's unlikely, Welbot, but if someone else encounters a similar issue, see if this above trick helps them.

                  @wisehacker yeah I've come across this before myself once. Didn't really come to mind though at the time as hardly anyone I've come across has thunderbolt :)
                  Glad to know it worked for you though :) Always great when a fix is nice and simple :)

      @welbot He knows everything*

      *Probably does not know everything, but to me it seems like he does =P

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