Tell Us Dammit: Favourite Overwatch Character So Far?

Let's talk about Overwatch characters. Who are you playing as? Who do you hate playing against? Who is the goddamn worst and who is the goddamn best?

Because I'm a trash disposal unit, I'm really enjoying playing as Reaper for the same reason I like shotguns in first-person-shooters: you don't have to aim much and it's satisfying to sneak up on people and BLAM them real good.

I've also had a lot of success with Tracer because it's fun to dart in and out. The low damage situation is annoying — especially given that I generally empty a clip on people without killing them — but I enjoy it nonetheless.

I expect the characters I use/like/hate will evolve dramatically as I play this game a little more.

Who are some of your favourites so far?


    I wreck face as D'Va. Boost in nice and close, tank up some damage whilst wrecking face with those shotgun cannons of hers. Boost out near dead, then kite for your new mech and repeat until you get a self destruct.

    You can also get real sneaky, boosting over buildings to wreck the backline of squishy characters.

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      Boosting over buildings is something I need to develop in my playstyle.

      So much this!!

      'Nerf this!'

      *entire enemy team scarpers to cover*

    I'm really liking D Va considering I've finally managed to grasp how to use her abilities effectively. Her speed boost works rather well in knocking enemies back and causing chaos in the ranks and I love being a very mobile tank.

    I'm not playing Overwatch, but one of the characters is a talking gorilla so anyone who says otherwise is just wrong.

      His weapons are pretty rubbish though. He's mainly there for shock value. I mean, who wouldn't be alarmed at an armed gorilla rampaging through their midst?

        Look, I hear what you're saying, but Talking Gorilla.

        He's the Anti-Tank tank, and great for clearing out capture points.

        Mano e mano, not so much.

          I just can't get over how ineffectual his weapons are. A tesla thing with an extremely short range, and a jump that does bugger-all damage? He's got the mobility of Diva without the second wind and the damage potential.

            Using the shield and attacking/defending the moving payload isn't so bad as the beam gun or whatever it is, is not so bad under cover of your shield but yes the range is certainly an issue. In the case of attacking Reinhardt it's effective. Leap is good to get away from Hanzo's ultimate and well Winstons ultimate is terrible except for gaining health........

          Try jumping at a widowmaker / hanzo the jump is 50 damage, melee attack is 50 damage and your gun doesn't really need to be aimed.
          If you have a friend and you feel like being silly, both go Winston and that's 200 damage without using the weapon.

    Junkrat is love, Junkrate is life

      Urgh. Junkrat is my nemesis. So many grenades in the face

      Junkrat wears a tire bracelet. Seriously. I only noticed when making the shirt design The bright green thing on his left hand near the glove is the tire bracelet. A bit hard to see due to the minimalist style I use, but at least you'll know where to look

    Junkrat, DVA, Zenyatta and Pharrah for me.

    We don't need this article. Patricia already told us which heroes were the best.

      Yeah, but she got the list in (mostly) reverse order. A correction is worthwhile.

    You don't just choose a favourite, you choose a favourite for each class. Or rather you choose a main, since your favourite can still be someone you don't play.

    Offense: Pharah and McCree.
    Defense: Mei and Bastion.
    Tank: Zarya and D.Va.
    Support: Lucio and Symmetra.

      I'm more situational. If we need a Bastion killer, I'll pick Genji. If we need a Reinhardt distrator, I'll pick Tracer. If we need tank support, I'll pick Mercy. And so on.

      And I don't have favorites as such yet. I haven't tried them all so I can't judge.

        I go mostly by my team. We don't need 5 Offense characters.

        Although last night I played against 5 dwarfs, and the Reinhardt player was spending his time trying to kill them with range and blaming our team for it.

    I'm new to online shooters, so I'm sticking to the easier characters like Pharah and Bastian until I get a little better.

    But my favourite so far is actually Mercy. It's super satisfying zipping around keeping everyone alive, especially when defending a point. Plus it makes me laugh imagining people's faces when they realise they were just killed by Mercy on the odd occasion I manage to take someone down.

    Tracer. Character always puts a smile on my face. I'm still getting the hang of playing as her though.
    And then usually Widowmaker when I get frustrated of playing as Tracer.

      Widowmaker is the anti-tracer

        Almost anyone is the anti-tracer. She just doesn't seem to do that much damage, is very squishy, whilst being very predictable to trap.

          The trailer says widowmaker is the anti-tracer =P
          She is quite squishy though if you can get her alone

          Her job is similar to Scouts. She's supposed to annoy and distract.

    Dammit Serrels *fist shake* i have this exact same conversation going in the patricia article.
    You stole it from me, didn't you? =P

      Dat Serrels. He's everywhere, he's everywhere!

        That would explain all the oats I keep finding...

    I think I did best as the Moblin Man. Maybe. I can't even remember now.

    Tracer for #1 character select animation though.

      I do like Tracer's puffing the hair out of her eyes, but Widowmaker gives me the tingles. Her very subtle change in expression and open disdain on her face is just.... mmmm....

        Widowmaker: (to DVa) this is no place for children.
        D Va: I am not a child!

        Both Tracer's look and expressions there are disturbingly close to actual crushes I've had in the past. Annoying resurgence of buried tingles :P

    My definitive list of my favourite Overwatch characters:

    Oh wait.

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    Offense: Pharah, Pharah aaaaaand Pharah.
    Defense: Mei/Torb
    Tank: Reinhardt
    Support: Mercy (Who has become my default, as pretty much every game I get in to, no one picks support)

      This. I Zenyatta a lot, because it seems people are allergic to support.

    Offence: Pharah and McCree
    Defence: Mei
    Tank: Reinhardt
    Support: Symmetra

    whats the point of this discussion? kotaku already published the definitive list of characters ranked from worst to best this morning.

    I want to say Soldier 76, but i've since been told it's the worst hero :(

      He's really not that bad, he's just the "boring" normal FPS dude.

      But he's pretty useful.

      - He's got built-in sprint, which is handy for moving around.

      - His base assault rifle is decent, and being one of the few hitscan weapons it's great for taking out fliers like Pharah.

      - Helix Rockets can two-shot most heroes.

      - Has the ability to heal himself so is great for solo players, but can also provide a small amount of team healing as well.

      - His ult is literally an aimbot. So good for taking out multiple weakened opponents at once - and is also one of the easiest ways to nail a fast hero like Genji or Tracer.

        Yeah sorry i was just being a smartass, Patricia put him as last place in the click bait article.

        The standards are by far my best classes, Solder / Pharah / Widow

          Ah, my bad! I thought someone (not Patricia) had legitimately told you he was terrible.

        This. I didn't like him at first. Was too... boring. I've since played him quite a bit and had a lot of fun and success. Getting squishy heroes alone/in the open and using his ulti is amazing. Helix rockets are better than they seem too - they look really small, and to me feel insignificant, but they can do some damage.

    Tracer is my Fav.

    and I hate Going against McCree as Tracer.

    Tracer's got great damage, shes not meant to sit there and smash massive DPS like a turret.. but darts in and out shot and finish low health people off.

      I lose to tracer alot damn quick character

    Offense - McCree/Soldier 76
    Defense - Taken a surprise liking to hanzo of all things, the hero I played in beta once and went "this guy is shitty"
    Tank - Reinhardt, no question
    Support - Zenyatta because floating monk robot playing with balls.

    Must be the most underrated champ in the game but easily one with incredible impact albeit in a fairly passive manner via her Teleporter ult.

    Particularly on Defense maps where a long run back after a respawn gives the attacking side a large advantage.

    Teleporter wins games!

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    Offence - Tracer
    Defence - Widowmaker
    Tank - D.Va
    Support - Mercy

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    Offence, Pharah
    Defence - Widowmaker
    Tank - Reinhardt
    Support - Lucio

    Reaper is death and Reinhardt of the watch but seems when I use Reinhardt team mates run away from me so I switch back to reaper/soldier 76

    Hammer shieldy dude is probably my favourite. Shooty time travel girl is pretty good too, and crazy grenade cannon guy is fun too. But definitely Hammer shieldy dude. He's the best.

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