Tell Us Dammit: The First Game You Ever Played?

Yesterday I wrote about the very first time I saw a video game. That was a really fun memory to remember.

So I want to ask you all: what was the first video game you ever played? Can you remember? What was it like?

For me personally it was a complete revelation, to the point where it was difficult for me — as a six year old — to think or talk about anything else. I was obsessed. To a certain extent I still am.

Give me your precious memories. GIVE THEM TO ME!


    I think I was 5 and it would have been my Uncle's NES - playing the Mario / Duck Hunt combo cartridge.

    I'm just trying to think if my Grandma had an Atari 2600 at that point. I don't think she did, I only remember that when I was a bit older but the first game I remember on that was the notorious E.T. game. Yep. One of my first gaming memories was that pile of garbage.

      Ha ha, yes, the old wood grain version was one of my earliest. Pitfall! Although I had no idea how to play it (being a wide-eyed little tyke at the time) it was fascinating.

      Another very early memory is Mine Storm on the Vectrex, which I played at daycare when I was about 4 years old.

      1982 was the year I got exposed to video games, motor bikes and the joys(?) of peeing on an electric fence.

      If you were going to play E.T. then probably best to do it early, before you had any basis for comparison. It probably seemed OK if you didn't have anything to compare it to :P

        I distinctly remember we (my brother, cousins, and I) had NO idea what we were supposed to do because we didn't have an instruction book. We could make E.T. take a few steps, extend his neck and.... that was about it. Even as a kid with barely any video game experience we could tell it was bad.

    Oh dear FSM, I'm showing my age but Pong... wow being able to interact with pictures on a telly, it was transformational.

      Oh yeah, I remember playing Pong. I can't remember what we played on, but it definitely had those paddle controls where you turned a knob, so probably an Atari 2600.

    Either an early arcade machine, or a "TV game" - we had a Grandstand TV Game 2000 with a light gun and paddles. "Ping pong", "Squash", shooting...

      Same dude!!! I was trying to remember the name of it when I read your comment. Then I got a ZX Spectrum.

        ...then I played Star Raiders (I think) at my grandparents neighbours.

        ...then I had a Commodore VIC 20 (with 64kb RAM pack...), Amstrad CPC 464 (with floppy disk and a mouse kit!), Atari ST, Amiga 500 (with a 20MB hard drive) then my first PC, a 486 DX4-100 with 1024MB (!) HD and a QUAD-SPEED!!! CD-ROM.

        Then a string of PCs and Macs. Woot. :)

    My best mate had pong console when I was in primary school....OMFG I'm old >

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    A shitty knockoff of Pong that was on a machine so primitive that it had 2 sliders, a coax out and a power cable and that's it. It didn't even keep score, that's how bad it was. I remember the machine being about as big as my head, being made mostly of metal and being so heavy that you could bludgeon a rhino to death with it if the need arose.

    Mind you I was 4 or 5 at the time so it was probably no heavier than a 360 and wouldn't have been as big but it was definitely cheap crap.

      Woops, not meant to be a reply!

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    The oldest games I have real memories of playing would have to be Warcraft 1 and 2. They're probably not my first games played, they're the only ones I remember playing when I was 6-7 year old when they were released.

    Something on an Atari....
    First memory was when I broke my leg playing cricket (don't ask) and my uncle gave me Command & Conquer as an early birthday present because i was moping around in a cast.

    It was either Pacman at the arcade or a super old game on computer that loaded from a cassette tape and looked surprisingly like the image in the article.

      Oh man what happened to all those old-school arcade machines? The ones where you had to sit down to play them and they kind of looked like a flat table.

    Pac-Man LCD console in 1982. I still have it, and it still works.

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    The oldest one I can remember playing at home was on the Atari 2600 we had, it would of either been pitfall or one of the combo game ones with pong, missile command or possibly the 2 on 2 ice hokey game.

    Before that I may have played an arcade galaga or astroids but those memories are a bit jumbled, I was only 4 at the time.

    Moonbugs on the IBM XT ... I think ... memories are hazy.

    I may be winning the old man contest here.

      Back in MY day we had to programme our OWN games. None of this ready-made gaming malarkey. I remember coding for hours just to make the PC speaker make noises like water flowing from a tap, or a fart or a super high pitched whistle that only a dog could hear, and then doing IF THEN GOTO choose-your-own-adventure stuff.


    Probably would have been between 6 and 8 and it was civilizations 2, it can be safely said I was entirely stumped. Thankfully my Dad swapped that for a friends Age of Empires 1. 1000% more kid friendly.

    When my father bought our first computer (XT with 40Mb HD, which was astronomically huge at the time) there were a few cheap games included, the first one I played was labelled "NINJER" on the disc. It was a sidescrolling platformer where you as the titular Ninjer had to climb a tower and back down again. I don't remember much else about it, I don't think it was even particularly good for its time, but that was the starting point of my lifelong hobby.

      man i remember our first computer with its massive 40Mb hard drive and insane 8MB of RAM! running DOS 6 if i remember and windows 3.11. DX/2 at an insane 66Mhz, with a fully sick sound blaster for life like sound. Having to use different boot disks so the ram would be configured differently for different games... those were the days...

        Our first computer was even MORE insane... it had 64KB of RAM (enough for anybody, right?) and NO hard drive and a massive twin 360KB floppy drive (which took 3.5" discs but could only read up to 360KB capacity - none of this 720KB or 1.44MB).

    Earliest games I can remember playing are Heartlight. SMB, Missile Command and Ski Free, considering how early aged I was I have no recollection over which one exactly if these are them at all.

    My memory on this might be a bit hazy as it was a while ago. I think it was the mid-1980s on a Tandy TRS-80 computer. I had an electronic magazine that had a BASIC version of Space Invaders. I slowly typed that into a store computer before playing. I didn't really have enough to pay to play in arcades and the store people were happy to have people make their computers look like fun. God. Those were awesome times.

      You are my new childhood hero. Holy crap some of those BASIC programmes were buggers to type out!

    I was the youngest of a large set of cousins, and they had an old Atari, so i remember seeing Pong and all those other really old games, going up to Eye of the beholder, Prince of Persia, Star Control, Jones in the Fast Lane, Scorched Earth...

    I mentioned the first time I played a NES, it was at my friend Damien's house and I remember him firing up the Mario/Duck Hunt cart, and seeing the initial selection screen and being asked which I wanted to play. To which I responded "the monkey one", apparently deciding that Mario was a monkey.

    I don't actually remember playing the game itself, and think there's a distinct possibility that I just sat there and watched him play the games/show them to me instead.

    The first I remember was when I was about 6 or 7 and my Dad showed me a Space Invaders clone by Broderbund Software on the Apple IIc. My gaming life was pretty much born fully grown in that moment.

    Uncharted 2.....just kidding it was mario bros on NES.

    QBasic Gorilla.Bas on my dad's first laptop. I thought I broke his laptop when the game froze.

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    1981 - I was 23 and just purchased an Apple IIe, it was a new game with the strangest title which fascinated me - Castle Wolfenstein..!!, and my interest in gaming never stopped, now that I'm 58 I still keep logging hundreds of hours with my favourites.

    Dark Forces.

    My mum believed that video games would make me into a violent serial killer... so I didn't get to play them until 1995.... I was 14 or 15, and I had to save up to buy it myself.

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