Tell Us Dammit: The First Game You Ever Played?

Yesterday I wrote about the very first time I saw a video game. That was a really fun memory to remember.

So I want to ask you all: what was the first video game you ever played? Can you remember? What was it like?

For me personally it was a complete revelation, to the point where it was difficult for me — as a six year old — to think or talk about anything else. I was obsessed. To a certain extent I still am.

Give me your precious memories. GIVE THEM TO ME!


    Joust for the Atari 2600. And then UFO and Tanks part of the 32 in 1 this some kind of trick to know how old Kotaku readers are?

      Nothing makes you as old as seeing somebody respond with minecraft on these kinda questions

    Space Invaders.

    The original coin-operated version on one of those sit-down table type cabinets. 20c a game, which was a lot of money at the time back in the late 70s.

    OH GOD I'M OLD :(

    Greenhouse Game & Watch from Nintendo.

    It started it all.

      Wow, that brings back memories. Mainly of me begging my mate to let me have a go at school...

        My dad gave it to me. Because he didn't want me to watch him playing DOOM on the '64. He'd send me to my room and I'd spend the entire afternoon gaming. Mum didn't like it, mum still doesn't like it. But now dad doesn't like it either because I'm better than him at the new and old games.

    Pitfall 2 or Centipede on the 2600 or Ghouls n Ghosts on C64, I'm not really sure.

    It was either Shark, Shark or Burgertime for the Intellivision some time around 1985 or 1986.

    I had a pretty rough first time playing ET on Atari at my friends house.

    It was either Chaos or Dizzy on my mates Spectrum.

    First game I ever owned was Alex Kidd on the Sega Master System.

    It was either the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy or Colossal Cave/Adventure, both text games, on a WANG supermini.

    Still miss Adventure some days. Thing is, it wouldn't work as a modern video game either, my imagination has done better than any dev could ever do.

    The first game I remember playing, or at least the one that hooked me, was the original Wizardry on a friends Apple (IIc i think). I bought (edit: my parents bought at my demand) an Apple II shortly after and played lots of games I thought were incredible. Like Montezumas Revenge...
    ... and Wasteland.

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    atari 2600... games like defender, missile command, NASA, berzerk, star raiders, warlords, ET, asteroids

    PC games such as crystal caves and arkanoid

    all at my aunties house at 2-3 years old

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    Some game about making lemonades. I was way too young to know or care what machine it was. A quick google search led me to believe the game was called Lemonade Stand and it appeared to run on the Apple 2.

    I think it was either Moon buggy/moon patrol or Double dragon outside the shops.

    Eesh... probably Space Invaders on a cocktail cabinet at the local shops?

    I lobbied my parents for a video game system for pretty much all of the last half of 1981 for a video games console for Christmas, and I was promised one. Atari or Intellivision - I didn't care which.

    I was so excited to unwrap... a Hanimex TVG 8610C (

    It played 8 versions of Pong and a target shooting game. I wasn't a particularly happy bunny. I wasn't even that upset when dad got pissed and trod on the Player 2 joystick so that it bent and from then on you had to play by grabbing the joystick way down near the ball.

    I didn't get another console until I could buy my own SNES in 1993.

    The first game I played I cannot recall the name unfortunately.

    It was on a Commodore VIC20 and I remember playing it with my parents assistance.. I think I was about 4 as the details are very sketchy. I think it was about farming or exploring a farm or something like that. The only really clear memory of it is scorched into my brain was the ending. As when you entered the command to quit, it would take you to a full screen picture of a white (8 bit I assume) Owl and it would make this really creepy noise and occasionally wink (once a minute or so - I think).

    For some reason that Owl image & sound scared the living sh*t out of me and probably caused more nightmares than anything else (let alone computer games) when I was small.

    If anyone knows what that game was called - from that very poor description, sorry - I'd love to give it a go on an emulator. But it wasn't a popular system (no-one else I knew or know to date had one), so I doubt anyone would.

    Other memorable games from a bit later on (still on VIC20) Space Invaders and a game called Tutankhamen, which was probably the best game we had. Even more so when we discovered the Master System control pad not only fit, but worked with the VIC20..

    I think it was Pitfall! on the Commodore 64, or maybe Summer Games.

    2 years old:

    Pokemon Fire Red. first game i ever owned after my friend got leaf green and wouldn't let me have a go.

    Probably Super Mario World on the SNES. I was so bad at it that I never wanted to play it though so I just watched my friend play it. First game I ever completed was the flash game N (back then it had 3 tiers of levels, not 9). we had dial up at the time and even though I had saved the page to be playable offline I was only ever allowed to play for 1 hour at a time for fear of missing a phone call. Suffice to say it took a long time to finish that game.

    Chronology is weird and non-linear for me.

    First vidya-related memories in no particular order because I've no idea what came first:
    - being passed over the fence from parent to neighbour so I could play Super Mario World on their SNES.
    - Playing Galaxian on the PC I helped dad build (I held the screwdriver while it wasn't in use).
    - Huddling around that one kid with the Gameboy at school, hoping for a turn at Super Mario Land before the batteries ran flat/the lunch bell rang.
    - Turning on the MegaDrive for the first time and being in absolute awe of that SEEEEGAAAA display screen (Sonic The Hedgehog).
    - Master System II, oh my god there's so many? Alex Kidd, Shinobi, California Games, Golden Axe, Paperboy, some top-down spy-shooter-racer with a transforming vehicle.

    Shit, I was a really fortunate kid.

    Sasa :Spectravideo 64

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