Thank God Minecraft Doesn't Really Have Physics

Thank God Minecraft Doesn't Really Have Physics

Dayshot: In Minecraft, a few block types like sand, gravel or water are affected by gravity, and that's mostly it for the in-game physics. In this animation, however, it takes very little for a painstakingly built mansion to totally and utterly collapse. The animation, "Home Sweet Home", was made by Poland-based 3D artist Michał Mroszczak (via r/minecraft). It's a glimpse into a frustrating world where the shitty 3x3 cobblestone towers I tend to build would have a much harder time withstanding creeper explosions. Take a look:

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    Thank Mojang, since they're the ones that coded the game, not god.

    Check out these minecraft physic videos! I made em 😄

    The link for the videos, oops lol

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