That Beardy Guy Sings That Yoshi's Island Song

We all agree that the original Yoshi's Island is the best platform game of all time, right?

Don't argue with me on this one. You're wrong okay!

Smooth McGroove, in my opinion, is always at his best when singing games I'm nostalgic about. This isn't personal preference at all. This is objective fact.

Just like the fact that Yoshi's Island is the high watermark for 2D platforming games.

Guys, I'm right about this. Just go with it.


    Dem some smooth harmonies.

    Though I more prefer the athletic theme myself.

    Silly author asking the readers to agree with a statement that is proven, hard, scientific fact. I guess that there are heathens out there but we don't dignify their lies by acknowledging their existence.

    It's about time he stopped doing Undertale. My god am I sick of that game...

    More importantly, how does that guy get his beard so silky smoth?

    Nah, you're not wrong - it's definitely the best platform game of all time.

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