That’s Pretty Damn Cold, Walmart

That’s Pretty Damn Cold, Walmart

Days after the end of Disney Infinity was announced, my local Walmart’s once overflowing shelves were stripped bare.

While the three or four ragtag Thors still lingered in the electronic section’s neglected clearance aisle (set it and forget it!) and a few figures lingered in the toy section where they were never supposed to be, the dedicated Disney Infinity section and the special endcap display of Star Wars-specific toys were empty.

According to an electronics department employee, all Disney Infinity product had been pulled from shelves and displays on Thursday, two days following the cancellation announcement. He couldn’t tell me whether the stock was being returned to a central warehouse or prepped for one of those black wire bin clearance deals, but I suspect the latter.

This bodes ill for the remaining releases scheduled for Disney Infinity, a Finding Dory play set and characters from Alice Through The Looking Glass. I’d keep an eye on online retailer preorders, just in case.

During a trip to Toys’R’Us yesterday I noted that the toy retailers’ Disney Infinity section was looking a great deal lighter than it had last weekend. All figures and accessories were 40 per cent off. Considering overproduction is likely one of the major reasons the series was cancelled, you’ve probably got time.

At least cover up the body, Walmart.


  • This doesn’t make any sense. The average customer would have no idea the lines have been discontinued. Why not just sell them?

    • They didn’t even say that it was discontinued, just no more after current version.

      • Actually, the did say they were discontinuing it. There is plenty of info about it online. They are closing all in house video game development studios, including Avalanche who were the studio who developed Infinity. There are two product packs still coming I believe, but after that there wont be more. I guess a third party external developer could pick up the rights, but at this time this is the end of Disney support for the product line.

        • Sure but have they stopped production of current figures? That’s what I’m meaning, discontinuing production of the toys.

          • Yeah, as far as I know the current planned batch of figures in production will be it, which is kind of sucky.

    • If it’s like all the stories from how Dick Smith was (RIP) then maybe the staff took them all.

      • The difference being that Dick Smith itself was going bankrupt and the employees there were not being paid. This is simply a product line ending. Walmart isn’t going bankrupt, the staff are being paid. The staff can’t just steal a whole line of stock just because the line has stopped production. That not only gets you fired by the company that employs you and is very much not going bankrupt, it also gets you slapped with criminal charges.

  • The comments here bring up a good point, can we crowdsource some pics of Disney Infinity stock on Australian shelves?

    At launch, then as the Marvel/Star Wars lines were released, you couldn’t swing a dead cat around in these shops without hitting a cardboard prop or advertisement about these figures.

    I’m sure Disney paid well for the optics.

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