The Australian Microsoft Store Has Some Great Sales On The Xbox One

The Microsoft Store has been surprisingly good since its launch here in Australia. You don't normally expect good prices from an official store, but its been delivering in a big way.

There's a new sale going on right now and it's a nice little mix of big AAA releases and awesome Xbox One deals. If you're thinking about picking up an Xbox One, now might be the time.

Console Deals

Here's the gist, most of these deals amount to the same thing: an Xbox One and two games for $449. For the next day Microsoft are taking $100 off and adding a copy of Halo 5 to the mix. This is good because Halo 5 is a very good game.

Here are my suggestions...

Xbox One: The Division Bundle: $449 — 1TB Xbox One — The Division — Halo 5

Xbox One: Rise of the Tomb Raider Bundle: $449 — 1TB Xbox One — Rise Of The Tomb Raider — Halo 5

Xbox One: Fallout 4 Bundle: $449 — 1TB Xbox One — Fallout 4 — Halo 5

The Microsoft Store is doing a similar deal with FIFA 16, Rainbow Six Siege and the Master Chief Collection. In my humble opinion you should probably go for one of the above three.

Game Deals

The Microsoft Store is also selling some big titles for pretty cheap as well.

The Division is selling for $39.95. — Metal Gear Solid V is going for $54.95 — Star Wars Battlefront is $29.97

You can also pick up a controller for as low as $63.71

Thanks Ozbargain!


    Still eyeing off that Elite controller.

    I don't even have an Xbox One.

    It looks magnificent all the same.

      Works on PC

        Windows 10 only though right?

          I think they have patched in support for win 7 and 8, but could be wrong.

          That said my fiancée got me one for xmas and I freaking love it. I wont go back now... ever. And with my track record of controllers lasting less than 12 months (I play every game that has controller support with a controller), controllers just got a lot more expensive.

          Edit: yeah I was right

          Last edited 18/05/16 11:10 am

            Nice cheers, guess I'm replacing my (off) white controller!

      It is an amazing controller, I'm even considering buying an adapter so I can use it on the ps4 as well, the feel and weight of the elite controller is just so good.

        Hands down, the best controller I've ever held.

          Everybody says that, I'm afraid to touch one. If I like it so much I'll have to shell out the cash to buy one. Even picking up a 360 Controller after coming off the XB1 feels like a downgrade and for a long time I thought the 360 Controller was the best ever, (right up until I held a XB1 and felt how much better they where).

          Disclaimer: Controllers are very subjective, I think the PS4 Controller is the best one Sony ever made, but I still think the 360 Controller is better than it.

            Spot on. My favorite controller ever is still the Gamecubes. It was just so comfortable and conformed to the hand so well.

            That being said, the elite is a very very close second. I absolutely love mine! Build quality and features are unmatched! So much so my partner had to get one too. For me personally, it was worth it.

            Yeah, I hated the dual shock 3 and dont mind the dual shock 4, but the standard x1 controller feels better to me than both of those and the elite just shits all over the standard x1 controller.

            You're right though, it's totally subjective.

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