The Best Overwatch Cosplay

The Best Overwatch Cosplay

Fans love Overwatch. Artists love Overwatch. Know who else loves Overwatch, with all those weird and wonderful character designs? Cosplayers.

Overwatch’s roster is a cosplayer’s dream, with pretty much every tone, shape and size accounted for in a collection of amazing designs. And since fans have been cosplaying as Overwatch characters since the game was first announced, from betas through to its final release this week, here’s a look at some of the best of them.

If there are any you think we’ve missed, let us know!

By Tasha
Cosplay by Bloodraven | Photo by The Will Box
Cosplay by Amaberius | Photo by Pugoffka
Cosplay by Shellshocked Cosplay | Photo by Greg De Stefano Photography
Cosplay by Pennstate67
Cosplay by Vera-Chimera | Photo by Kenikai
Cosplay by Aza Miyuko | Photo by 2AO Design
Cosplay by Jechts | Photo by Alive Alf
Cosplay by AzureBluevision | Photo by e-onel
Cosplay by Tomatron5 | Photo by Phantom Photography
Cosplay by Hiluvia | Photo by Julio Charlemagne Photography
Cosplay by OshleyCosplay | Photo by The Will Box
Cosplay by Vera-Chimera | Photo by Beethy
Cosplay by Unknown | Photo by Beethy

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