The Big Question: Would You Buy A PS4.5?

Here's a quick question — yes or no. You've most likely bought a PS4 in the last couple of years.

Is a new PS4, powerful enough for 4K, something you'd be interested in buying?

It's funny, because my gut instinct was no. But then I thought about how often I upgrade my phone. Then I wondered how much it might cost.

Before I knew it I was like, maybe this isn't a bad idea after all?

But my gut instinct is that it is a bad idea. That's difficult to shift.

What say you?


    You’ve most likely bought a PS4 in the last couple of years.

    No, no I haven't. I bought a PS3 in the last couple of years though. So given my lag buying consoles I suppose I'm due for a Wii U right about now.

      One step ahead here, bought a Wii U a few months ago, didn't regret it.

        I'd rather buy a second Wii U before I buy a second even if updated PS4 or Xbox One, considering how everyone in my family wants to play different Wii U games, with PS4 and Xbox One not making the top 10 list of most played games.

      I bought a PS3 about a year ago just to play The Last of Us. I regret nothing.

    It'll cost less than a decent phone most likely. But there is the psychological barrier of how long a console should last.

      Is this the iphone crowd? What possible reason do they have to upgrade a phone every year? Sounds absurd.

        I know of one person who buys every single product Apple releases. But the general consensus is about 2 years? I upgrade very 3 years because then work will completely pay for it :)

    Couldn't afford it even if I wanted to.

    I don't like where this is headed at all. I'm slowly becoming a retro gamer because I've neither the time, money nor inclination to stay on top of all this.

    I don't play my PS4 enough to justify buying another one at this time + I don't have a 4K TV. I would consider getting one way down track if they release some compact slim version and they're on special.

    I seriously doubt it'll be enough of an upgrade to enable 4K gaming. 4K video playback, perhaps, but there isn't a huge amount of 4K content on physical media and my non-NBN internet connection is unlikely to be much use for streaming it. And I don't have a 4K TV anyway. So, no.

    It'll be interesting to see where it fits in with the current PS4, though. Does that get a price cut and this slots in at the current price? Or does this come in at a higher price? I wonder if we'll see sales of the existing PS4 drop off a cliff while everybody who is thinking of buying one decides to hold off for the new version.

      If it has the power to play games at 4K, it'll price itself out of the market - high-end PCs still struggle with 4K at an acceptable framerate. But, I've said it before, and I'll say it again - if it offers better performance with 1080p60 gaming as standard (as Sony and Microsoft said their current gen offerings would, and ultimately failed to deliver), I'll gladly upgrade to one.

      4K video ... most certainly. It's apparently designed for playback of ultra HD bluray, after all. 4K Netflix will be possible too.

      4K gaming ... possible. It'll have to be relatively simple, graphically. Journey, Flower, Super Meat Boy, The Witness, Pixeljunk Shooter, etc ... perhaps even Rocket League. It's possible any of these they may run in 4K native. Anything more complex, well, I guess 1080p or somewhere in between may be good enough.

      I'll predict that the PS4K will come in at the original PS4 price, while the current PS4 gets another cut.

      Last edited 18/05/16 5:55 pm

      4K blurays work on regular bluray players anyway.

    No and i hope a lot of others feel that way. They should just fast track a ps5, have a 5 year cycle instead of 10. Older generations were ~5 year cycles anyway.

    I'm fairly certain the only reason for a possible ps4.5 is VR. Surely there it is only a very small % of people that can actually make use of 4k (ie have a tv that can do it).

      And an even smaller percentage have PSVR.
      You can also pick up 4k tv's for less than PSVR.

      Though I doubt 4k gaming on the ps4.5 (or neo or whatever they end up calling it) will be a thing.

    Man this is a tough one, I already have a PS VR on order. Now they want another what 450 out of me? But my gut feel is they don't want to be viewed as the slower, less powerful one against the Xbox 1.5. Maybe MS are snookering Sony here...

      btw my answer was 'yes' to the poll - yes I would. As to 'when'.., well that's the $450 dollar question.

    To early to answer yes or no. If it's cheap enough with a trade in on the old PS4 (example, PS4 + $200) then I'd consider it but it's hard to say until we see the prices.

    Hmm would be on the fence, I only turn the PS4 on for exclusives. so it is on a lot at the moment with Uncharted 4 and recently Rachet and Clank but prior to that I hadn't touched it much since Bloodborne. Price dependent

    I'd need a use case. 4K resolution? I don't have a 4k TV, and nor do I care about frame rates. VR? Haven't jumped on that either. I didn't get a PS4 for nearly two years after release, because there were games (Witcher 3, Arkham Knight) that I wanted to play.

    No, due to priorities. I'd rather a new shiny 1080. I haven't booted my PS4 up for anything besides Netflix.

    You will and you will like it. Hell, when the tech specs and Sony's plans for the console were leaked, every outlet/podcast I frequent basically started the PR cycle for the thing.

    The progression from hardware-based gaming to software-based gaming in the console space means unless you don't keep up, you will fall behind and receive diminishing returns on your investment.

    If you buy a console from the last generation now, you're getting a lemon with half the best stuff literally switched off, instead of a machine with a lot of well-received and well-known hits.

    That's the great thing about being so invested in connectivity - you are a slave to planned or forced obsolescence.

    No, most likely not. I've only had my PS4 for a little over a year. Not buying another one for at least another few years.

    I voted YES and here are my reasons.

    - I would buy it in replacement of a broken PS4 (this would be a definitely).
    - If there are games from a favourite franchise that I wanted that required it, though that was ruled out wasn't it?.
    - If it enhances the performance of PS VR
    - I get stupid around new tech and just buy stuff

    I too thought about how I changed my phone every few years, and I thought about it recently and realise that this is more a habit than anything useful, my last two phones are fine still and I use them around the house as remotes. There wasn't a real NEED to change, just a want.

    That said I usually upgrade my PC every couple of years and the costs of that generally equate to a new console.... SO MUCH SPENDING ARGH !!!

      Sony have said nothing will require it, every game that does take advantage of the extra power still has to be able to run on the 4.0.

    Given a choice between Xbone and PS4, I'd probably go with PS4. And would figure it'd be better to go with PS4.5 since I'd assume it would have a better time running PSVR stuff, and that would be more of what I'd be interested in.

    But I still don't feel the need to get in on any of those systems, got plenty to do with my Wii U.

    Has it officially been announced yet or are well all still on speculation?

    No. I have a PC. People who buy a PS4.5 should just switch if this is where it's all heading.

      I prefer a PC-lite where all the drivers and updates are dealt with for me, so I can just turn it on and play. In my younger days I was into PC building and the amount of time and frustration it involved at times was disheartening. Now I prefer to hedge my bets - taking a hit on graphical quality but having a stable platform. Trophies are cool too :-)

        So you'd just prefer a PC now? because drivers and updates are automatically dealt with on PC now as well. I haven't had stability issues on PC for a very long time, I honestly, can't remember the last game I had issues with.

          I would not. I know you say it is great, but every time I turn on my Surface Pro 3 (Only Windows 10 PC I own), the silly thing does all kinds of updates and reboots, I just turn it off and leave it for 4 weeks or more. I am really not a Windows OS fan.

          Allow me to give you an example. For the first time in a long time i bought a PC game - Dead Rising 3. It crashes every 15 minutes, with all the latest drivers installed. Known issues. Im pretty sure the X1 version doesnt do that. Until shit like this doesnt happen, Ill stick to consoles

            Yeah, i got lucky with Dead Rising 3 and never had an issue. I understand some people ran into a fair few bugs at release because it was a really bad port. That said, those bugs don't effect everyone, and if they effect you, just refund on Steam (and i do remember that for Dead Rising 3 they started giving refunds).

            For the record, Dead Rising 3 also ran like shit on X1, (I think barely getting past 21 FPS on launch).

            Shit like that will always occasionally happen, and it will happen across all platforms (remember Skyrim on PS3?).

      If you were never going to buy a PS4 this question probably isnt for you anyway.

      This is what i'm thinking of doing if PS4.5 comes out soon. If I purchase the PS4.5 I will be spending close to gaming PC cash (PS4 + PS4.5), so why not just get a PC?

    Going to wait and see exactly what it is first, but my gut says no. I only buy exclusives on PS4 so if I want a better looking version of a multiplatform game I'll get it on PC.

    I might be tempted if PSVR is way better on the new console, but I get the feeling that the new console won't be a must-have for current owners.

    I don't want to but I'm going to have to because it's going to get released whether we like it or not because the current "generation" just isn't cut out to handle HD above 30fps for the most part.
    There's no way Microsoft and Sony did not already know that before going to launch; they bundle them with tiny hard drives that they knew would fill to capacity with 3-5 games; and now want us to upgrade our consoles mid-cycle.

    Yes. Only because I have an Xbox One and I want Ps4(.5)

      This - probably by Xmas 2017 I'll be in the market for a PS4 (I have an Xbone) and if 4.5 is better of course I'll get that model. Couldn't care less about VR though but remembering the later years of the 360 (so much pop-in) performance matters!

    It’s funny, because my gut instinct was no. But then I thought about how often I upgrade my phone. Then I wondered how much it might cost. Your phone is a miniature PC designed to enable you to perform a multitude of activities and improve your productivity. Improved performance and graphics has an impact across a wide variety of areas, not just one, so it's easily justified.

    A PS4 on the other hand is more or less a dedicated games playing machine with some media capabilities that already has a benchmark for performance in the games available for it. There's no reason for an incremental upgrade when it's a fixed system like that, especially since doing so only puts more pressure on developers who now have to ensure two versions of the game work when they can barely get one working most of the time. Unless the PS4 starts getting productivity apps and other features that PCs and phones have, there's no need for an incremental SKU.

      Then why upgrade a gfx card on your PC? Isn't it the same thing?

      If a PS4.5 could play all of my games now at 60fps I'd buy it as soon as the price hit $500. Which is cheaper than almost every gfx card i've ever bought.

    Probably not. I thought maybe, if the price is low enough as I need a new HDD but realistically if I 'had to spend that much money on gaming' I'd rather just spend the $100-200 on a bigger drive for my current PS4 and spend the rest on a new monitor or GPU for my PC or something...

    Until I can afford the upgrade to 4k though, I don't see either of those things happening :P

    Yes - the 500GB isn't enough

      Pretty sure it just uses laptop hard drives again like the PS2/3 so it only takes 5 minutes (and a couple $100 at most, depending on capacity) to replace it. Doesn't even void the warranty - or didn't for PS3 anyway, I haven't got around to replacing my (almost always full) PS4 one yet either :/

        Shhhhh it's my 'excuse' to make an unnecessary purchase

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