The Cheapest Copy Of Uncharted 4 In Australia

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is here and you're probably thinking about buying it. But you also like food and shelter and not wasting money — so where is your best bet for picking up a cheap copy of the game?

Here are some of the best deals we've found so far...


Price: $67.99 Sadly, this requires a Costco membership, but if you have a membership (or a friend has one) this is probably your best bet. This is the best price I've seen so far.

Big W

Price: $69 The online price for Uncharted 4 at Big W is $84. Which isn't great, but we were informed that Uncharted 4 has been as low as $69 at some Big W stores. Press Start confirmed this.


Price: $69 No online listing for this, but Target Australia confirmed they are selling Uncharted 4 for $69. No idea how long that will last.

JB Hi-Fi

Price: $89 Again, the price may be different in-store. This is the online price and we're used to it being a little lower.

EB Games

Price: $99.95 As always, EB Games is listing the full RRP as their price, but we have been told that EB Games has been matching Target's price at some stores. Ask and you may receive!

Have you spotted any better bargains? Let us know in the comments below!


    Digital in this case for me, couldn't pass $80 "don't have to get off the couch" type of access. Retailers aren't doing themselves a favour here. Digital buy until the GST kicks in next year.

      Only thing saving retailers is Australian bandwidth and the free PS+ games filling up my HDD. :P

        I just buy the PS+ games through the Store web site, but never download them. Only look in my library for them when I'm in between AAAs.

          I often give them a quick go and then delete if I know its not going to be played every day

        $80 for a drm copy of a game you don't own, and can't lend to friend or sell on gumtree/ebay when you are done. Or $69 for a physical copy you can play till you complete it and sell on ebay/gumtree for $59 2 weeks later. Cost you $10.

        We are given less rights with digital, and charged more. Go figure.

      I did the same thing last night as a bit of an impulse - when its at that price and i basically get a midnight launch without leaving the house who can resist?!

      Same, but I bought PSN cards when they were 20% off at Coles last year so I paid $64 for my digital copy.

    The cheapest copy is the one you steal yourself.

    Last edited 10/05/16 12:43 pm

    Thanks for this!
    here's the Target listing:

      Cheers mate. Totally just picked it up as the wife's birthday present, to me... Hell yeah!

    Just grabbed the target copy. Was walk-in to big w but target was closer and... Well... Y'know.

      Target deserve the business, free shipping and available online. Big W? meh not so much.

        I like Big W!

          both are terrible at manning their games counters - I find I have to stand there waiting for 20 minutes before I get service. It's pushed me online for all my ordering - which Target by far has a better service, better website and better prices than Big W.

            Either or, they don't care. They only made $9 on that sale.

    I used to price match my games at EB using a quick flash of the US Target website on my mobile. New games always $59.99 or less.

    They've cottoned on recently (at least my local store has) and alas my devilish scheme never works anymore :(

      What dumb ass sales staff you swindled. No new release game goes for less than 60 in Au. Nice work though, while it lasted.

      I do the same thing and get all my games for $59.99. Surprisingly, I got the idea to do so when one of the EB Games staff was sceptical about my Target Aus Catalogue screenshot on my phone because it could have been the American one.

    Priced matched 69 at EBGames

    EB has Standard Plus Edition which is exclusive to EBGames

    -Heist Drake Multiplayer Skin
    -Snow Weapon Multiplayer Skin
    -Alternative Box Art on reverse of cover

    Tried to price match the Big W price at EB and they refused, saying the could only match JB. I walked over the JB who were more than happy to price match $69 Big W price.

      Yeah EB games only price matches places that are within walking distance of their store.

      Well that's really really dumb.

      I think in the Ts and Cs it states that it has to be available, in stock, and of close proximity to be eligible for price match

      But at any of my local stores in SA they price match anything anywhere. Its dumb not to! Only missing out on sales!!!

      I even had EB Games refuse to price match the Logitech G29 to $349 from MSY - stated they cant take more than 20 percent off which is the weirdest thing i had heard! JB Hifi were more than happy to price match of course!

        EB are quite an unethical company. They thrive on ripping off dumb consumers.

          Which is why i generally dont even go there. My wife was getting the G29 for me so i figured go there theyll help at least

          I really really dont like the fact that they have inflated retail prices until you price match. So if someone wants to get me a game or something along those lines I cant stand hearing they went to EB for it... waste $30 plus each time!

    The staff at my local Big W were too busy doing their morning aerobics to help me this morning so I walked over to Target where they had people at the counter ready to help so that's where I got my copy.

    Just got it at target for $69! JB online said $89, so didn't even bother going in. They're usually the cheapest.

      Generally just go to wherevers closest and get them to match the cheapest

        No, don't do that. Support the stores that help us keep prices down at retail. If Target and Big W stop their competitive pricing we are all screwed.

          Yeah you're right - Just hard for me to get to but i appreciate your point!

    JB @ The Strand Arcade in Sydney CBD were happy to price match Targets $69

    Thanks for heads up! Confirmed EB at Swanston street, Melbourne price matched the Target price. Even helped out a guy at the counter who was about to pay $84 on a JB price match.

    Price matched Target at EB and said goodbye to a copy of The Division, only paid $40 in the end :D

    Can people stop price-matching at EB and start supporting the stores that actually offer decent prices even when they're not just trying to steal competitor's business? Every time I go into Big or Target they have fewer and fewer games.

    K-Mart's no longer selling games, Dick Smith's no longer in business, if these 2 get out of the games market there's only JB left to price match, and they're not as competitive as they used to be. I imagine they'll be even less competitive if EB becomes their only retail competition.

      This. Was about to write this. Why support rip off EB and not the company that offers a decent price like big dub and target. They will continue to rip people off if they continue to get sales from smart shoppers who price match.

        I support EB because I get a 7 day window to return shit games - worth its weight in gold. Otherwise I hate EB, and I'm an ex store manager.

          Yeh the 7 day no questions asked return is pretty good. When i was a youngin i knew a few people who exploited this to the max.

      I hardly ever post but I was compelled to agree with this comment. Please everyone, stop getting EB and JB to price match as once Target and Big W decide to get out of the gaming business all of us will be stuck paying $90 or more at retail for new releases. More if the $AUD keeps going the way it is. If Target or Big W are offering the best price, buy it from there. Otherwise you'll hurt yourselves in the long run.

      Well put, heartily agree. It's going digital eventually, my worry is that we'll all start paying the Australia tax once it does.

    Seems like JB are getting greedy like EB. Got it from PSN Store instead.

    As always I'll wait till it's like $50. It's not like it's going away 🙄

    I got the collectors edition with the statue. I am trash. I regret nothing.

      How'd the statue turn out? I thought long and hard about grabbing that libertarian edition but settled on just the game in the end. Probably grab the NECA figure of drake though

        It's freakin huge! On par with the Scorpion statue from the MKX Kollectors edition. Definitely glad I decided to pick it up.

    Cost me $200 :O
    Only cuz I got the collectors edition haha :P Totally worth it :D

    Picked it up from JB last night for $69, they were price matching Big W.

    Brought a $69 egift wish card for $65.55 to buy it from BigW

    I bought mine from Target because they open at 8am. The fact that they were selling it for $69 was a bonus :)

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