The Division's Daily Missions Keep Disappearing

The Division's Daily Missions Keep Disappearing

Is a Daily Mission really daily if it doesn't happen every day? That's the new philosophical dilemma facing The Division, an online shooter in which players travel through New York City wishing they were travelling through space. Yesterday, The Division players discovered that today's Daily Missions — regular activities that grant credits and crafting materials — are non-existent. This has happened several times over the past few weeks. It's fair to say Ubisoft's popular shooter is going through a bit of a rough patch thanks to glitches, exploits and a disappointing incursion.

Yesterday, the official Twitter account for The Division sent out a somewhat ominous message:

The devs at Ubisoft Massive say they will be issuing a hotfix to prevent this from happening again in the future. The servers will be shut down for maintenance for approximately three hours at 5:00pm AEST. Though they haven't given any official explanation, Redditor TigeroftheWind has poked around in the source code (which he used to successfully predict this week's ISAC.exe mission) and found that Massive's programmers accidentally put in an entry for 31 April 2016. (There is no April 31.) Whoops!


    Im taking a break from division for a while due to constant bugs / patches / changes / trolls and just all around bad times.
    Hope they 'fix' stuff soon, its fun but its constantly changing which is super annoying

      Same. Haven't really played in about 3 or 4 weeks now.
      Since everyone glitched the incursion and completely made the DZ an unbalanced shit fight of people going rogue all the time because they're so OP.
      Hoping they get it fixed, or i'll be forever stuck on 140, 000dps lol Was hoping to go in and level up more, but everyones told me its still pretty messed up (Clearly, as the dailies don't even work properly...) haha

    meh, problems happen in long running games. Anyone who has ever played any type of MMO knows this type of things happen, to even games been running for years. These guys have proven by know that they care about the game and that they jump on fixes as fast as they cant. Gamers who still dont think this is enough really shouldnt be playing these type of games at all.

    That said they really need to get perma-banned tougher on the loser cheaters and exploiters.

      They have, first waves of bans has gone out already :) Have heard reports the the DZ on PC is actually quite playable now! Also think they will be changing the first ban to 15days rather the 3 days, which is much better I think

      Exploiters don't bother me at all, having all that gear doesn't make them good lol

        Makes them absolutely destroy you in DZ and be dickheads about though :P that's been my experience though. A few of my mates said people had like 350000+ dps or something insane like that from glitching the game lol
        I'm not the the most powerful player because i've avoided it lately, but last time i tried not long after the incursion came out i was going down in 1 or 2 hits from people :(

          Well 350000, isn't THAT huge... i mean I've seen people glitch into the millions. Our team sits around the 200k mark, and with a M44 sniper with an explosive bullet, that will down you one hit no problems. Not that I'm saying there are/were no hackers, but there are legit ways to one hit people too :) I stopped running the M44 with explosives rounds, as I just felt so dirty using it haha

            haha yeah i've heard about people getting into the millions, that is just stupid. I don't know how high the DPS was of the people 1 shotting me though, maybe it was that weapon you were using.

            I've just had a plenty of friends tell me it's filled with people that exploited the incursion and are running all the best gear :(

              Its not really that bad, those players are out there, but not as many as people make out. It required a LOT of time to run that exploit, probably an hour for one drop, so there really isn't that many ou there, not on Xbox at least. Our Gear score in around 205, and we come across the exploiters every now and then... and they tend to drop faster then other players, as they rely on their gear so heavily.

              It'll be good when the update comes out this month, as it'll mean that higher level gear is easier to come by, not just in the incursion, so those exploiters will quickly become obsolete.

                Going to give it another try tonight! At least the cheating isn't as bad on consoles haha I was so close to buying it on PC as well, i'm glad i didn't now.

                I've had a good break from it due to its issues, and the 1.2 patch they're bringing out seems great. Sucks, because it was a reason to use my console (since all my friends moved on from destiny :P) but the issues just put me off it!

                Hopefully i don't run into any shitheads tonight in the DZ haha

                  If you're on Xbox it should be ok, our group is the DZ police, and we hunt down the shitheads and ensure the DZ is safe

                  Seriously... we even put on police outfits lol You get to a point where you just need to make your own fun :P haha Me and my mate have close to 400 rogue kills between us lol soon as that red skull pops up, we're there!

    The issue is, those same people datamining found the whole reason this even happens is because Massive's programmers manually enter all the dates and missions. For every single day. Instead of setting it to automate via RNG etc. I'm not a coder, but even I know that's ridiculous.

    I loved the game at launch and had a blast, but damn, these guys make Bungie look competent.

      Yeah, this really had me suprised, especially as (from what I read from other coders) there are MUCH more easier ways to do set it up

        You're right, that's the most confusing part. This isn't even being lazy, it's the harder option!

          Someone mentioned on reddit that it must have been the intern's job... and that seems like the most likely explanation to me :P

    I've been reading reddit on and off ever since the game came out and i think the two take away from this and other issues The Division is facing is a) stuff being manually coded b) client side data is true

    the first is face palm worthy but could be let slide maybe because they couldn't find a good way of doing whatever they intended and there's a time when you need to put your foot down and go "right I need to move on to the next issue". The latter is laughable, especially as it relates to non trivial things like daily resetting or gun stats. It's little wonder why the DZ is full of cheating when you can manipulate things client side.

    huge shame since The Division has a wonderful setting and premise

    Yeah, been all over reddit.

    To be honest... it doesn't realy matter. Aside from the mats you get from it, they're pretty much pointless anyways. Better off spending your time in the DZ and getting mats from there instead.

    The patching it tonight as they've shifted the Thursday maintenace to today (as I think its a public holiday in Sweden tomorrow). Is a silly mistake, but they are fixing them straight away, so do appreciate what they are doing.

    Am loving it personally, all bugs have been minor and not detracted from my gameplay at all. I play on console for the record... so thankfully hack free, although I've heard the first wave of bans went out recently, and the DZ is looking a lot better on PC :)

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