The First Benchmarks For The NVIDIA GTX 1070 Have Appeared

The First Benchmarks For The NVIDIA GTX 1070 Have Appeared

For the last week all the GPU buzz has been about NVIDIA’s GTX 1080. The new king, the new top dog in performance, so on and so forth. But most people can’t and won’t buy the GTX 1080 — it’s too expensive. What’s really interesting is where the much more affordable GTX 1070 will land — and now we have an idea.

The first benchmarks for 3DMark’s Fire Strike and Fire Strike Ultra test have been spotted online by VideoCardz. It’s worth remembering that 3DMark’s tests are more indication of theoretical performance, although the results often provide a good indicator of where a GPU will shake out in the real world.

The rumour so far has been that the GTX 1070 would fall somewhere in line with the GTX 980 Ti and the TITAN X in terms of performance. And according to the 3DMark scores, it’s slightly better: the GTX 1070 returned an average score of 4078 in the Fire Strike Ultra test, and 17,557 for a standard Fire Strike run.

That’s roughly 1000 points less than what the GTX 1080 was hitting in its own Fire Strike Ultra tests — but also a fraction ahead of the TITAN X and the 980 Ti. The incremental improvement applies for the other Fire Strike results as well, with the GTX 1070 a few percent better than the top-of-the-line Maxwell cards.

The cheapest price for a Titan X in Australia is $1395 according to a StaticICE search, while GTX 980 Ti models start from around $900. The GTX 1070, on the other hand, is being priced at $USD449 while the base model costs $USD379.

We don’t what the Australia Tax on the GTX 1070 will be, but if the pricing for the GTX 1080 is any indication it wouldn’t be unsurprising to see local retailers charging around the $800 mark.

That’s pure speculation on my part, mind you. But one thing is pretty clear already: if retailers want to move any Titan X and the GTX 980 Ti stock after the GTX 1070 launches, they’re going to need to offer heavy discounts. Nevertheless, if you’re in the market for a GPU you’re going to have plenty of choice in the coming weeks.


  • Best thing about these new cards for me – the potential price cuts on the 980ti, which is still a great gpu that will last a long while to come. won’t be touching these new “affordable” cards.

  • Still paying 980 Ti prices…. whilst there are some niceties with the new architecture (mostly around VR), the regression in IPC and ludicrously high pricing for a midend card is somewhat startling.

    I’ll be holding on to my Titan X until Nvidia decides to launch a true high end part, or AMD launches Vega, whatever comes first.

    • How is US$380 “ludicrously high pricing for a midend card”? Not that I’d call the x70 models midrange to begin with.

      • Be honest, its a $449 USD card (MSRP), that translates to $625 AUD. Add in the usual Australian pricing courtesty of Ingram Micro & Synnex, and your at $800+ cards.

        And thats if it holds to MSRP, even founders cards are being priced higher than that. That’s not just unique to Nvidia though, 6700k’s took months to drop down to MSRP.

        And from what I’ve seen from wholesalers, AIB cards are being priced higher than founders cards.

        The honest truth is that floor MSRP is wiggle room for when AMD launches and/or contends in the space these cards are in.

        • The founders edition is $449, the base model is $379. Australian pricing will likely be $600-700 for third party models. Distributor fees are on the wholesale price, they’re part of how the MSRP is calculated in the first place.

          even founders cards are being priced higher than that

          Assuming you’re referring to the 1080 here, nope. All the retailers that are actually listing prices yet have it up for the MSRP or lower. I haven’t seen a single one above MSRP other than typical Ebay scalping.

          • I know how Australian IT distribution works, thanks for assuming. Don’t be rude.

            The price quoted in that article was a placeholder. Another source in the comment said one store is targeting $1099. Scorptec listed $9999 for their placeholders. There is no RRP for Australia yet.

          • Then go check pricing out of Synnex at the moment then since your such an arrogant ass. Once you apply your usual retail mark up, if you want to make a profit on these, you’ll be charging $1100-$1200 for a 1080.

            The only way you will get cards cheaper is from a couple of greyish importers like PCCG deal with EVGA.

          • I’m not a Synnex reseller, you’ll have to screenshot their listed price and post it if you want me to check it out.

            Again, don’t be rude. Try holding a conversation without insulting the other person, it does wonders.

          • @estudiante Sure, except I never questioned the 1080 price, I questioned the AIB 1070 price. Given the Founders Edition 1070 seems priced around AU$780-799 based on early leaks, seems there’s a good chance the AIB versions will be closer to the $700 I anticipated earlier.

  • All those used 980ti’s on ebay for $600-$800 suddenly seem way over priced.

    I got a 980ti last year, no more money being spent on my rig any time soon.

    • Got my ti last year too roughly around $800 with the amazon amex 15% off. Won’t be changing for the next 2 years.

      • Nice.
        I got mine the first week the non reference ones were released, $1149. ouch. Like I said, I won’t be spending that type of money on my pc again anytime soon.

  • got a 760 that is seriously aging now. Can’t wait to get a 1070. But based on early figures im likely going to have it bought from us and imported.

    *edit, 1070 not 970. im an idiot

  • For some reason whenever I hear about the GTX1080 I keep thinking of that snowboard game on N64…

  • My price tracker noticed that the 980’s on PCCG have dropped by about $100 in the last week. I’d imagine there are more price shifts coming in the next few weeks for all other cards including the 980ti and Titan.

  • Wish there was more comprehensive benchmarks but im willing to wait a few weeks.
    Yes the 1080 is cool but due to the price most people will probably end up going the 1070.

    I have already seen GTX970s around the $430 – $450 mark.
    (btw, $999 for titan x on static ice is the cheapest i found)

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