The First Few Minutes Of The New DOOM

The First Few Minutes Of The New DOOM

I just installed Doom on my PC. So let’s take a look at the first few minutes of id’s new/old shooter.

This is the intro and opening firefights of the game. There is shooting, there is a shotgun, there are lots of these melee attacks where you rip limbs off demons and slap them in the skull with them. Note that the fades are just cutting out tutorial menu/pop-up stuff that’s boring.

WARNING: There’s quite a bit of claret on display here, so treat this as NSFW.


  • I just love at the start, a screen turns on and a gruff, military scientist man starts barking orders, and the character just throws it into the corner. It’s like one giant middle finger to modern gaming.

    • it happens quite bit in during the game, and then you learn about yourself when you go into hell and it makes a massive amount of sense

      • I know. I played it until the early hours. It left me exhausted, I love it.

        • Im currently going back to clear challenges i missed and pick up collectibles i missed whil fully upgrading the guns. its a blast

  • My first hour of Doom so far has been a fkn 1.02 update. 5 mins to go, so sorry Luke im not watching your vid yet.

      • I’m glad you knew what the archaic definition was because I thought that it was some kind of metaphor for being drunk on wine and swearing or something.

  • Who actually likes the doom aesthetic? Is anyone actually asking for this stuff?

  • Am I mishearing things or is the voice actor behind Dr. Hayden (recording the elevator) Peter Cullen?

    That aside, looking at the game it’s almost as if someone made a Rage mod combining Mass Effect with Halo and just put it on a box reading Doom.

      • Personally, I thought it was Bishop/Weyland from the Alien franchise, Lance Henrikson. I could even understand Peter Cullen, but it’s none of the above. It’s some voice actor named Darin de Paul.

      • Don’t get the wrong, the worlds are nice.

        Just since arriving I’ve had massive chest pains an–URAAAAGH!

  • Really enjoying it so far, lots of gore,a few secret areas, good fun. Dunno how I missed one of the secrets in the first area, I looked everywhere lol

  • Yeah, those melee animations don’t get old almost immediately or anything.

    I tend to prefer more shooting in my shooters, I’m strange like that I guess.

  • Does the weapons seem to lack ‘punch’ to anyone else? The shooting just seemed a bit underwhelming. I guess it’s just starting weapons but the video was kind of disappointing. Dramatic music and the jumping aliens were cool but seemed a bit dull in the action.

    Although I’ll admit that scene when you see the surface of marks was great.

    • nope,at the start they may seem a little weak, but get some upgrades on them and position your shots correctly and they do massive damage. latter on some demons even have armor (such as pinky and the mancubus) so you have aim for the fleshly parts, and head shots count.

  • Well that has definitely redeemed the game from t he god awful multiplayer beta!

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