The Humble Store Sale Brings Out The Big Guns

It's day seven of the Humble Store 'spring' sale, and while I don't want to post about this every single goddamn day, today brings with it a number of actually awesome games worth investigating.

Let's take a quick look shall we?

The actual major publisher section of today's sale is relatively weak, but the more general stuff is packed with great deals.


— You can pick up Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6 for a combined US$20.39. Not bad indeed. — Just about every Street Fighter and Dead Rising game is on sale. Mostly 70% off at least. This is pretty good.

Warner Bros

— Batman: Arkham Origins is 75% off at US$4.99 — Mad Max is 50% off at US$29.99 — Mortal Kombat X is 75% off at US$14.99

The Warner Bros sale is actually extremely strong. Check it out.


— Tropico 5 is 75% off at US$6.24 — This sale actually consists of a bunch of Tropico related sales. Check it out if that's your thing.


— Oxenfree is 40% off at US$11.99. This game is so good. Seriously. — Grim Fandango Remastered is 85% off at US$2.24. Um, that's cheaper than a McDonald's breakfast. — Gone Home is 80% off at US$3.99. If you haven't played this already, please do.

Picking anything up? Spot anything good? Let us know in the comments.


    Didn't Steam sort of 'halt' these kinds of amazing savings on big publisher games recently?

    I mean, there's nothing especially new listed here but that's the first thing that jumped out at me.

      Steam hasn't halted the sales...They just changed their format to remove flash sales and have all the games that are going to be on sale stay at that price for the length of the sale. The % off on Steam is still about the same as always as far as I can tell.

    Dear Mark,

    Again you have failed to acknowledge the role of the greatest game of all time in this sale, Space Marine.
    Let it be known that now is an EVEN BETTER time to pick the game up as it has reverted back to the full retail price. This means that those who buy the game now are truely the emperors chosen and should be held aloft with pride.

    Indeed, full price is the best sale price you can get when it's in the emperors name.

    But I don't expect you to understand that, heretic. You are prostrate on bended knee to the dark gods. You know no honor. You know only to sate your own dark urges. Mortal Kombat? Mega Man? Dead Rising? All just weak excuses designed to distract from the one true glory. Truely these games are corrupt, just as your soul is corrupt.

    Let it be known that the holy Inquisition has been informed of your heresy, and they will come.
    This will be the first time someone can surely expect the Inquisition.

      They still need to make a a game where you are a single guardsmen, either in a squad or leading one. Oh, and the first boss is a single Marine from the Traitor Legions.

        You know what would be just PERFECT?
        A Tanith First and Only game - stealth based action, with some amazing pitched battles as well.
        God that would be just perfect.

        Nah, give me a Tyranid eating simulator. It's like Katamari but instead of rolling a ball you're a swarm that grows as it consumes until the planet is gone.

      Space Marine was a fine game, but they really needed to fix up the coop host peering.
      You'd be in mid jump, about to slaughter some Orcs, only for it change host and seconds later find yourself dead and waiting for the respawn timer to finish. Very frustrating.
      At least let us host a server for multiplayer.

      Other than that, lotsa fun

      Last edited 13/05/16 1:21 pm

    My annoyance is that the Ubisoft games are Uplay not Steam keys. This makes managing my game library quite a bit more difficult. I might wait for the next Steam sale to get what I want from here.

      You can remedy that problem by picking up every year's GOTY, Space Marine. Full steam access, full steam action.

    Although if you are after resident evil games keep in mind that the current humble bundle (not store) has a bunch of them included so maybe check that first

    Gone Home is still $3 over priced.

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