The Internet Is Going Nuts Over This Perfect Widowmaker Cosplay

This Russian cosplayer is taking the world by storm, with a cosplay of Widowmaker from Overwatch that looks like it could have been ripped out of the game itself.

Images via Jannet "Incosplay" Vinogradova

The cosplayer is Jannet "Incosplay" Vinogradova, who's continuing to prove that there's something in the water in Russia when it comes to producing eerily accurate cosplay lookalikes.

Jannet joins a whole handful of other impressive cosplayers who have turned up in the very first weeks of Overwatch's release, with a number of them being brought on by Blizzard to appear at official launch parties. Jannet in particular really has the physical resemblance down, however:

Widowmaker image via Blizzard Entertainment

Jannet also has a pretty damn impressive Tracer to go with her thanks to Aardsami Cosplay, and the two of them look even better together.


    The production values on overwatch porn is crazy.

    i can't believe how nuts the whole internet is going over this ...

      Won't somebody please think of the children

      I bet PLENTY of people have nutted over this

    Bloody hell. The two Widowmaker images side-by-side, the cosplayer somehow manages to have a better body than the custom designed body.

    Part of that's probably the luck of the genetic draw, but man... I wonder how much effort goes into maintaining the diet and exercise needed to really nail the potrayal of fictional, hyper-attractive characters. Costume sure isn't the end of it. That kind of dedication is impressive as hell.

      I wonder how much effort goes into maintaining the diet and exercise needed to really nail the potrayal of fictional...

      For some blessed with good aesthetic genetics ie where your fat likes to be stored it's not that much work ~30mins 5 times a week and most importantly eating at a slight caloric deficit with two cheat days a month (two solid hiit workouts and 3 resistance sessions would suffice). You don't have to be a health nut to maintain it - just don't over indulge too often. To clarify my genetic comment i mean where fat gets stored at low body fat %. For women ass/boobs, blokes visceral/ass are the wanted areas - of course this matters little if you have 30% body fat we're talking ~10 - 15 for blokes and 20 - 25 for women.

    I never really had too much interest in Overwatch until I noticed that Widowmaker looks exactly like my wife, especially when she's angry. Really all my wife needs is the purple skin and body suit, but she has everything, the face, the body, and she even sports an awesome AR. The thought that she set her sights on me blows my nerdy little mind away, and when I see Widowmaker with her rifle locked, loaded, and ready to kill, I can't help but laugh and say "That's my wife making sure I'm going to eat the lunch she packed for me." Lol. Please don't pull the trigger honey, I'll always love you!

    I had to share this, no one I know except for my wife even knows who Widowmaker is. I'll get her the proper Rifle sometime soon.

      Photos of your wife as proof or I'm calling bull$hit!

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