The Life Of Undertale’s Flowey, In GIF Form

The Life Of Undertale’s Flowey, In GIF Form

Dayshot: Flowey is the first character you see in Undertale, and his story… let’s just say it’s unique. Also, turns out, it translates well to digital flipbook, or at least animated GIF form.

Note: Heavy Undertale spoilers follow.

The 53-frame animation, or rather the 53-part image series, depicts Flowey’s life, starting with his suicide and his first resets, showing his descent into near-insanity all the way to his (possibly) final death at the end of the Genocide Route.

It first popped up on a South Korean forum earlier this year, eventually ending up in the hands of Redditor qowotjq0129, who posted it to r/undertale yesterday.

You can view the album here, but in case you’d rather just watch, I’ve embedded a GIF of the series below.

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