The New Batman Arkham Games Are Exclusive To EB Games In Australia

As you may have read this morning, visually enhanced versions of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City are coming to both PS4 and Xbox One this coming July.

But here's the strange part: in Australia this package — titled Batman: Return To Arkham — is being sold exclusively at EB Games.

The game will also be available digitally on both consoles, but if you want to buy the game at retail, you'll have to go to EB Games to buy it. It won't be available at JB Hi-Fi, Big W or any other brick-and-mortar retailer in Australia.

We've contacted Warner Bros locally about the decision, which seems weird. Is it an attempt to halt aggressive discounting by stores like Target or Big W at retail? Hard to say. We'll update the story when we hear back.


    For someone who likes buying physical copies that's just annoying (not a fan of EB) So looks like digital here I come!

      You can always import if you want a physical copy. Even with postage you'll get it for a lot cheaper than EB will sell it for.

        Ah great idea! Thanks brother :)

          Check out ozgameshop, UK based iirc but focuses on delivery to Aus.

          Since the dollar dropped its not as great as it used to be but a nice shop with free (though slow) delivery.

    yeah it should be "physical exclusive", supposedly the Xbox store already has it listed digitally (I'm a PSN man myself)

    Will Mark hear back from Warner Bros locally?

    Will EB Games profit from this dastardly plan?

    Will Robin escape the store without being asked about disc warranty?

    Will anybody under the age of 30 understand what the hell I am writing here?




      I have a young son who loves watching the wiggles, so this was read in my mind the same way the wiggles do it...

    Here's hoping sales are horrible and this doesn't happen with any games worth purchasing.

    Did Batman just get Foxtelled?

      It half did. We can still import or buy it digitally which is far better than GoT this season.

    Gamestop probably secured the right to publish I guess. Sometimes it happens.

    Well, looks like I'm not going to get it then. I refuse to buy from EB.

      You dont have to buy it from eb. You could import it or buy it digitally.

    It's listed as $69.95 on EB games website, which is fine price for me.

      Wow. I was expecting it to be at least $99.95.

        yeah $99 like every other game they sell. Infinite warfare i just preordered today, $69 at JB while Ebgames still rocking the $99. only good think is the specials or trading offers, with 15% extra with a level 3 card, which gave me some good stuff, but the new games 1-2 years old gives me $10-$15 while old Dragon Quest on the Wii they give me $16

    The Batman and Catwoman Models look off. Batman's jaw looks like it's been played by a completely different actor. Arkham city Catwoman's face looks a little plasticky as well, her eyebrows and facial features lack those cat like facial features that defined her look in Arkham city. I'd probably buy it, if I weren't already playing uncharted, and now fire emblem over the next year or so. $70 dollars for a re-master doesn't seem worth it, especially if the character models look wonky.

    Boycott it furiously - this is absolute bullshit. Don't even buy a digital copy.

    it's available on ozgameshop for $56.99 delivered if you can wait for 1-2 weeks.

    So, according to Mark Serrells, you should not feel guilty when you pirate the enhanced versions of these games!

    EB/Gamestop must have incriminating photos of a WB employee or something as they always get the exclusive editions.. at least other retailers like JB/Target/Big W sell other WB media such as DVDs and Blu-Rays so it makes no sense to just limit the game to one retailer

    So, will this become a thing with EB Games? I notice they did not sell a standard edition of Dark Souls 3 only the Apocalypse edition so you couldn't price match as this edition was EB exclusive.

    Is this the next step? Gaining exclusivity on entire games and selling them at there typically inflated prices compared to JB Hifi, Big W etc.

    Geez, I hope this isn't a sign of things to come.

    Either way, you gonna get hit with the "EB" tax or the digital "straya" tax.

    EB: We'll pay you to only give it to us.
    WB: Well, people can't hate us more, can they?

    Get Gaming - Australia's only online game postal delivery website - whose closure, and now bought and soon to re-open will be your good chance to rent the game instead of dealing with those incessantly annoying sales policy at EB games, as well as dealing with exclusivity BS.
    But you'd never know about Get Gaming closing down and reopening because Kotaku wilfully ignored it.

    This isn't particularly new. The Will version of Punch Out had a similair deal (can't remember which chain Nintendo signed the deal with, though), it also happened to Resident Evil 2 64, that was Blockbuster exclusive. I'd give exclusivity to EB any day over Blockbuster.

    Apparently they have another game that is an exclusive to them called Song of the Deep so they may be getting more and more of these types of deals.

    eb actually did sell a standard edition of dark souls 3 that you COULD price match, originally it was the same price as their exclusive apocalypse edition at $109.95. But they didn't get as much stock of it as their exclusive ed, so they sold out of the standard really fast, leaving the unpricematchable one for most Eb customers wanting DS3

    Oh well, another reason to spend my money outside of australia.

    Just more reason to import UK versions which are cheaper. Greedy stupid fucks.

    People in the comments talking about importing it, are the new consoles not region locked?

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