The New Ghostbusters Trailer Is A Bit Better Than The Last One

As a fan of Bridesmaids — and everyone involved in this movie really — I'm hoping for the best for the new Ghostbusters reboot. What I've seen so far, however, hasn't exactly left me optimistic.

Thankfully, this new trailer is quite a bit better than what's come before. Come on Ghostbusters... be good.

There's a lot more action in this trailer, which is cool. It still seems super slapsticky at this point, which I'm not too hyped about.

Either way, this gives me a little bit of hope for the movie.


    Really liking the look of this, can't wait!

    I didn't watch the first trailer, all I heard was how shitty the movie was going to be from people who may or may not have been misogynists. I tried to go into the second one before the internet told me how terrible it is.

    I wasn't impressed. I don't even dislike it. For how busy the trailer was, I finished watching it feeling completely flat. None of the jokes landed for me. Like you said Mark it's too "slapstick" and everyone in the main cast is vying for the title of the sassy lead. Who's the straight man here? Who's going to stop and point out how ridiculous this is? Or is just it wall to wall wackiness?

    Ghosts look pretty neat though. I mean the effects aren't super great, but I did feel like overall the movie has it's own distinct visual style, and the ghosts are consistent with that. It makes me feel like this movie might be ok if they, I dunno, had a better script or something.

    Chris Hemsworth's character being an Australian is the first genuinely unexpected and neat thing either trailer has offered. Everything else just feels kinda... I don't know, expected?

      I know Chris is Australian, but having heard him as Thor too many times, all i heard was Thor in the trailer... sigh.

        Ghostbusters always needed an Asgardian.

        Gozer the Destructor: "Are you a God?"

        Mjölnir hits Gozer between the eyes, knocking it on its ass.

        Thor: "What do you think?"

        Last edited 19/05/16 5:06 pm

      I thought that too for a moment, then realised it will probably last for a whole of 10 minutes, until he is possessed and then emerges with an American accent.

    Looks better than the other trailers but still suffers from the 'why did this need to be made' problem. The original still stands up today, is a cultural classic, and comedically stands above what this one is showing so far.

    Ill reserve judgement until I have actually seen it, but it hasnt gotten me excited which I think is what trailers are meant to do...

    I'm still in two minds about the new Ghostbusters. On the one hand, yay for new Ghostbusters. On the other though, the trailers seriously aren't selling me on the quality of the movie. I actually would have preferred far less CGI to keep the kitschy feeling from the originals because now it just seems that the budget has been thrown around for the special effects. I can take or leave the main characters but whoever chose to show off those jokes in the trailer probably should have reconsidered. If they wanted to show that the movie was meant to be funny, they are yet to convince me.

    Better trailer, but the comedy really seems forced.

      Yeah, the comedy isn't really hitting for me either.

      I actually like the non-comedy bits though!

        I'm not sold on the ghost possession thing though.

    I think this is going to be the greatest movie ever. It would be a miscarriage of justice if every man wasn't forced to see this. #Girlpower #Ifyouwannabemylover

    While Im not too concerned by this one as I wan't intending to see it, but I'm sick of seeing full on goddamn spoilers in the trailers. I prefer the earlier trailer - it showed ghosts, and girls. Now I know Thor gets to play the bad guy. Same with Bats vs Superguy - showed no purpose seeing Doomsday or Wonder Woman in the trailer. Same with Termy Genisysisys no need to see John Connor as the bad guy. Same with Civil War, no need to show parts of the final showdown between Cap+Buck and Ironman. I find it so hard to avoid watching a trailer for a movie I'm hyped for, only to feel annoyed when I do.

      They showed Chris Hemsworth's character getting possessed in one of the earlier trailers too though, right? And that doesn't necessarily mean he is the bad guy.

      For comparison, here's the trailer for the first film:

      It shows Sigourney Weaver possessed, shows Rick Moranis with red eyes and briefly shows Gozer. Is the trailer for the new film really giving away more information, or is it just that we have a different perspective now because we've seen the previous films?

        You're right, and the difference is, we probably all went into the first film not seeing the trailer. Didn't have youtube way back in those days :)

        I don't understand the need to spoil movies in the trailer though. Can show off plenty of action and effects without giving away major plot points.

        Easy answer for me: dont watch trailers for things I want to see. Its just hard, especially when you go to the cinema and they blast it in your face. Termy Geny-bad-spelling first trailer was fine, second one had old-John as bad-guy, thrust in my face at the cinema. Cant exactly hide from that, after which I had no interest in seeing the film. Did much later when it was el-cheapo and yeah, had seen it all through the trailers already.

          I think it's becoming harder and harder to not spoil the movie in the trailer simply because we've broadened the definition of the term spoiler while upping our reaction. The definition of spoiler has gone from Luke I Am Your Father to seeing Spider-man's costume. We've become spoilerphobic. When you step back from it the Chris Hemsworth thing is the closest it gets to spoiling a twist, and I'll admit that might have been a cool surprise, but even then this is a comedy that has never once indicated that it will be using twists let alone relying on them.
          In terms of legit spoilers the stakes on this movie are so low that I could literally read you pages from the script and not ruin a thing. This isn't The Sixth Sense. This isn't Fight Club. For this trailer to spoil the movie the movie itself would have to be so awful that Chris Hemsworth getting possessed would be the backbone of the most interesting part of it.
          I understand if you want to go in totally fresh, but I think that's very different to spoilers. That's your personal preference and not the responsibility of the people trying to make a trailer to get people psyched to see the movie.
          If that's legitimately ruining your experience fair enough, but I think you've got to bow out of trailers if you're watching them to get hyped and then reacting to awesome shots of Captain America, Winter Soldier and Iron Man brawling by getting annoyed instead of pissing your pants over the idea of seeing the full sequence.
          When I was a kid I saw the Ghostbusters trailer and thought it looked awesome. I had to see that movie. Hell, I still react to it like that. I didn't go through frame by frame, decide I've seen all the good bits, then shrug off the movie. That seems to be the real difference.

            Civil War bit
            The Civil War reference I was thinking of was more that while I was at the movies, Cap/Buck enter the facility. Irony turns up and... truce. But knowing the trailer, I knew that there was still fighting to come. If they lost those few seconds in the trailer, I wouldn't have suspected, and it really wouldn't have made the trailer any less awesome. Still plenty of punchys.

    Anal prolapse was better than the first trailer and while this is certainly a much better trailer I cant see myself enjoying this movie. Good luck to them but after these trailers I simply dont care about this movie.

    The first trailer was excellent. It was an accurate representation of the movie.

    If Ghostbusters was never a thing and this was a trailer for a 100% original concept I think I'd be on board but instead I'm comparing it to memories of a movie I saw for the first time when I was like six. I feel like it's being marketed towards people who know exactly what Ghostbusters is and already love it, which begs the question 'if everyone in the audience knows and loves Ghostbusters... then what is this trying to accomplish'?

    It's a shame because I think if they went down the Evolution path instead they'd be able to take a lot of the good material here and turn it into a really good, weird, funny, four scientists vs the apocalypse movie. I think that movie would sell really well with modern audiences. Instead the movie is going to struggle on a lot of fronts with the idea that it's using someone else's joke.

    I hope I'm wrong, I'd really like it if this movie gave kids today a taste of what I got from Ghostbusters, but I'm not seeing anything that gives me faith in it.

    Garbage and I like Mark liked Bridesmaids, great film.

    This.....this is trash

    What bugs me about this trailer is that it's showing what's going on inside the containment unit. That detail was removed from the original for a reason, because it was too depressing.

    Special effects still look really bad to me. Don't like the direction they went in with them stylistically. But I can get past that. None of the jokes in the trailer worked for me, not even a smile, which is a bigger problem.

    However, it was still a much better trailer than the last one - it makes it seem like the movie will be kind of mediocre, rather than offensively terrible.

    The first trailer was great. Not sure what ya'll been complaining about. This movie's gonna rock!

    Still looks like a Paul Feig/Melissa McCarthy yawn-fest. The Boss was terrible, Spy was terrible, Bridesmaids was terrible. You'd this some sort of karmic balance would fix this, but nope. Still a terrible attempt at comedy

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