The New Gran Turismo Looks Predictably Gorgeous

This is Gran Turismo Sport and it's set for release November 16 in Australia.

Probably the most interesting news — the part that excites me most — Gran Turismo Sport is compatible with PlayStation VR.

Apparently a beta is also on the way, more details on that when we get them.


    Kinda want this even though I'm pisspor at realistic car games.

    These graphics but Outrun 3, please.

      We got that already - Driveclub ;-)

        Who's "we"?

        Is it really that cruisy?

        Driveclub sounds like a golf game, Wikipedia tells me it's like Need for Speed (the one I played in vita).

          No, it's an arcade racer with sweet sweet graphics for PS4.

            Yeah, but it's not just cruising about like outrun though?

            Sounds challenging.

              There are some point-to-point races, but no traffic :)

              It's challenging at higher levels (mostly hypercars for me) but it's mostly within my capabilities and I suck at more realistic racers like GT.

      Sounds like you actually want Forza horizon, which is also coming to pc this year.

        *plays Outrun 2006 on psp*

    "Gran Turismo Sport is compatible with PlayStation VR."

    Good move. Get in early, show what the tech is capable of. This sort of thing is what VR will need in the next 12 months if its going to work.

      I think its a smart move. Gets people into buying the VR, and also racing wheels and pedals

        Yeah, it needs a high profile franchise for it to work, and car racing seems a natural fit. Once you get to that point, the highest profile franchise Sony has will be Gran Turismo. Only one I think might rival it would be F1, mostly because of the real world links.

        But as a VR tool, racing games instantly work. No major moving around, mostly head movements, so the immersion wont be dependant on not hitting the sofa. You can picture it being just you sitting on a chair with a driving rig, and that being about it. We've seen it work with Elite: Dangerous already, this is fundamentally no different.

        If it works (and it should), I can picture some pretty special setups being built around it. Some people go a little crazy with their car racing games, and will be itching for this sort of thing.

    That soundtrack..... Ugh. But it does look like GT is finally taking a big step in a new direction. It's a (cautiously optimistic) thumbs up from me.

      I had this playing in the back of my head as I was listening right up till the j-pop beat started

      I was on the train and thought a baby had started crying.... awful

    Dammit, another awesome racing game I want to be great at but know I will suck balls at long before getting it.

    I don't like many racing games. I don't need ultra realism but SUPER arcadey handling like the Criterion's NFS games doesn't fly for me. And I don't like the direction recent more realistic attempts have gone in with their career mode - I WANT to start out in cheap cars and have to play for a long, long time before I'm driving super cars, I like that sense of progression. I don't want to be able to jump straight into F1 cars and stuff in the career mode. That's what I thought quick races were for.

    Suffice to say I love GT. And this looks great. I was worried when this was announced that GT Sport was going to be a stripped-back entry like Prologue was but based on this trailer it looks like that might not be the case and this might be a full-fledged GT entry.

    Fingers crossed this will actually work with PlayStation VR, and they're not just overhyping a "virtual cinema" experience.

    "Apparently a beta is also on the way"

    No, apparently the beta isn't happening anymore.

    Where's the bit where they show something new?
    GT died with the 5th game. I can see from the figures that somehow they do chalk up similar sales figures to what they used to - but the vast majority is guaranteed not to be the same people who bought GT in the past.
    *Still limited to the same old tiny tufts of tire smoke that vanish after 1 second.
    *Still dead stale environment while racing.
    *No pit crews or any other signs of human life.
    *Still too stiff and digital a movement of the car bodies while handling/driving
    *I imagine the idiotic car level system is still there. (Hey Sony, If I want to grind in order to buy and race whatever car I want, that's MY CHOICE)

    We're at PS4 and they're still delivering a PS2 quality gameplay experience.

    Sad to see that Gran Turismo is still an also-ran in it's own genre.

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