The New Transformers Movie Is Called The Last Knight

Yes, they're making another Transformers movie. Yes, we know nothing about it.

Yes, this is probably the most vague 'teaser' trailer I've ever seen.

Yes, we should probably set expectations to 'low' for this one.

I'm not even sure what I'm looking at here. Production for the movie starts in June.


    "Production begins"?

    This isn't the start of the hype cycle until the movie.

    This is the start of a hype cycle before the actual hype cycle is supposed to begin (you know, with actual scenes and ideas of what the film will contain)

    That's.........actually diabolically clever.

    so ... hopefully this is just following grumpy jaded granddad Optimus through space fighting and has no humans whatsoever but I doubt it

      A Transformers movie actually about Transformers? That might just be crazy enough to work.

    They've already said Marky Mark has signed on to be in the next one.

    I loved at the end of Transformers 4, Optimus was all like "Hey look! I can fly!"

    But will Yannick write a 2000 word thesis defending the movie and Michael Bay's honour?

    I really enjoyed #4, looking forward to more Galvatron

    If you're expecting oscarbait performances out of Transformers, you're barking up the wrong tree. This is a series whose heroes and villains went back in time (worse episode than the entirety of Turtles in Time); got turned into child's toys (ha!); got displaced into a sing-song world, and worse.

    The movies are a particularly high point for the part of the franchise that survives on nostalgia as far as writing is concerned.

    Transformers is human-centric right from More Than Meets The Eye Pt 1; the Japanese series (Super God Masterforce) even more-so.

    (makes it sound like i hate g1. i don't. i'm a GEEWUNNer)


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    there better be some Ultra Magnus, Springer, Cup, Blur and Hot Rod action. ffs.

    I don't even know if I have seen #4. I don't even think I'll bother searching for the plot to figure out if I did because I'm sure people who recall the movie had a hard job searching for a plot whilst watching it.

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    Seriously can't these movies just fizzle and die already - it kills me to see the thing I loved as a kid burned beyond recognition by people who know how to technically out something up on the screen but don't understand why the original is still special to people.

    I don't even blame Michael Bay - he is a master of his craft - I blame Alex Kurtzmann and Roberto Orci who basically wrote their own fanfic version of Transformers and sold it to the mugs at Hasbro who obviously have no corporate memory beyond their balance sheet

    I lost faith in the whole movie franchise around 3/4. I still watched them for childhood memories but after 4 .... pfffft. Will I see this ... properly not ...

    whinge whinge whinge hopefully this will be as awesome as the rest of them!

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