The Witcher 3's New Expansion Sure Looks Good

Video: Here, courtesy of developer CD Projekt Red, is a new trailer for The Witcher 3's upcoming Blood and Wine expansion. Really, all they had to do was say "look, more Witcher 3." But this is cool too. If you're anything like me and have only spent like 40 hours with The Witcher 3 so you're not even close to finished yet, this trailer might offer some incentive to get back into things before Blood and Wine comes out on May 31.

Nathan played a few hours of Blood and Wine earlier this month, and it sounds pretty damn promising.


    I preordered the day its release date was announced. Now I'm counting down the days.

    ....gods, Witcher 3 is already on my "how will I find the time to finish this?" list AND it's the sort of game I can't just pick up where I left off months ago. Now this. Maybe that's why I enjoyed Uncharted 4 so much because I could knock it over in a reasonable period...

    Can someone clone me so I can live in a cave for a month and make some progress on my backlog? XD Me and my first world problems.

      I'm exactly the same! I can't get started on Uncharted 4 until I finish this! I thought I was so close!
      I'd finally found my daughter and had the showdown at Kaer Morhen and then I was told that just started Act 3!!!!!
      I'll never finish this game, especially if they keep bringing out new content!

        Rest assured, this is the last of the content coming for Wild Hunt. Looks like it will be a very suitable send off. I cannot wait!

        Keep playing, it is such a beautiful and well made game.

          That's what I think! I can't put it down but I really want to get stuck into a few other things like Uncharted 4, Valkyria Chronicles and maybe Tropico. However, I know my character, the second I step away from the game onto something new I'll never return to it. That'll be the end for it for me. So i'll keep plugging away.

          Which means they can move everyone onto Cyberpunk 2077!!!!


          Edit: Added more eee's and exclamation marks.

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    cool so its a higher vampire the antagonist, wonder if we will get to hunt a striga aswell

    Last edited 20/05/16 11:32 am

      They've already confirmed that there will be Strigas

    This is one of the only games I play without Spotify pumping heavy metal into my ears. Beautiful and atmospheric. The story lines are just amazingly well crafted, even for the most meaningless little side quests. Yet, I still put this game down all the way until heart of stone came out before I actually finished my first play through. I enjoyed every minute of it.. but God, it's long. Still, can't wait for this last bit of DLC. Only game I've ever bought a season pass for, and totally have not regretted that decision.

    I've booked a couple of days off just to enjoy this one :) I hope it stays close to the books.

    The Witcher 3 is fantastic but for some reason I'm not compelled to get the expansions , to me there was more than enough content in the base release! I regretfully hammered thru the end without fully relishing it.
    But for some reason I'm really looking forward to far harbor for fallout soon as I finish doom that is! And a new game plus for dark souls 3 heh.

    This looks amazing but the thing that got me the most excited was when I realised how much I've missed playing gwent.

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