There’s A Fight Going On In DOOM’s Steam Reviews

It’s been almost 12 years since we’ve had a new DOOM game, but today one has finally arrived. And as you’d expect, the first user reviews are flooding in.

There’s just one problem: they’ve barely played the game.

Compared to the reception for the DOOM open beta, which was Bethesda’s second most unpopular item on Valve’s digital marketplace until the store page was pulled, the DOOM launch is going really well.

At least for the first hour or two: because out of the few hundred reviews on Steam right now, that’s how long most of the users have played.

The game’s currently got a 91% Very Positive rating, but all it really does — and this happened with the open beta as well — is highlight the capacity for games to be subject to review bombing. There’s no restrictions on how long you can play a game before submitting a review, after all, and developers can’t set time limits or checkpoints dictating how much a user has to play before they can submit a review.

So how do you combat the inevitable brigade of downvotes on Steam? By downvoting negative reviews, of course.

From browsing through pages and pages of reviews, I haven’t found a single Steam review that says they’ve finished the campaign or even had enough hours to finish the singleplayer content. And there’s the multiplayer modes and SnapMap to boot.

But that’s not important — what’s important is going on Steam and downvoting the reviews you don’t agree with. Even if most people haven’t progressed beyond the first few levels.

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